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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view.

This week it is all about that new chandelier in place, family & celebrations and project reveal progress.

That summer project

I know. We have literally been working on this project for weeks. More like months at this point.
It has been one of those projects where injuries, work schedules and manpower hours were a factor.
 But I am SO EXCITED to share... and I know I keep chatting about it- and you keep asking about it- and soooooo this week I am going to do a reveal. 

We aren't fully finished- but we are finished enough to share how delicious it is turning out-  and then I will take you along with the rest of the progress of the finishing touches. :)

Birthday week

Over here, when someone has a birthday- we tend to celebrate all week.  This week, allllll my kids were home at one time or another and it was my birthday week. My middle guy and daughter were here on Monday and Tuesday - and my oldest flew in from Las Vegas on Thursday. So, it was pretty much a gain 5 lbs eating way too much delicious food and cheesecake kind of week- but it was so good and the best birthday gift to have them all home for a bit.

We usually get away to the beach or somewhere for a few days for my birthday- this year we are planning a trip in fall and working on notching some big projects off the calendar for now.

Summer travel

Summer is winding down a bit- but not really. The heat has moved back in-and we have several summer day trips coming up. Mostly for photo shoots which means work instead of just relax time- but for me- styling and photographing things isn't really feeling much like work most of the time. I am excited to share where these stylings will pop up- and if you tune into Instagram - you can catch a bit of where we are and what we are shooting.

Thrift store shopping

There is something about wandering through a thrift store and waiting to see what you discover. Last week, I stopped at a couple favorites in search of a few specific things... and I will be telling you the story of one of those things here on the blog. It was seriously on my list- I walked past, didn't see it, walked past again and it was flashing bright lights at me to get my attention.  (nope it wasn't these things in the photo- those were for something else)

Love when that happens.
I think I may start up a series about using second hand and vintage items in decor- and what I am finding and thinking about while shopping. Stay tuned.

Coming your way

Alllllll about tips for lawn and garden path trimming and to get ready for fall gardening. Because, gardening doesn't stop in spring or summer- there are some incredible garden views and colors that appear all year long.

I am sharing  the most delicious fruit topped waffles this week.

The REVEAL on that big project that isn't really the FULL reveal just yet... but that I can hardly wait to share.

A simple and easy brie recipe that is a huge hit every.time.

An inspired guest bedroom hideaway reveal.

And so much autumn decorating and planning on the agenda currently that is coming your way.
 If you missed the new page I created where I am listing my favorites to use in decor all year long- you can find Autumn Ambiance here. I will keep adding to this page and to others and linking sources for the items I love and that you love and ask about all the time. I hope this helps!

Happy weekend all.

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