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A touch of autumn in the living room

 Sometimes just a touch of the seasons is exactly what you need.
And for me- that is usually something involving blooms, pretty blush and neutrals and simple sprinkles.

I am joining my Seasons of Home friends and sharing our living room wearing a bit of autumn today-as always thank you to Ella Claire for organizing and hosting.

I started out with just a few clippings in a jug for the mantel and the room kind of evolved from there. I will delve into how it came together in another post-but a lot of this bouquet is gathered from trees and the garden- so it is a mix and mingle- which is one of my favorite ways to decorate always and especially at autumn when there is so much of that perfect autumn 
color and natures bounty right outside.

This year I am feeling quite simple in decor in the house. Just a bit on the mantel and maybe the dining room table- and in the living room, it is just the fireplace
 that has a teeny tiny bit of seasonal color yet.
I started out with clippings from a bramble kind of tree in the front of the house.
 I think it might be a cherry - but not sure if it is ornamental or edible.
 Our property is dotted with dozens of different fruit trees and flowers
 (remember that big camellia in the front?)  
that were planted years and years ago and are now quite large.

I love the branches that have fruit on them- they are so pretty and they just add so much to the bouquet.

I also added a few white roses to lighten the look just a bit
and my favorite brass candlesticks are always on repeat
as are the stacks of vintage books. 

A little vintage camp stool is a perfect for using as a side table
I just added a vintage thrift store find breadboard for a hard area for placing candles
 or glasses and a little treat.

My favorite on repeat all.season.long. (and almost sold out ) blush blanket
 is perfect for cozying up on the sofa.

So far, that is about as much  autumn has been appearing in the living room...
since this was a few weeks ago- and I now have a few pumpkins - 
stay tuned because it just might change again.

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Happy autumn decorating everyone!


  1. As usual, beautiful items. I am moving and have been using your ideas as a template for my new surroundings.

  2. That is gorgeous Courtney! I love how some things came from your yard - it's always so fun to forage.💗 Thanks as always for the great inspiration!