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A line of favorite trees and Earth Day challenge

I remember the day we found our house- and I knew it was the one.

It wasn't because it was the prettiest house.
It was FAR from that.
It was in a huge state of disrepair with broken windows, rotting siding and it looked like it had been in a fire.
And it wasn't because it was such a great price we couldn't resist- far from that too.

California prices are high already- and this house was way overpriced for the condition. The realtors actually suggested we bulldoze it and build new- because the value was in the property.
But that thought never crossed my mind- we loved it.
Well, correction. I loved it.
My husband was not on the same page.
But in that first 5 minutes of when I drove into the driveway and stared and the house that was basically nothing but a whole lot of work that had a high price tag-
 I had already fallen in love with all the potential the house had- and with that most beautiful property that it was situated on.

A couple of acres of what was at the time- an overgrown, natural meadow type grassy acreage with a forested area in the back. And separating those two areas was instantly one of my favorite things-
a line of huge old growth cedar trees.

I have shared them before and talked about falling in love with them many times here. They were planted just so- perfectly spaced- tall and stately and with branches that reached wide creating a beautiful  covered area.  There was just something that felt so proper and formal and almost magical about them- especially next to this house that was a complete basket case. 

A few years after moving into our house- there was a crazy unusual storm that came through and knocked one of those trees over into another one and they were precariously close to falling on the little cottage. When the tree guy came out to  climb up and cut the branches down away from the cottage- he told us both of the trees involved needed to be cut down all the way for them to be safe because the way they broke.

One of my kids was learning all about Earth Day in school around that time - and so we decided we would plant two more trees on the property to replace them and we would use the chips and sawdust for mulch and ground cover.  He was happy to share what we were doing for Earth Day with his class- and that started a whole list of ideas and things we could do as a family to take better care of our planet everyday.

April 22nd, 2020 is the next Earth Day and it is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day- which is pretty amazing. That means that people have been taking pledges to clean up, recycle, reuse and have less impact on our earth - for 50 years.

And Greenworks is the exclusive outdoor power equipment sponsor of Earth Day 2020

Which I think is pretty darn awesome.
Greenworks is an amazing company and their lithion ion battery operated tools are perfect for diy-ers like us- and for professionals who use them everyday too.
We Love our Greenworks tools and we are so thrilled to be part of the Greenworks family and part of all the good that they do everyday to give back and help create a cleaner planet.

To celebrate their partnership for Earth Day- Greenworks has asked us to join them for a challenge- and they would love for you to join too.

The challenge is to do 50 'acts of kindness to help our earth before Earth Day April 22, 2020.
So basically- 50 Acts of Greenworks.
So what does that mean?
Do 50 things to help clean up the earth, leave less of a footprint, create a more sustainable planet,  recycle, re-use, etc.

Things like planting water wise plants in the garden to save on water usage, using less energy by using a clothesline to dry your clothes, and recycling.

Here are some of the things we are starting with to give you an idea-

Changing the light bulbs to energy efficient - I mean... in our house with alllll the chandeliers we have? That is a pretty good start haha.

Using a refillable water bottle instead of plastic water bottles. 

Using washable travel utensils- instead of plastic one time use that you toss.  They do make them-and they are pretty easy to bring along with you.

Washing clothes in cold water to save energy

Using rechargeable batteries- in battery operated everything.

The tools from Greenworks have rechargeable and interchangeable batteries to power them- which means - that battery from the lawn mower works with the blower and the trimmer and everything else. And when you are done- you just pop it back on the charger to load up for the next time.
 see a few  favorites I shared recently here and here

You can read more about  Earth Day and Greenworks here and I hope that you will join in and take the 50 acts of Greenworks Challenge right along with me!

I will be sharing more easy ways to make a difference - with some fun things & tips for greener living as well-and stay tuned for some of what we were just up to and what we learned at the Greenworks Summit in North Carolina this past week.

Happy Friday all.

*Disclosure- This post is sponsored by Greenworks- but I love their tools and being part of the Greenworks Family and all opinions are my own.


  1. Wonderful to hear your love story. Know exactly what you mean: Whenever a place really speaks to you, You know it's the one. You see beyond dilapidated conditions with vision & optimism. Few people have your gift to bring it to fruition. Outside by the window is a beautiful cassier to me then I planted 8 years ago as your small little plant. After a bad storm, the tree appeared to be totally dead & our gardener cut it back to one spindly trunk. Miraculously, not only did that branch thrive, the "dead" trunks sprouted new branches and leaves. The secret: LOVE & PERSEVERANCE. :)

  2. I took use chargeable equipment, I loved seeing little pieces of the outside of your home, any chance you could show more? :)