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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view.

This week it is all about family, a harvest celebration in the wine country and a bit of quiet time.

My schedule has been a bit chockfull recently-  which I love. Though sometimes in the busy, I forget to simply 'be' for a few minutes and relax.  So last week- I did just that for a few hours... and it was so wonderful.

Calistoga Living 

We loaded up some fun stuff to bring to my brothers house in Calistoga for a harvest celebration. The vines are full of grapes currently and ready to be harvested for wine making- and my brother lives in a house that has a small vineyard and lots of charm.

We decided to set up a table for dinner in the vineyard and he invited a few neighbors to join in while he cooked out under the stars- and of course, I snapped some photos of the fun.

I had a great time showing my twin nieces how my camera works and how to set up a photo- this is Elodie behind the camera photographing the bread for dinner before everyone started enjoying it-
and Willa and I setting up the shot for her.

and then they even grabbed their cameras and started snapping a few photos of the flowers and fun festivities as well.

Beach bumming

After a fun time at my brothers house- we left the next morning to explore a bit.

We stopped at a favorite flower farm on the way through Petaluma and loaded up on their specialty roses and then ended up in Dillon Beach for a few hours where we set up our chairs and simply sat for a bit. It was a wonderful beach day, full of sunshine and quiet just listening to the waves.
You might recognize the town here as the one from 'The Birds' if you ever saw that classic movie.

Run Forrest Run

I have gone out for a run several times this past week- and seriously- it is a game changer over here.
Since I rolled my ankle and fell while running down that trail last September- running for any length of time has been happening less.  Though I did go in to urgent care - they were less concerned about the ankle than the road rash on my shoulder - but I probably should have had an x-ray-I think it might have been a fracture of some kind.

It took about 3-4 months before that ankle was even good for running. And it has taken this long to be good for running for a couple of miles once or twice a month. Now- we are up to 2 - maybe on a good week- 3 times in a week- but not every week. 

Autumn chill in the air

We have been enjoying cozy evenings by the fire outside this week.

Though we are warming up into the 90's during the day- the evenings and mornings have that autumn chill.  I love to bring my coffee outside and enjoy the smell of that fresh crisp air while working in the mornings - which is what I am doing as I write this post. :)

Coming your way this week-
A table setting tour
Pumpkin recipe
More about the Barn build
And autumn in the family room

Happy weekend all.


  1. Oh, wonderful. I'm living vicariously. Hope you continue to improve and break free of any barriers.

  2. I can't wait for the barn update. I'm seriously considering getting one too.

  3. I just love reading all your posts. It just feeds my soul..

  4. Glad you were able to get some rest! Where did you get those GORGEOUS chairs and umbrella ....please?