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Autumn Fire Pit Area Refresh

Simple and sweet for autumn out on the pea gravel patio- 
just a few pumpkins and twinkle lights are all you need to make your outdoor space
autumn cozy.

We have been spending lots of evenings out under the stars by the fire pit recently.
A little crisp fresh air, warm fire crackling away and twinkle lights in the trees.

You got a little peek of this new look last week when I shared the skillet brie recipe- 
and today I am sharing more about these new chairs from 
Thos Baker- they are the perfect fit.

It is serious love for these simple, clean lined chairs-

I love the details on the back of the seats- so pretty.
And the driftwood finish on the teak gives them a perfect 'weathered' gray look. 

I decided to switch the usual sofa and chair or sofa and settee on the patio for 4 chairs here.

I have found it much more comfortable myself and for guests to have chairs to sit in rather than a sofa- and I love the more cozy feeling they create.
And these are definitely cozy and comfy- 

For a sprinkle of autumn
just a few pumpkins and throws help create a simple and charming feeling
and those gold twinkle trees in the background add a perfect amount of ambiance.

Happy Monday all.


  1. So, so pretty! I want to copy the pea gravel area... only one problem, space! Lol! But I love looking at your garden

  2. very nice!! You have put me in the mood to decorate outside

  3. I believe every time you touch something it turns out to be comfortable, simple, great
    and beautiful.