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Simple Elegant Autumn Table

Simple and elegant autumn
with a gathered bouquet and a few pumpkins.

I was playing in the woods with a few fun autumn elements
and decided to set a table full of simple autumn charm.

With a gathered bouquet full of seasonal goodness- and a stacked chocolate cake topped with blueberries.

This started out with a few clippings from the yard- and as I walked through looking for a bit of seasonal color- I found a few branches covered in oak leaves that had fallen off
and a few red leaf branches -that were perfect for tucking into the arrangement.
(I will share more on how it came together in a separate post.)

On the table- vintage mismatched china,
blush linens and seasonal fruit- apples and figs-create a warm inviting centerpiece.

A few brass candlesticks and candles are all that was needed to light up this small table
and something to note- real candles are not always needed- you can use faux miracle flame taper candles as well and not worry about flames out under the stars.

I love simplicity when it comes to tables- and as much as I adore matching patterns marching along down the table- sometimes mixing is even more beautiful.
These are vintage pieces that don't really go together- and yet they do.

The cake... ahhh. the cake. 
If you follow me on instagram- you know that there was a bit of an issue with this cake. 
It was good that I got the photos I needed ahead of time. 

The stemware is vintage thrift store variety- again- you don't need expensive to create a beautiful setting.
These were about $1.00 each.

A copper pot for the flowers worked perfectly- and adds another layer of warmth to the table.

Such a simple and yet charming setting and table for enjoying dinner and an autumn evening out under the stars.
What do you think of this? 

Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. First- gorgeous table - love it. Makes me sooooo want to pour a glass of wine and sit there and soak up that moody tablescape's beauty!

    As for your cake - and the funny video.......oh. my. goodness. /Tears to wasted yumminess.

  2. lovely, when is dinner?

  3. So beautiful, and so nice to see real, old wooden furniture again.
    I've been trying to access your older posts- lately I am drawn to more "vintage" French Country, with rich colors.

  4. Love the dark wooden furniture. You are right, simple items that you'd never think would go well together, become a gorgeous vignette. Lately I seem to be drawn to the older French Country rich colors...

  5. Where did you get that beautiful table and chairs?? I love them!

  6. Love your moody table scape! Perfect for Halloween. Sorry about your cake. Your blog is always so perfect!

  7. It's an art to know how to beautifully compose a photo . C'est magnifique !!!!

  8. This is SO lovely! I imagine walking through the woods and coming upon it - just like a fairy tale! Of course it would belong to the GOOD fairy and I'd get to go home perfectly happy without any misadventures - not like poor Miss Gretel! :) Thanks for this beautiful interlude Courtney! 💗 Now back to work!