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Weekend View

This week- the weekend view is all about projects

autumn decor, and... planning for Christmas on my mind.

The weekend

Sleeping in... well, at least until after I turn off the snooze three times.
An extra cup of coffee- because- snooze three times means I need a kick to get going.
And a bit of downtime from a busy work week.

I am moving slooooow this weekend.
Doing busy stuff like cleaning and working ahead on the blog.
And today- just a few random weekend thoughts:

The Doors

We have been busy with a project here the past couple of weeks. And I will be honest- with an old house- even a project you expect to have issues with can turn into a HUGE can of worms and tinkering.  When it comes to doors- there is always an issue getting them lined up- opening and closing correctly and just plain being straight even. Add in an old house with crooked walls and a floor that drops a bit on one side- well you have a whole lot of not so much fun trying to get a new door to work.

My middle guy who is the Mr. Handyman came over last week to help - he is the one with that famous construction math brain- that can do a compound mitre cut on crazy angles right the first time- where the rest of us are practicing on 27 pieces of scrap wood before cutting the good stuff.
More on that project coming your way this week- I think you will like it.


We are soaking up those autumn evenings outdoors- working until the sun starts to drop enough that there is a chill in the air and relaxing a bit before catching up on those true crime shows before bed.
We do tend to enjoy evening outdoor living almost year round here in California- especially with a fire pit when it gets chilly. I will be sharing a few tips for staying outdoors and enjoying being under the stars a bit longer through the seasons & a new look as well soon.

And a few ideas for Halloween entertaining on the way.

Thinking and walking

My routine for working out has been a bit different for the past year- and as I mentioned before- recently I started adding weekly runs back in. For me, there is nothing like that adrenaline release on a run.
Though recently,  I have noticed that sometimes what I crave is more of a slow pace- that long walk rather than burst of energy. And while out walking those miles- I have found myself doing quite a bit of thinking.

With thinking- comes creativity and planning-  I am pushing myself just a bit to grow in some areas. It has been a bit busy behind the scenes- and I am so excited about some new projects and things coming your way this holiday season- and in 2020.

And on that note- I am off to put on my shoes and hit the trails this morning. :)

Coming your way this week- it is all about autumn, updates and a favorite recipe that you won't want to miss.
Happy weekend all.

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