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8 ideas for unique tree stands


When it comes to Christmas trees- the more the merrier in my opinion.
And when it comes to setting them up- I am all about different and unique ways to display those twinkling beauties. 
Today it is all about thinking outside the tree stand box with 
a few ideas to try this year

You know those tree stands.
The ones that are made out of wood or metal that splay to the sides 
and have little pins to hold those twinkling trees up all season long.

They are fabulous. And all you need to do is place a tree skirt underneath 
and they are a beautiful addition to your room.
And I love a gorgeous tree skirt as much as the next person. 
I have been known to wrap blankets, yards of fabric and even faux fur underneath for a different look.
But that isn't all you can do.
And today it is all about a few different ideas for different sized trees.

An iron urn

This is a blast from the waaaay back past.
 But I loved using this little spindly tree inside this iron urn.
A bonus- this tree was a short one- and placing it in the urn gave it that extra height it needed to really fill the space.

A French Inspired Stand

This is a gorgeous one- and one of my favorites. Unfortunately it isn't available any longer
but you can find similar bases for a similar look.


This is great for a small tree in a pot- just wrap it with burlap and tie with twine.
The only caveat- make sure to remove the burlap when watering and then put it back when the tree is done draining or you will have a moldy burlap mess underneath.

Tree in a bucket

A faded vintage pail is a perfect container for a wee tree.
Simply set your tree inside and enjoy.

In a Basket

Or in a basket. 
This tree is a chunky big boy and chunky wicker basket was perfect. This is actually a tree stand- it has a piece that slips inside so all you have to do is plop your tree into it and voila!
Find similar wicker basket tree stands here.

In Vintage Silver

This is a small tree in a little silver champagne bucket- easy and elegant. 
And these little cuties are even smaller- just about 5" tall- they were perfect tucked inside silver sugar and pitchers on the mantel.

 In a vintage blue bucket

Or yellow, red, pink, etc- I love this one. 

This is the Balsam Hill Baby Sanibel Spruce tucked inside a vintage bucket.
Beyond adorable- and I basically keep moving it around because I love it everywhere. 

In a wood crate

You will be seeing more of this styling soon- 
 but yes indeed- that is a 7' Sanibel Spruce tree tucked inside a wood crate.

You can either brace it with wood or rocks inside the crate- or if your crate is large enough use a stand inside.

Stay tuned for another round of ideas in another post coming your way- 
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Happy Monday all.


  1. Thanks Courtney love the ideas!

  2. In some of these apartment a big tree is out of the question. Most of the furniture has to be moved. You are elbow to elbow with every one. A small tree is the answer for me.