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Exclusive- Vintage inspired floral totes

You know when you find something that speaks your language all around?

Something that just 'looks' like you?  Oh my... these floral totes are speaking my language loudly...
and  they are exclusive brand new additions to the shop.

You might remember when my book came out that I had a charming floral tote that was available with it. It was so cute- a pink/red swirly scroll look and it sold out pretty quickly. 

When I went to reorder- the fabric was no longer available- which was okay because, I really wanted a soft muted vintage floral print... we just hadn't found one in time for the book launch. 

BUT.. my manufacturer was working on it - and I was beyond excited when I got a couple of sample fabric files sent via email for me to look at.
Soft and muted, dainty florals and the perfect amount of vintage style charm.
 I fell in love.

I couldn't choose just white- just blush or just blue- so I ordered some of each to see how they looked in person. And when the box arrived- I did a happy dance. They were so perfect!

Especially because the manufacturer added a custom 
French Country Cottage label 
to each tote.

Which honestly, it is the simplest of things folks- but it pretty much knocked me over to see those on the totes. 

I am so excited to offer a *limited supply* of ready to ship totes in blush, blue and white....
 and I am including
  Free Shipping through Wednesday. 

They are perfect for gifts for the holidays- tuck a present inside - maybe a signed copy of my book? :) And the tag that comes with each one is also perfect for using as a gift tag. 

But- once these are sold out- they will not be in stock again until the first week of December- 
and I haven't gotten confirmation back on if the manufacturer will be able to get the same fabric exact again-  so order now if you want to make sure you get one. 

You can see more about them and order in my shop Here.  All orders placed through Thursday will ship this week. 

What do you think of these? Which is your favorite? 
Stay tuned for more fun for the holidays coming to the shop soon. 

Happy Monday all.


  1. Have been looking everywhere for white dishes. Most are too clunky or too modern for my preference. I finally found the ones I LOVE! Perfect ones that would end my years searching!! BUT they are sold out...… Any chance you will get them again? Or let me know where I can purchase them? I did not know you have a shop. Been following your Blog for long time. Silly me, did not know about a shop to purchase things.

  2. LOVE the French Country Floral bags!!! I couldn't decide on color, so decided to order all three and use one or two for gifts. When I went to order, all were sold out except the white floral! Please bring back the Pink & Blue, would love to have them, especially the Pink Floral.

    1. I have contacted them about a re-order- they sold out so quickly. I ordered extras of the whites thinking it would be great for year round- but there are just 3 left currently.

  3. This fabric is by Cath Kidston, my favorite British designer!

    1. I will have to ask my supplier- it shouldn't be a branded fabric. They printed it themselves before adding the label (or so they told me!) But I do love her fabrics too- they are so pretty!!