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Weekend View

Happy weekend all.

And happy weekend before Thanksgiving. 
This week it is all about Alabama,  getting locked out of the house & a few sales and things you won't want to miss.

Thanksgiving is just a few days away. And I am wondering where the month of November has gone. It seems I was just in Baltimore with my Balsam Hill family doing a book event at the beginning of the month- and here we are getting ready to zoom into December. 

Sweet Home Alabama

Last week I packed my suitcase for a quick overnight trip... and included glass ornaments, battery operated clip on candles and a few more Christmas treats. 
 They are a set of 20- you will be seeing more on the blog very soon - and save an extra 10-% with my code FCC10OFF too.

I didn't get any crazy glances or stops at security at the airport thankfully- and I was so excited that everything made it to Alabama without getting broken or ruined. There was a bit of juggling with shipping  issues & a projector cord that wouldn't work with my computer- but with some tinkering- all went smoothly. 
I was traveling to Gadsden, Alabama for a chat and book signing with the Gadsden Antiquarian Society. First up- to all the folks who have messaged about being upset about not being able to connect- this was a member only event- so I couldn't invite you all to attend. BUT next time- I will definitely try to plan a meet & greet at a local shop or book store. 
It was so much fun chatting about my book and Christmas style at French Country Cottage- and this was a large group of about 130 ladies and they were  all so sweet- I loved being there and being a part of their charming world for a bit. 

Sweet Home California

It was a quick overnight trip - with traveling back to California that evening after speaking. I arrived late that night or early the next morning depending how you looked at it and which time zone you are talking about. And this weekend has been full of last minute sprinkles of decorating and getting ready for Thanksgiving guests on Wednesday.

We are doing Thanksgiving early because of work schedules. Something we learned long ago was that not all professions are off the clock just because it is a holiday. We have law enforcement and medical folks in the family and they often have to work holidays- and so we celebrate on a day that works for everyone even if it isn't the technically correct day.  

Locked out 

Because I know you guys love a bumbling goofball kind of story...  this one involves me, a deer, a door and an ooops. 
Yesterday after flitting around the house decorating and cleaning while listening to a podcast- I had to run outside to the greenhouse to grab something quickly and pulled up one of the bolt locks on the new French door by the dining room opened the door and off I went closing the door behind me. 
Out by the greenhouse, I met a young deer who just stood and stared at me- I tossed it a couple of apples from the tree to see if it would move out of the way- and then turned back around since it was not moving.  I got back to the door- and found that the bolt on the door had slid down and back into the floor and locked. 
No worries right? Surely another door was unlocked. 
So I started trying windows that I know we have open all the time. 
Then I started pulling screens off and pushing on windows on the chance they weren't locked. 
Nope again.
Of course, I didn't have my cell phone- it was sitting on the dining table playing that podcast inside. 
Sweet Pea was sitting on the bed staring at me while I was trying to open the bedroom doors-
and that deer was by the apple tree wondering what in the world I was doing. 
Basically  I realized I was locked out of the house.
The doors and windows locked.
My husband not home.
The dog starting to panic and hiding under the bed.
 The sun starting to set....
and well, I had to start laughing a bit. 
Thankfully- I was able to get back inside the house - before dark- and Sweet Pea was happy to climb back out from hiding under the bed and relax a bit.  

Balsam Hill & Winery Christmas Event

If you are in Central Coast area- there is a fun event coming your way you won't want to miss! 
It is December 13th at Hammersky Vineyards in Paso Robles- which is such an Incredible winery beyond beautiful!  I am decorating their 100+ year old farmhouse with Balsam Hill- and I will be there signing books and chatting Christmas.

Details from Hammersky below:

Our doors are open for the holidays!

This season, Balsam Hill brings Christmas charm to our farmhouse. Our tree features the Farmhouse Collection with a mix of hand-painted glass ornaments. Timeless foliage, elegant tabletop trees, and warm lights bring festive cheer all throughout. Welcome to our home!

This will be an evening to remember, tour our farmhouse that has been professionally decorated by French Country Cottage with all décor sponsored by Balsam Hill.
Local Vendors will showcase their talents of hand curated Christmas gifts while you sip wine and saunter through the property.

Santa will be present on this charming evening for all to have photos taken along with complimentary treats for all.
All ticket sale proceeds go to our local food bank
Wine by the glass is available for purchase.
All vendors have graciously donated an item for our gift basket that will be raffled off during the evening.
Basket includes:
Balsam Hill - Surprise Donation
French Country Cottage - Autographed book
Paso Robles Mom - Custom Hat
Burlap Bella - Custom Sign
Sugar & Dirt - Handmade Pillow
Little White Box - Custom Glitter Dipped Stemware
Haize & Drey - Book Stack
HammerSky Farmhouse  Stay for 2 nights for 4 people
Each purchase receives one raffle entry.
Special thanks to the following Vendors for their generous donation of support:
Kramer Events
David Coyne Photography
Yvonne Goll Photography

Two time slots available on Friday December 13th

4pm and 6pm
Each entry ticket is $1 and goes to the local food bank.
Each purchase during our event will receive a raffle ticket for the prizes listed above.

YES! On top of all the sale prices- which means Black Friday sales are looking even better. And there is NO MINIMUM purchase amount required.  

Use my code - FCC10Off  


AND stay tuned for 12 days of Giveaways with Greenworks. 
All you have to do is follow Greenworks on Instagram- and keep an eye out starting December 1st. Perfect for gifts for you and for gifting. 

Coming your way this week- lots of holiday fun, favorite recipes 
and decorating.

Happy weekend all

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