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14 ideas for adding farmhouse Christmas charm

Farmhouse Christmas style...

It is welcoming and warm- and a bit nostalgic- and yes, you can get the look even if you don't live in a farmhouse.  Today I am sharing some of my favorite elements this season for adding a touch of farmhouse charm to your home this Christmas.

I just got back from decorating the Hammersky Farmhouse for Christmas...
and that has got me thinking all things Farmhouse Christmas all the time over here.

From simple sparse garlands to tiny trees in buckets to the cutest little ornaments. And while our home is more 'French Christmas' than farmhouse- I do think there are some cute elements that work well either way.

Here are some of my favorite things to add a few touches of farmhouse Christmas charm 
to your home this season.

#1. Farmhouse Candle houses

These are so cute on the mantel, on a shelf or displayed on a table. I like them with a candle inside- but you can also use battery operated twinkle lights.

#2. A pop of red

Farmhouse style is classic- which means whites and reds are a perfect combination. I love a snowy tree with red ornaments- simple and charming.

#3. A chunky basket for a tree skirt

Instead of a tree skirt- try a chunky basket for your tree for a simple farmhouse look.

#4. Simple Christmas branches

Farmhouse style doesn't need a ton of embellishments like glitzy sprinkles and all things glam- it is simple, rustic, natural in style- so a simple branch or bundle of branches are a perfect touch.

#5. Farmhouse style ornaments

Because, they are just so darn cute. I love these ornaments and they are perfect on the tree at Hammersky.

#6. Ornaments in a bowl of greenery

So simple on a shelf or table- and you can use whatever your color ornaments are tucked inside.

#7. Plaid Anything

A bold red plaid throw, teal or black plaid accents or stacks of tartan pillows on the sofa. Or maybe a whole sofa covered in buffalo check- you might remember this look from about 10 years ago? :) 
Plaid or check is a classic look that never goes out of style for Christmas.

#8. A stack of logs

Seriously simple- and charming. I am a big birch log kind of girl and these are great to use in a firebox when not in use or in a crate for an accent.

#9. Bowl of rosy toned fruit

A bowl of pomegranates, apples or the like are perfect simple classic touches- and that you can also enjoy nibbling on.

#10. Burlap & Ticking ribbon

I love this ribbon- for on the tree, wrapping packages or a bow on a wreath.

#11. Pinecones 

A simple natural touch that is always in season and will take you right into winter. Tuck them into the tree, add a basket full or fill a wood crate with oversized ones for a simple touch.

#12. Wood crates 

For holding a tree, holding ornaments or just looking cute.

Of course these are just a very small few ideas- and there are so.many.more. 
I could keep going and going- but hopefully this helps give you some ideas for adding your own type of style with farmhouse- and know that is doesn't all have to be exactly the same.

Shop some of the looks here:

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