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All through the house... Christmas Bedroom

I have been feeling super simple this year when it comes to holiday decor
but even so, I always love to sprinkle that Christmas cheer all through the house.

And today it is all about the Christmas twinkle in the bedroom.

This year the look is soft and simple- but no less festive. And can I let you in on a secret? I am absolutely loving it. 

Thank you to my friend Kristen at Ella Claire for hosting one of my favorite tours

I have found myself craving simplicity recently.  

And so for the season of all things Merry & Bright in the bedroom, I decided to keep the decor more in line with that serene feeling.

I set up the most beautiful tree- this is the 7.5' Balsam Hill Grand Canyon Cedar and I am completely obsessed with it.

  It has wispy branches and tons of personality and is just such a charmer.

You might remember that I am allergic to cedar. There was that time I created a cedar garland out fo branches and clippings and draped it all over the headboard on my bed. I couldn't figure out why I was so itchy and red on my arms and hands- or why I woke up completely congested. It was only when I realized that I was sneezing constantly, sniffling and my eyes were watering that I knew I must be allergic.  

So to have a faux cedar tree that looks so realistic is a big treat.

I used the Balsam Hill White Essential ornaments on it for a simple quiet Scandinavian type look. And added a blush velvet tree skirt underneath.

The seating area is created of two of the dining chairs from The Bella Cottage- and they are simply gathered by the 'fire'... which is a pile of firewood I snaggled from the living room fireplace and a strand of fairy lights.

You might notice another change with this fireplace... any ideas? I will share a quick and easy tip soon. 

On the mantel- just a bit of fresh juniper and eucalyptus and a few baubles and candles. The mirror is from Restoration Hardware and is one of my favorites.

The side table holds a couple candles and a container of blooms.

On the nightstands- I went with two different looks. 

One has a chunky pinecone wreath, old books and flowers for a touch of feminine- and the other has a collection of vintage silver trophies displayed.

I have some winter bedding coming soon that I will be sharing- but most everything in this room will also be able to last through winter. The pinecone wreath and trophies- the seating area with wood and twinkle lights, etc.  I will share more on creating a cozy room for winter in the next few weeks.

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  1. Your Christmas bedrooms are always EPIC!! GORGEOUS!!!