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Christmas Decorating Tips & Ideas- how to decorate with more than one tree in a room

Ahh those twinkling Christmas trees this time of year...

Christmas trees twinkling away in the house bring a sense of wonder and a whole lot of magic.
And I am one of those people who think more is most definitely merrier when it comes to Christmas trees.

I like to sprinkle Christmas all through the house and enjoy that magic from room to room.
And one of my favorite ways to decorate larger rooms is by using  multiple trees in a room. If one twinkling tree adds oodles of magic- 2 or more will amplify it even more.

I am talking about ideas for creating groupings of those magical twinkling trees and my best tip for a pair of trees together- it is so simple.

You can read all 7 ideas Here- and if you decide to add a second (or 3rd or 4th or....) more trees - I have your back and support the more is merrier idea all around. :) so  don't forget to use  FCC100ff  to save an extra 10% on anything (even sale) at Balsam Hill. 

Stay tuned for a closer look at our bedroom dressed for Christmas tomorrow. Hint: it doesn't look the same as it does in that photo. :)

Happy Decorating all.

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