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Last minute gift ideas & Cozy Date Night at Home

Can you believe that it is almost Christmas?

It feels like the holiday season has zoomed on by this year.
And it is the week before Christmas and the last minute rush to make sure all the shopping is done, the cookies are baked and the house is ready for guests in here.

Something that my husband and I always do with gifts at Christmas-  is to plan a getaway. Sometimes that is going to the beach, or to the opera and staying at a favorite hotel in the city.
And this year, instead of a 'getaway' - we have been thinking about a staycation this winter.
This holiday season has been a bit of a non-stop marathon over here  and we have both been burning the candle at both ends with work and side projects- so we both agreed  that after the holiday busy - we wanted to chill for a bit with some downtime at home before putting anything on the calendar.

But that doesn't mean that date night isn't on the agenda and so,  with that in mind- I gathered up a few ideas for a cozy winter date night at home.

Like a cheese board for nibbles and pasta for dinner and a favorite playlist on the Sonos. And  I went to HomeGoods for all the things - from winter house freshen things like throws & pillows for the sofas- to even the food.  I am always amazed at all of the things that they have and how it quite literally is like one stop shopping.  You can read a few tips and what I found in the post HERE 
and did you know that you can shop HomeGoods sister sites- TJMAXX and MARSHALLS online ? Oh yes indeed!!

And for a few last minute need to ship asap gift ideas- here are a few things I am putting into my cart this morning.

For cozy evening at home

Marble serving board  ($10)

 Copper Drink Mixer

GRAZE cookbook 

Velvet Pillows

Chunky knit throw 

For Her

A Cozy Robe

Monogram Necklace

Bath Bombs

For Him

Multi Trimmer

Teak Water Bottle

For the Chef

Veggie Slicer

For the kids

Mr. Potato Head 

For the Pets

Pet Feeder

*Post contains some affiliate links


  1. Balsam Hill is not accepting the coupon code FCC10off - is there supposed to be a dash in the code? Please advise.

    1. Hi! It actually ended on the 15th. Sorry about that!

  2. That marble serving board is just the gift I was looking for ..... thanks!

  3. Tried to buy new elevated dog bowl you showed and went to Amazon to purchase, but could not get the cart to say white, only would say gray. I don't want gray. ?? Tried to contact Amazon but could not get through to them what I wanted.

    1. Oh no! Not sure what is happening. I am able to see the white if I scroll through the colors- it looks like there is one on the very end and one (4) feeders in- do those work? Otherwise- I would be happy to forward your email to Michelle to help you- you can email me or leave me a note here with your email address. Thank you Shirley!!

  4. Ooh those are all great! Is it ok to get the Mr Potato Head for a grown up? Asking for a friend! :) Happy Cozy Date Night! 💗