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Last minute treats and sweets ideas

Merry Christmas Eve eve all.

I am baking away today over here - and figured you just might be doing the same. 
So I thought I would share a few tried and true nibbles and sweets recipes 
in case you are looking for something to make last minute before guests arrive.

Some of my favorite things to put together for guests?

Cheese boards... so easy and so good. And so perfect for customizing how ever you would like.

And carmelized pecan and cranberry brie en croute. Because. Brie. And pecans = yum.

Or maybe you are more of a cheesecake kind of baker?  
Here is one for simple Oreo cheesecake-

Here are a round up of 8 recipe ideas for some treats and sweets to serve - 
I am off to do a bit of baking. 

Merry Christmas Eve eve all.


  1. Everything looks so delicious! Merry Christmas to you and the family!