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Weekend View

Can you believe that Christmas is just a couple of days?

Are you ready? I might be. Close anyway. 
But today it is all about the week that was- and some fun stuff coming your way in the new year.

Hammersky Vineyards & Balsam Hill Christmas Event

SO much fun at the Hammersky Farmhouse Christmas Event with Balsam Hill.

 It was a whirlwind busy couple of days decking the halls and adding all the twinkles. And the event was a sold out show and huge amount of fun.  I made a quick 2 minute compilation video of getting ready and the event- including a quick tour of the finished house and those delightful squeaky floors- even Santa made an appearance. :) Hope you enjoy!

 Last minute baking

I am doing some baking tomorrow- and some of my favorites are on the list to make.
These Chocolate Chip Pecan Shortbread cookies are so good- and so easy to make
in case you are looking for some last minute baking ideas.

All is calm... all is bright

I have been enjoying a quiet week home simply being this week.
One of the things I have been thinking about over the holiday season and in general as I get older
(isn't that the way it is?)
 Is that how quickly time zooms by and how when you are in the moment
in the busy or have a full calendar- sometimes you miss those quiet moments of magic.
So this season, I have made an effort to notice more.
I know that sounds strange but by noticing I mean- pausing on occasion.
It is incredible how things shift when you notice those opportunities to pause-
 even for just a few minutes- 
and soak up all the inspiration and beauty around you. 

Christmas Market

Speaking of a Christmas market- something we always like to try to find the time fit in 
is the Victorian Christmas celebration - a simple spot to stop when heading north.

I remember attending this when I was a little girl- and it is such a magical little town
-especially dressed for Christmas. 
My husband and I wandered around and shopped a little early (and in the sprinkles)  with Sweet Pea
and it was absolutely beautiful. 

Coming up

I am done decking the halls and have moved on to cleaning and getting ready for guests.
So, sharing a few posts from the past for last minute ideas and any other decorating I didn't get shared tomorrow and then- Christmas is here.
Again- how did the season ZOOOM on by so quickly?
I am going to take a bit of time to enjoy my family this next week & the week after Christmas 
but I will be sharing some New Years Ideas soon-
(One of them might have to do with this table)

and I cannot WAIT to share some of the fun things 
I am excited about in 2020. 
I will also be doing a recap post- and a goals and dreams post
so get ready to do some baby stepping and reflecting with me.

See you tomorrow- Happy weekend all.


  1. Thank you for bringing so much beauty into our homes all year long. Merry Christmas Courtney!

  2. Where is that cute Christmas town?

  3. Where is that cute Christmas town? Looks like a fun place to visit.

  4. I always look forward to your beautiful posts. You make beauty all year long. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  5. Courtney... I searched for a Victorian Christmas town in CA and came up with Ferndale. Is that the place you visited? Happy Holidays to you and your family.