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20 minute decorating- Simple Beautiful Floral Arrangement

Something so simple as fresh flowers in a room cake make it feel completely different.
And today I am talking about a simple bouquet that was under $20- and created with blooms found at the local grocery store.

After Christmas - when the twinkling trees and
the garlands are packed away and the pretty baubles boxed up for next year
fresh flowers are kind of the perfect pick me up for a bare house.

The yin to the yang of the crisp, clean, fresh feeling. 
The simple accent that takes the room from feeling a tad too bare
to feeling warm and welcoming. 

At least that is how it is for me.
I love the fresh clean curated feeling that comes after Christmas
but it often times can feel 
'Stark' in comparison.

So I do what I love to do and what one of my first go-to's is for warming up the house.
Bringing some nature and fresh flowers in.
And it doesn't have to be expensive- it doesn't have to involve a trip across the bridge into SF 
to the flower market.
Nope- these blooms came right from our local supermarket.
And though this bouquet is a very simple one- you can grab other bunches of flowers at the grocery store and create a stunning bouquet for very little cost.
Stay tuned for the next one of these that will be all about doing just that.

But today- let's talk about this simple under 20 minute arrangement 

There are just 3 things in this bouquet-

18 stems of white roses
1 bunch of tulips
1 bunch of seasonal greens

The greens were leftovers from Christmas greens.
They have cedar, pine and eucalyptus mixed together- a tip is to shop the discount section 
for those seasonal packs that they are going to shop.
Often times they have perfectly good roses that are already fully opened and ready to use- but no longer have the 'shelf life' they are expected to when buying full price.

Now something you might notice... the tulips are in some photos and not the others.
Welllllll... the tulips were not the best when I got them.
 And they were regular price even so go figure.
Quite a few were broken off and just already falling apart. 
But they were so beautiful- I started to add about 4 or 5 stems that were in good condition
but by the time I got done slotting in a few more greenery bits- they were falling apart too.

The roses are the regular store variety- in an 18 pack. 
They are usually $12.99 for 18 - and often you can find several same or similar bunches to create an even larger arrangement if that is what you are looking for.

I started with creating a base with the greens
and then adding the roses in
and then the tulips.
You can take a peek at the video below to see more
  (it is giving me some trouble 
with changing to black and white when loading) 

There is no wrong way to create your bouquet.
I tend to start one way- play with them and then trim or adjust as needed until I get the look I like.
A tip is to step aside and look to your yard for inspiration for adding more greens as well.
Ligustrum, rosemary, boxwood, ivy are all looking good even in winter and are perfect additions.

I kept this one simple and used just what I found at the market to keep it more in line with the bunches you might find if trying to recreate. 

And for about $20- this arrangement is perfect and warms up that winter room instantly.

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  1. Your flower arrangements are always showstoppers Courtney! Happy New Year to you and your family! xo

  2. The flower arrangement is beautiful! I also love the crock you chose to put the flowers in!

  3. I so enjoy your beautiful rooms. Thank you!