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7 tips for using grocery store flowers for a custom bouquet- & video

bucker of flowers on floor in barn

Creating a floral arrangement might look like it is hard to do
and like it is expensive-
but today is the start of a new series all about floral insider secrets with you

From what to look for when shopping your local grocery store for a simple arrangement
and for a more extravagant arrangement.

First tip?

Don't buy roses after the first week week of February for at least another week 

And The Best Day to buy those Roses?

You guessed it- the day After Valentine's Day.

But it isn't always about roses - today happens to be roses though. 
I have had so many requests for easy to find and easy to make simple arrangements. 
The ones that can fit in any room easily and that are not expensive and that are just a couple of flowers - rather than something more involved with 3 or 4 different types. 
So today- it is All about simple.

Vignette with flowers and chandelier in a barn

So today- it is all about simplicity. 
For about $20-25 at your local grocery store 
and that will get you a beautiful bouquet that will last a decent amount of time.
Honestly, though I love those bouquets that have a mix of this and that all together and look incredible-  simple arrangements are kind of perfection. 

This arrangement is so easy. 
It is seriously just a Vendela Roses
and 2 types of eucalyptus.

white roses and eucalyptus in kitchen

Here is a quick video showing the process of putting this one together.

And a few insider tips:

#1. Know your roses

Did you know that there are several varieties of flowers  that are the most common to find at the local grocery stores? This helps because you can buy several bunches of the same  at one time to be able to create a larger bouquet. 
Vendela roses are a creamy vanilla white rose- some have a slight blush to them. They are not a stark white or a green white- but the most lovely creamy warm white. They are one of the most popular white roses and are often in stock at the local grocery stores.

For a uniform arrangement- try to gather several bunches of the same rose.
You might be surprised at just how with white paint- not all white roses or flowers have a similar shade.
For this - we found 2 dozen of Vendela roses- which was perfect.  
You can use 2 dozen of any type of rose or flower- and it will work just the same. 

vintage bucket full of hydrangeas

#2. Choose your greens wisely

Local markets will often have bunches of greens in mixed packages.
I tend to shy away from those- there are always some in the package that have a different shade or color that is not consistent with the others- like vibrant spring green with sage green and yellow green. I don't know what look they are going for when putting allllll the greens together- but most often with those- I pick and choose what I will be using.
The second thing is- there are always some in those pre-packages that are not as fresh.
So when picking greens- I look for a package that has all one type.
For this arrangement - silver dollar eucalyptus and seeded eucalyptus
were the perfect silvery green for the Vendela roses.

bucker of flowers on floor in barn

#3. Choose a unique vessel

For a custom look- something key is the container. 
So many off the shelf type premade florist arrangements are in a basic glass vase. 
Which is fine if that is what you are looking for-but have you noticed that often more expensive, more designed and unique looking  arrangements usually have- a unique vessel.
A tin, a mason jar, a gold painted pitcher, a basket, a hat box, a straw bag- etc.

For this arrangement- I used a vintage green bucket. 
This does not hold water- as many of the more interesting containers don't-
so I simply placed a jar inside and put the flowers into that. 

lilacs in galvanized bucket on cupboard

#4. Look for filler flowers that have 'fluff' and are inexpensive 

Depending on the flowers you are using- and the size of the container you are using- 
you might need more than 2 dozen of something to fill in and create a full bouquet.
Something that I like to do is to mix in 'fluff' flowers.
Hydrangeas, Alstroemeria, Larkspur- all often have some 'fluff' to them and will look absolutely beautiful tucked in with your other flowers. 
Alstroemeria- or Peruvian Lilies- are one of the most inexpensive- a huge bunch will usually run about $5 and you can easily add those to your more expensive flowers.

This arrangement - which became a faux arrangement at Balsam Hill has white hydrangeas
and Larkspur mixed with garden roses.  

(Side note- this is currently clearance priced & use FCC10Off for an extra 10% off ) 

yellow and white flowers in vase in kitchen

#5. Get to know your florist

Want to know when peonies are coming in and get a heads up for the best selection?
Or if there is a special sale or buy on green antique style hydrangeas?  
Or even if they can order garden roses?
Yes, indeed- I have gotten those flower market  special order garden roses at our local
 Safeway stores even.
And I would bet that your local grocery store florist would probably love to help you as well.
They will also sometimes special order something for you to be shipped along with the other flowers
I have also called around to other local markets to see if they have gotten peonies in yet or if they might have any ranunculus on the shipment list for Tuesday if I am looking for something specific.

gold container of roses and peonies on table

#6. Wander the flower section 

Probably the best tip...
don't be afraid to wander in and simply peruse what flowers are at the local grocery store and 
see what catches your eye. 
Oftentimes the first thing people see and pick up is a prearranged or pre packaged bunch and think that is easy and done. 
For a custom look- skip those pre-packaged flowers. 

 Or buy them - but edit and add to them. 

Many of those stores have buckets and buckets of single bunches of beautiful flowers just waiting to be arranged. I have bought a custom floral arrangement on clearance and added other flowers to it - and removed some flowers from it for a unique arrangement before. It is the mix that makes it feel more unique.

#7. Beware of Artificial Colors

You know those prearranged bunches of bright blue, bright purple, bright pink- etc. flowers- the ones that don't look like they were created by nature? 
They are often flowers that were in vases of water that has a dye in it to give them a vibrant look. But - it doesn't usually look vibrant as much as it looks fake.
Avoid anything that is super bright and bold that doesn't look real  (artificially colored ) bunches
 and start with one bunch of a single color or type of flower and go from there. 
Start with a couple bunches of hydrangeas, a couple bunches of alstroemeria- or roses. 
In any color that speaks to you- but keep it more simple rather than busy
 if that makes sense. 

I hope this helps and encourages you to take a peek at those grocery store flower 
next time you are shopping 
and sprinkle some floral beauty around your home.

Up next- I will share a more extravagant looking bouquet with grocery store flowers.
You guessed it- going back to tip #6-
with one of those prepackaged arrangements that I will edit and add to to create a custom design. 
Stay tuned! 

Happy Monday all.


  1. I really enjoyed this blog today.
    Whilst we probably don’t have as much selections in our supermarkets in Australia, we also have cheap flowers that can make beautiful arrangements. They don’t sell separate greenery, and it’s good to know which days they get their delivery because sometimes the flowers have been sitting there a week, and are half dead.

  2. Hi, going off topic here. Love chandeliers and look at them all the time but need some idea of what is a reasonable price for 'non-descript' vintage ones. For example what might one pay for the one above #3 above and in the "15 simple decorating ideas below? Thanks

  3. Hi Courtney, I love your beautiful blog and your gorgeous book! I've been watching your short flower videos and just wanted to say I had no idea you were so drop dead gorgeous! Have a wonderful day and God bless you!

  4. Happy floral arranging, Courtney! Love this bouquet!! Your video was fun, too.

    Happy belated Valentine's to you,
    Barb :)