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Reflections, Dreams & Possibilities - Happy New Year

It is the start of the first full week of 2020.

Which means new projects, new ideas and looking ahead
and taking a look back at the year that was.

The fresh start of a book full of adventures waiting to happen- 
there is an energy and excitement of a new year that is like nothing else. 
Every year has ups and downs, something new to learn and something to hone your
skills at. And when you look back over the months starting in January all the way through- sometimes you can see a theme or maybe see things that didn't stand out to you as much as they did before- while some things you didn't even notice are a blinking beacon. 

Overall- 2019 was full of so.much.GOOD.
So much that I learned, so many experiences and so many people that I feel fortunate to have met.
There were a few book signings and events and there were some new jobs that brought incredible people into my life.
Overall, I want to start the recap of the year with what I am feeling:


There is so much I am so grateful for that brought 2019 brought. 
A whole lot of dream work behind the scenes and here on the blog- along with 
new friends, new business partners.
This blog has continued to grow and expand and it is taking me in directions I could never even have imagined. 
And a big part of this blog is all of you. 
French Country Cottage would not be what it is without you- 
I am so grateful for you and yours support.

2019 brought dreams to life and
more dreams in the making.


It was the year I  traveled to a place that has been calling to me for as long as I can remember.
 It was beyond what I imagined and I was instantly far more in love than I already was.
Europe felt so much like home- that when it called again in the fall-  
I went back for work a second time. 
Stay tuned for what is on the agenda for 2020- I think you will like it. 

It was a year where I worked on several dream projects, we built a small barn, 
we hosted a big family reunion and we made plans for gatherings in 2020 already.


It was also a year of change. 
My youngest daughter moved out of the house after being back home for a year- 
which left me with an empty nest.
And with my husband working away from home-it also became a house that was full of a whole lot of quiet. I struggled with that for a portion of the year- I will be honest. 
Because sometimes - that quiet and alone in the house was deafening-
I have been a stay at home mom since I was 20- so a bit of a shift.
I have since learned to embrace the quiet as a time for reflection, writing and photography work- 
but it has taken a bit of getting used to.

Hurry up and relax

2019 was a year of learning. 
There was a resounding symbol or sign that kept popping up over and over again. 
And that sign showed itself probably half a dozen times over several months. 
That sign taught me that the busy, busy, busy that I absolutely love to be, so much- 
needed some balance.
 This was a lesson for me. 
I crave and strive for that cram packed schedule- I love always taking steps towards goals
 and working on something and tackling another project. And I always feel so much better when I am busy than when I am not.
But I needed to make sure to allow enough time to 
 rejuvenate & recharge my creativity and my energy before running them out again. 
 So I made an effort. 
With intentional quiet time paired with all that busy I love so much- 
I finally started to feel that balance-  and I am taking that into the new year.

So what about 2020? 
 Gosh- there is so much on the list that I am working towards and taking steps towards everyday
and so much I am excited about. I mentioned the other day that one of my words of the year was 
I am starting the new year  inspired & excited.

Simply Being

A great way to find inspiration and dwell in that inspiration every day-
I am spending time each day starting by simply being. 
Whether it is doing a bit of yoga, savoring a cup of tea in the sunshine or listening to creative and business podcasts on my 5 mile walk each day- simply being for a few minutes is a little something that makes a huge difference overall

Dream work

I am doing a lot of work on those dreams that I have. 
Behind the scenes, on the blog, everyday. 
I am taking baby steps and big steps and yes, am definitely stepping out my comfort zone on some things.  Being more intentional about the work I am doing has brought opportunities into my path- and has been like a nod from the universe that it is the right path to be on.
Some of those projects are pretty big- some are smaller- but all on the dream list and I hope to share more soon.


I remember when my sister first told me that I should write a blog. 
And the first post I put up I just knew would be flooded with people seeing my vulnerability. 
That part of me that I dreamed about letting be seen- that wanted to dance on the stage but that felt safe behind those thick old theatre curtains. 
And so, that was where I stayed. 
Until that day I hit publish on that first post. 
It wasn't earth shattering. It wasn't popular. My sweet sister was my only reader- and she was safe- 
 I knew she wouldn't judge that heart on my sleeve.

But what I didn't know then was that hitting publish on that post was a tiny baby step on a path. 
And that step led to another. And another. And before I knew it- I was starting to feel more comfortable and pulling the curtain back to dance just a bit more.  

 I encourage you to set the big goals, dream the big dreams and take those big leaps and baby steps.
Whether you know where you want to go- 
or you are thinking about where you want to go. 

'If you have big dreams that you feel like are so far off - 
just start walking. 
Take that first step. Then the second. And third. 
Plant those dream seedlings and nurture them. 
Focus on them, eat, sleep, breathe them.
Some of the smallest of baby steps that I have taken
have led to the biggest of dreams starting to be nurtured.'

Welcome 2020 

A good friend told me this morning that 2020 is going to be a year filled 
with magic. I love that thought so much-it is like a year with an extra sprinkle of ambiance and good.
I am so excited for a year of magical possibilities.
For dreams, inspiration filled moments & beautiful memories 
just waiting to happen.

Here is to a healthy happy new year to all of us-
 and to living an inspired life with an extra sprinkling of magic 
every day in 2020 and beyond. 

See you tomorrow for a quick and easy 20 minute project. 


  1. A year full of magic for all❤️

  2. Love magical possibilities! I am so open to that! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!