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Weekend thoughts... Word of the year - 2020

Every year, I think of a word or a few words that I plan to focus on in the new year.

Not as in every single thing has to revolve around that word- but as in a reminder to focus on it through the year. This year- I have a couple of main words- and a handful of others.
I have never been good at choosing just one thing -
because one doesn't usually sum me up all the way. 

I have many thoughts and reflections on 2019 for sure. 
And that is coming soon- today it is all about words-
specifically words of the year. 
So what are my words this year? 
What am I planning to focus on? 


If you have been following my blog or Instagram for a bit or have read my book -
you already know that one of the biggest things that fuels me is Inspiration.

Inspiration is a huge part of who I am.
It is exactly one of the main things that encourage what I do.
What I capture with my camera. 
What I dream about.
Who I want to be when I grow up.
Being inspired is really where I love being all the time. 
And though I surround myself with a lot of that inspiration everyday-
last year was really all about living in those 'inspired' moments and following my muse.

Inspired thoughts, experiences, travel, photography- and more.
All so good and so much nourishment for me personally-
I  paused in the moment so many times and just soaked it up.

And this year- I want to keep that momentum going. 
 I want to share more of that with you-
the behind the scenes, the things that speak to me
and the 'magic' that inspires me everyday

I hope that by sharing more of that -it also
helps to inspire some of you to find your muse and follow it.

I have several other words in the mix-

Because I want to be intentional about about what I am doing
 and many more things.

We have several things on the calendar this year that involve exploring some exciting possibilities
that are fueling a whole lot of dreaming right now.

Because it is right up there with Inspired.
 It is one of the things that drives me every day to reach a little farther. 

My mom used to talk about spinning plates on sticks-
and how each of us kids were like a plate on a stick.
She would spin each plate and then wait for when she would have to give an extra spin to one or stop another from wobbling here and there. 

I am sure we all gave her a run for her money all the time. haha.
But she knew it was all about finding and keeping that balance.

I know... I am wordy.
So- yes- I suppose there are several words instead of just 1 for the year.
But I like to look at is as these are complimentary words to round each other  out. 
And - can I just say that I am SO EXCITED about 2020?

Last year was full of so much  incredible.
 Dream things happening, travel and opportunities to grow and explore more about who I am-
 and who I am hoping to become when I grow up.
I want to take that energy from last year and fuel this year with it-
I have so much I am so eager to delve into and to get going on- some things that are a bit of a stretch out of my comfort zone- and so much to share with you all. 

What is your word of year? 
Or are you like me and you have a handful? 

Next week on the blog I am doing my Reflections and Possibilities post which is all about reflecting on the year that was and dreaming about the year ahead.
You know both involve baby-stepping.

 I will be sharing a few pieces of my heart
 and more about all of that as well.

Also coming your way- 

Favorite Before & Afters of 2019
20 Minute Decorating
and a couple of new series that I am excited to get started on here.

I hope your new year is off to a great start-
 happy weekend all.


  1. Thankyou for your words of Inspiration and encouragment, they make me feel excited for the year ahead and ready to work on my dreams. Happy New year and much Love.x

  2. Thankyou for your words of Inspiration and encouragment, they make me feel excited for the year ahead and ready to work on my dreams. Happy New year and much Love.x

  3. I love your words Courtney, and now I'm inspired to think of some for myself! 💗 I can't wait to see what you have in store for 2020!

  4. Thank you Courtney for you inspirational words.You make a girl like me think more about the things I would like to see,enjoy the moments,but also stay focus on the future.All the best for all of us watching you help transforming us one day at a time to the best we can be.OX

  5. Hi Courtney
    Wonderful words of encouragement. I think this year I will focus on kindness and being thoughtful in all that I do whether listening to a friend, decorating my home or taking care of myself. Looking forward to what you have in store for us in this wonderful new year.. Sharon

  6. This year my word is surrender, chosen from a deck of grace cards that I have. It will be my overriding reminder for the year that sometimes forcing what I want instead of surrendering to circumstance brings a bad result. Additionally, I choose a word each Sunday evening for the coming week. Again, chosen at random, I trust that the power of grace will provide me with what I need to hang on to for the coming week. My word for this week is comfort; lean back into the arms of grace. Let go and let God.

  7. What a wonderful post. You gave me a lot to think about as we enter 2020. For me it's more than one word--a good listener-compassion for others and volunteering--excersise and living a balanced life, Appreciation for my good fortune, family and becoming involved. Look forward to your next inspiration.