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Weekend View

Happy Sunday all

and welcome to the weekend view.

This weekend it is all about a whole lot of behind the scenes and quiet work.

In exciting news-  we started the first DIY project of 2020.
It involves the barn door... and a dutch door
We have a bit more work to finish it up and I will be sharing it soon - but the best part is that it was SO EASY to do.
I literally just ordered 2 things to the tune of about $25 total.

I also worked on a couple of video projects. I have to be honest- video projects are not the easiest for me. I tend to find it much easier to be behind the camera rather than in front- but am working on getting myself out from behind the camera and out there a bit more.
 (This is a screen snap from a recent video that will be coming your way.)

I am also working on working further ahead on blog posts- which really makes such a difference. I tend to just write what I am thinking, doing, etc.  each day unless it is a project or something planned on the calendar.  Some days, I sit down to write posts fairly late- other days I am up at 5:30am and wrapped up on blog posts for several days by the time the coffee is all gone. So a content calendar is a huge help to get everything planned ahead of time. 

Home Project

In home project news- our fireplace mantel is getting a refresh.

The screen at the top of the outside if the chimney clogged up with  cardboard ash and we ended up with a whole lot of smoke coming in.  Not good for allergies, lungs or the crisp white paint on the mantel. And... yes, we could just take the screen off I suppose.
BUT after a bat got into the house last year -
my husband told me I should maybe close the fireplace flue.
Which confused me- since we have never closed it the entire time we have lived here.
He then admitted he had removed the screen when he was on the roof the previous week
and forgot to close the flue before going out of town...
SO.  The screen is staying.
But if anyone has a recommendation for a screen that works well to allow air and smoke to flow out of the chimney and keeps critters out- I would love to know. 

Current behind the scenes

I am working on a blog refresh/rebrand/makeover.  I have been same ole- same ole I am excited for a different set up and look. It takes a bit of time to get things designed and updated- but should be up and running in the next couple of months.
I am also working on getting some new items in the shop and will share those and how I am using them in my house when the samples arrive.

 A couple inspired projects- some that I have just started exploring- but I think you will like. Stay tuned for more. 

And I am starting up a brand new newsletter this year. This one will be a little different. It will have exclusive content not here on the blog- along with special first access to sales and discounts and new launches.  If you are not an email subscriber- sign up today on my right sidebar or in the pop up box- you won't want to miss some fun and exciting stuff coming very soon.

Coming your way

I am picking back up where I left off on the travel diaries from our trip last fall- with several posts about travel coming up.


A quick stop in Paris
The lovely Capri, Italy
More about antique shopping  in a little French village
Rome in 1/2 a day and my most favorite stop on the trip in Italy- 
and how I changed while I was there.

Winter decorating ideas - by shopping your home

Get the look- a favorite kitchen appliance that looks vintage- 
but doesn't have as high price tag as some of those reproductions

Favorite brass candlesticks- 
and where to find them

Inspired winter entertaining 

Happy weekend all.

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  1. Love those statues and pedestals! I have a few in my garden....
    Excited to see what you have new for us readers this year.