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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view.

This, that and whatever comes to mind over here on the  weekend.
Some weeks, I will admit- I am more of a rambler than anything else.


I have some photo shoots coming up in the next couple of months that involve a few things I don't  usually spend a whole lot of time photographing.  Snow and recipes.

I do photograph food- yes, but it is  usually mixed in with a table setting or inspiration shoot. And snow? Well, I am a sunshine, summer, warm weather kind of girl. I love rain- but am not the biggest fan of snow and cold. So that is a bit of a venture to say yes to spending time in the snow setting up and taking photos.
Thinking about where, what, how and planning props is making those creative wheels turn a bit.
And food? Well, I mean- food is always fun to style and photograph- I just don't usually spend a ton of time doing it. New year- new photos I suppose.

Speaking of...

I am working on something that I hope to be able to share with you in March.
It involves photography, styling and a lot of behind the scenes - but I would love to really be able to tailor it to your needs and questions and what you would get the most out of.
If you have any questions you have wanted to ask about taking photos, setting the camera, styling for the photos, decorating projects, entertaining etc. etc.  etc- please leave me a note or take this
really simple 3 question survey (it is anonymous)  And thank you!

3 question survey here 

Attic paint project

I mentioned that fireplace refresh- but I have been looking at the rest of the house and feel a fresh coat of paint coming on. We have knotty pine everywhere in the house- and something that pine seems to always do it start to 'weep' a bit of yellowing through the paint after a few years. Yes, I use the best block/sealer I have found- but even when using an oil based primer/sealer- there always seems to be a cast that pops through. In the attic this year- it is especially showing- so, adding that to the list of things that needs to be painted.

This Week on the Blog

sharing about Positano, Italy and why we changed our travel plans 

And coming your way in the next couple weeks:

5 minute florals are back- this week it is a rose and eucalyptus arrangement
A few of my favorite vegetarian recipes
Winter Entertaining
Tips for choosing white paint
How to style a cupboard 
Snow inspired entertaining
No cost decorating ideas
Natural Winter Decorating 
Valentines ideas
Podcasts for Creativity and business

In random news-

I started kickboxing again. 
The funny thing is- I am trying to balance that with yoga. Which so far has been a bit strange. Because I start the morning with yoga- and I am trying to center quietly and slowly- and the other is a whole lot of opposite of that.  But- so far- I am enjoying it.

Intermittent Fasting.
This has worked well for me in the past and I crave the clarity and lightness all around- not just talking about weight but mental lightness that comes with it.   I will share more about how it has worked for me- and what doesn't work about it and why I know that I need to be mindful.

That whole Ancestry thing.
How do you feel about that whole DNA test on Ancenstry and 21 and me thing?  I am not sure to be honest- but I do like delving into the family tree.
My oldest son did one of those DNA tests to try sand research the family tree more.  We know more about my husbands heritage than mine in some ways because he is half Sicilian - his mother is Italian and he has well documented grandparents and great grandparents from Italy.  But while researching- my son had a possible second cousin connection with someone who had a couple of mutual family members on another branch of the tree. And who happened to look similar to someone in my husbands family. My son reached out and they chatted and discovered he was given up for adoption - and he only knew his birth mom and the first name of his dad and where he had once lived. Which happened to be somewhere we knew family had lived.  He had connected with his mom and met her but was not able to find his dad anywhere.
Long story short- my husbands mom knew who his grandpa and dad was- and my son found the dad on Facebook & the two of them made a connection.  Such a strange world we all live in these days- but indeed amazing for both of them who haven't been able to find each other for all of these years.

I am off to pour another cup this morning- 
see you tomorrow for more on a magical place in Italy.

Happy Weekend All.

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  1. Beautiful photos! Are those stairs marble? Gorgeous!

    I am so glad to hear the young man was able to connect with his birth Father.