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9 Ideas for creating foraged arrangements

This weekend, I grabbed the trimmers and headed outside to wander our property to look for something to create a foraged arrangement.

When it comes to foraged arrangements - anything goes. 
There is no specific foliage, branches, blooms etc to use- it is whatever you find and you can put together to enjoy.

Today it is all about ideas for creating a foraged arrangement.
My favorites for bouquets in the house are flowers of course-
Garden roses, peonies, ranunculus, hellebores - I could go on and on.
But when it comes to creating an arrangement from what you find just outside your door-
well, it all depends on what is in season or looking beautiful and catches your eye.
That can be foliage, bare branches, mossy covered sticks- anything goes.

I have clipped tree branches with barely any blooms- and tree branches covered in blooms. Grabbed lambs ear and catmint from the garden to pair with wildflowers and even used herbs like mint to accent a store bought bunch. It is all about being creative and using what you have. Which is the theme this week here on the blog. 

Here are a few ideas for simple arrangements you can create -just by stepping outside and clipping a few things.

Blossoming branches

These are from an ornamental cherry tree- and while most have already leafed out -this one had a few blush blossoms yet. Just a couple branches will do for a full arrangement. The key is to clip branches that have a nice 'reach' to really fill the space.

Apple Tree Blossoms

It is almost that time when the apple and pear trees everywhere will be covered in blossoms- clip a few to bring inside and enjoy.


Though they are not on the trees yet- these branches with cherries on them were some of my favorites to use. Look for winter greens and branches with pinecones or little tidbits of something on them to add an interesting touch to the branches.

And Berries

Blackberries are always favorites for using in an arrangement. Whether by themselves gathered up into a pitcher or tucked in with some blooms. Be careful of the thorns though- they are not friendly plants for sure.

It is easy being Green

Just greens can be beautiful too if you don't have any blossoming trees or flowers right now. A few sprigs of ivy, ligustrum, olive, etc.  or even mint- perfect on their own. 


Our camellia tree is blooming away currently- and one of the things I love about camellia is that it is a tree that blooms in winter when not much else is looking incredibly spring-like.  They are small blooms and there are many on individual branches which make big impact in a small container.

Lambs Ear 

Those incredibly soft leafy plants are always beautiful tucked into an arrangement. 

Sweet Peas

Even before they have blooms- sweet peas have lovely vining greens that are perfect for tucking in an arrangement.

Ivy would have a similar vining effect and be beautiful all by itself even.

Red Leaf Branches (or green)

Even when those trees stop blooming- their leafy branches can be absolutely incredible as an arrangement.

And the same goes with oak tree branches, dried oak leaves on branches, ferns, 

The key is to step outside the door and see what you find that inspires you.
Something fun too is to see how the trees and plants inspire you differently during the seasons and changes. Sometimes it is the bare branches with nothing else that are perfect-
and other times it is them in leaf and bloom. 
Anything goes- and creating a foraged arrangement is a way to bring a little bit of nature inside without spending money on cut flowers or having to leave home. 

Do you have a favorite herb, tree or flower growing in your yard? 

Stay well all.


  1. How I miss living in a house instead of an apartment and have plants to clip. Thank you for all your ideas.