Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Little Bit of Bling

Well, you know me enough to know that
 I love a little bling...

If that bling happens to be a chandelier that is covered in strand after strand of crystals draped all over,
 oodles of sparkly glass drops, lots of beads and facet cut crystals...

 I love it.

I am one of those people who think chandeliers belong in every room 
(yes, I drive my husband crazy)

To me, a chandelier brings a sense of romance and elegance
 to an otherwise  ordinary space.

When we started out in our cottage-
 we didn't really have a 'dining room' ~  we had a space in the kitchen.
Our kitchen is  large enough to allow a dining space
 if we decided to keep one there  but I craved something more dedicated 

Our cottage was built as a vacation home in the 1940's for a pretty well known family...
 you might associate them with bubbly bathtubs or even wine now
When they built their vacation home- it was informal and relaxed in it's layout and style.
 We purchased the property after years of it sitting... and sitting... and renovated just about 
inch of it
and  I knew I wanted a little more ooomph and pizazz
 than the relaxed and informal style that the cottage lent itself to.

 Here's where we started with this space:

Yes, that would be the lovely unfinished ceiling
(with a lightbulb dangling from it's wiring for the light)
no crown moulding, dark orangey stained knotty pine walls and a very very small window.
I almost forgot about that old air conditioner - it was also on the back wall.

Well  I had a lot of plans in mind... and a lot of PAINT in mind too.

Our knotty pine walls are now creamy white
and a perfect backdrop for the farmhouse table and french style chairs.
We put bead board and beams on the ceiling
french doors leading to the back yard
refinished hardwood and oh yes, that light bulb was replaced with...

a little bling.

maybe a lot of bling.

Originally we had one large chandelier in here- but when
we brought the over 8' long farmhouse table in- that one chandelier just didn't fit
the whole table very well- and so I decided to go with two smaller ones.

I am loving them.

We also recently added the huge chalkboard on the wall
  It was such a simple project and I love the versatility of writing a message,
a favorite quote, the menu, etc.
Right now, it is set up for a wine tasting party listing the different wines available to taste

One of the things I tell people I am working with decorating and designing a space
or looking for an element for a room is that you should find what you love
 and what makes you happy and go with it-
whether it fits the so called 'rules' or not.

A lot of people think that chandeliers loaded with crystals
 just don't belong in a little old vacation cottage in the country with knotty pine walls...

yeah, well...
I think I told you before that I am kind of a rebel when it comes to decorating
(and maybe a couple other things too ;) )

Chandeliers make me happy when I see them
and I just like what I like and so that's what I go with.

Though these...

 I am actually loving.


  1. I love your bling. Two chandeliers are exactly the right answer. Breathtaking room!

  2. What a great space! so inspiring!
    I too am a believer in a little bling!
    I love how something as simple as hanging a chandelier changes the entire feeling of a room
    Have a great rest of the week
    Blessing from here to there...

  3. Hi Courtney~~ Love the chandeliers. I agree, you can never have enough in the house. A little bling is always good and yours is tasteful so it works beautifully.
    Have a great week

  4. I love the chandies. They just seem so fitting.

    Have a great day.

  5. Oh my, how absolutely stunning! When I looked at the first black and white photo, I thought it was from a magazine. When I realized it was YOUR house, my jaw dropped. So gorgeous!!!!!!!!


  6. Yeah. These are pretty exciting pictures of your pretty exciting space! F A B U L O U S!

  7. I'm considering a chandy in my car!

  8. Oh may not know this but we have a love/hate relationship....I love coming here for inspiration yet I hate coming here.....why you ask???? because after being here I HATE my own house!!! Now I don't want you feel bad(well maybe a little)but I thought you should know. Have a wonderful day my very talented friend! x0

  9. I agree with you! I call chandies little ladies! Love them and love your room!

  10. YUMMY!! I love Chandeliers too and cannot wait to have one in every room. Your dining room is amazing, Courtney!

  11. I love your double chandeliers... you can never two much of a good thing ;)
    They are twice as nice! The entire room exudes rustic elegance. I adore it.

  12. I'm drooling over the new dining room and I agree, you can't have too many beautiful chandliers. The beadboard on ceiling is a brillant idea. What a glorious transformation. Your hard work paid off with a room you will enjoy for years.

  13. Love your dining room and your chandeliers!

  14. Beautiful, Courtney! I love the double chandeliers over your table. BTW, gave you a shout out today on my blog ~ I found that light you used in your office at Lowe's the other day for a great deal.

  15. I love it when decor gets all mixed up - and chandi's go with ANYTHING!!!! I love what you've done with the place - I want to come sit a spell:)

  16. I am the same way! My husband thought I was nuts when I asked him to hang a chandelier in the bathroom. Yours are gorgeous!

  17. fabulous blinged out lovely, courtney!

    smiles and hugs to you, gorgeous.


  18. Just BEAUTIFUL my friend..and a girl can never have enough bling or chandys..I just got mine hung in my new to me bathroom and just love it to pieces..Hope you have a GREAT week my dear friend..What beautiful weather we are having right now LOVE it..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  19. I think your chandys are beautiful. It pays to be a rebel when the results turn out this fabulous!

  20. Absolutely fabulous! I love every bit of this room :)

  21. You have worked nothing short of a miracle in this delightful little cottage!
    You've taken my breath away, sweet Courtney!


  22. so good, i like your work.. is really beautiful!

  23. And I so am with you with the chandeliers I too have one in every room LOVE....Where did you get the sign? I'm thinking this should be in this Italian girls kitchen....


  24. so very beautiful - I love them. i was recently given a brand new enormous 10 arm chandelier and i can't wait to hang it.
    cheers Fiona

  25. I love chandeliers too, but my partner doesn't agree!
    We've come to a compromise that we can have them in the hallway, and master bedroom in our new home!

    I love what you've done with your cottage! The theme for my new home is going to be a french urban farmhouse, and you're work has given me heaps of inspiration!

  26. What a transformation Courtney! So great to see the original beginnings, its what really shows off your vision and talent. Now, I will join everyone else and tell you how fantastic the chandys look!!

  27. Gorgeous home and I would agree.. a chandelier in each room works perfectly :)


  28. Your rooms are always worth lingering over. Each detail draws the eye in. Thanks for posting this. It's inspiring.

  29. I love your room.And those chandy's are gorgeous.I wish I could have one in every room too.


  30. I'm thinking I need to hire a certain Courtney from French Country Cottage to give me some tips on my own house. :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you decorate, my friend!!! ♥ Seriously. Most certainly. Really truly. You've got it, girlie. You've really got it!!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  31. Oh...I forgot to ask you, Courtney ~ can you tell me about the drapes I see in the background? What color is the print? Where did you find them?

    xoxo laurie

  32. Vos lustres à pampilles sont magnifiques... Je pense qu'ils s'adaptent parfaitement là où vous avez envie de les suspendre... Une très jolie publication.
    J'ai plusieurs lustres de ce type chez moi et je les aime beaucoup.
    gros bisous

  33. I so love your dining room....Chandeliers are the best...and yours are just exquisite...Back in 1995, I had an electrician replace a ceiling fan in the bedroom and replaced it with a crystal chandy.....He thought I was out of my mind...but when it was all said and done, he looked at it and said...I really like that...I am going to tell my wife about that was a great compliment coming from Bubba the electrician!

  34. I absolutely love your cottage dining room! I would never want to leave!

  35. I love your dining room. Gorgeous.

  36. Now, that is definitely a room to love. Breathtaking! And, double bling - it doesn't get better than that. And, you know I love that pop of pink.♥

  37. You sure have the magic touch, Courtney. That is one gorgeous room! I'm still coveting that chalkboard. Love those flowers too...stock is one of my favorites! Hope you're having a good week :)

  38. Oh my, this is the most lovely area to relax with friends and have a meal, and share a bottle of wine. Love everything about it, and the chalkboard and chandy's make the room fabulous!


  39. Courtney this room is just stunning! And when I saw the before photo my mouth dropped open! You have completely transformed and breathed new life into your home and it looks like how it was always meant to be. You have a true gift my friend! :-)

    Love the black/white pic with the pop of color...
    Blessings Lori

  41. WOW, WOW, WOW, I don't know what else to say. This is just beautiful!

  42. Beautiful...I found the picture of your dining area on Pinterest, so pretty. Glad I stopped by.

  43. I love your dining room and the two chandeliers, stunning!!! Just beautiful.


  44. Absolutely beautiful! Just like eveything you do. I love the two chandeliers, so elegant. Fabulous photographs.

    The French Hutch

  45. I just love them Courtney! They are just beautiful. You have a fabulous sense of style that we all just adore so much. Thanx for all the inspiration you give us!

  46. Absolutely gorgeous! I want to thank you for inspiring helped with my mantel redo I recently blogged about!

  47. How did you make the chalkboard? Thanks!

  48. I bought an ENORMOUS ornate frame at a yard sale last week, of course with no idea what I'd do with it. I do now!!! I LOVE your chalk board!

  49. What a breath taking transformation! I Love everything about this room you have Created... and what Beautiful Images!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  50. Love, love, love it.


  51. Gorgeousness everywhere...I don't know where to look first! I love every little detail and that chandy is divine!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  52. I am in love with your chalkboard and your style. I am going back through your old posts for inspiration

  53. Did you paint your wall with chalkboad paint and then frame it? I just love everything. I have a very large wall that needs something like this. Thanks Sandy

  54. A room the sweeps you away with its charm, its rather off hand manner, it's je ne sais quoi. A room that takes you to another place. A room that says come in and never leave. Virginia

  55. Simply stunning!!! I don't know which is my favorite part!?! What an amazing transformation - so fun to see the before especially when the after is this spectacular!

  56. Amazing every detail!! The color palette, the lighting, the walls are all perfection!! Great job! Where did you find your chairs??

  57. Beautiful!!! You have done a wonderful job with your cottage!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps I just stopped by via Where Women Create's Thursday Share Day

  58. Rooms, but my favorite... dining areas, with a antique kitchen table, just burst with "lovely" when a sparkly chandelier, even better with two
    sparkly chandeliers, hanging above. Your room is bursting lovely, double time!!love it, love, love it.

  59. Just found you and... can I come live in your dining room? It's beautiful. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  60. Hi Courtney,
    wow, that lil knotty pine room has come along way.
    Absolutely gorgeous............
    You are a very creative woman.
    Blessings, Nellie

    Came over from Heathers blog.

  61. Your dining room is gorgeous, Courtney. I think it is important to surround ourselves with items we love. What a dramatic change from the before photo.

  62. What you have done to your cottage is truely inspirational and just so so lovely...the chandeliers are stunning, but then I love a bit of bling too!!! Mine are all in storage after vacating Christchurch due to all the day I will be reunited with all my bling!!! In the meantime however I am enjoying reading you blog and just totally love it all...regards Julia

  63. I love seeing where rooms have come from and for sure your dining room has made a fabulous transformation Courtney. I too love chandeliers for the added touch of elegance and sparkle and your dining room is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing it on Shabbilicious Friday.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  64. It's a good thing rules are made to be broken because that is absolutely beautiful! I love the idea of hanging two from a swag, perfection. t.xoxo

  65. Hello Courtney,
    I love looking back at what our home used to look like -pictures do help recall things such as air conditioning units! You've made some marvelous transformations to the room - the key is that 'they make you happy'! All together, the painted walls, new trim, french doors, chalkboard, farm table, french chairs and yes, those beautiful blingy chandeliers come together to express you - this is a gorgeous room and I hope it makes you very happy for a very long time to come. I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  66. Hi Courtney,
    Just found you via Postroad Vintage...
    I love you dining area! It is fit for a magazine. (but you probably hear that a lot).
    Everything is just delightfully gorgeous!
    I have my dining area in the kitchen... with a plain looking ceiling fan... (which is from the landlord) Where would I put my Chandelier? You are so lucky. Totally Beautiful!

    Your newest follower...

  67. Thanks for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday Courtney. You are featured today ♥

  68. Your dining room is just beautiful! We are so glad that you linked up to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday". Please come back again really soon! Thanks! -The Sisters

  69. this is absolutely fabulous! I love chalkboards!!!

  70. I am coming over from the Pinterest Party at Fox Hollow.....and wow! This is absolutely stunning!! I can't believe the before picture....I am sort of in shock really {in a great way!}

    Off to pin this with a smile on my face! :D

  71. Seriously does it get any better than this? Sheesh I love your dining room soooo much! I pinned it as well. Drooollllling now :) Love your style.

  72. Courtney...In the Dining Room did you raise the ceiling or is it just the original height? And I'm wondering about the size of the beams? I am absoultely smitten with your whole house and everything you do. You are such an inspiration!! I want to come and move in with you.:) (BIG smile) Also I know you have a shop. Is it only where you live or do you have it online too. You are one INCREDIBLE designer. I had one of my daughters get on your site today to see all the wonderful things you have done. She too was just blown away. SO glad you have a blog!!!

  73. Oh my! How truly inspiring! I am so glad you share with us and I love your sense of humor and originality. YES! Chandeliers in every room! and Nature brought indoors and a little bling-goes so well to bring it all together!
    Keep up the inspirational artistry! Less is More! Great Job!

  74. So pretty. I'd love to know the source of your chandeliers and dining room chairs?

  75. I love this room! Loved to know where the chandeliers are from?!

  76. Hi Courtney, I hope you get this post. I really need to know where you got the large moulding around the Blackboard. We are making one and can only find small.? I thought maybe your husband made it. (or antique store) the ones at Lowes are thin, plain, and narrow. Help! Thanks Sandy

    1. Hi Sandy~
      I think I already replied to this but I am not seeing it on here for some reason. The moulding is from Lowes-it was unfinished pine crown moulding that we laid flat to create a large frame. Hope that helps.

  77. You mind telling me where you got the chairs? I am on the hunt for perfect french dining chairs.


  78. Hi Sarah!!
    I got these at They are fantastic chairs- I love them. :)

  79. I love your french flair home! Especially the dining room! So gorgeous ! I found you through Savvy Southern Style and I am your new follower. Your blog is very pretty!

  80. Could you tell me what steps you took in ensuring a well covered paneling. We're looking to downsize and so many older homes in the neighborhood where we're looking have paneled rooms - didn't know if it'd be easier to rip out and drywall? tks.

  81. I love the French style. I love that you used two chandeliers. I have three small chandeliers in my kitchen. I love the bling of it all. Like you, they make me happy when I see them.

  82. I love the French style. I have three small chandeliers in my kitchen and they make me happy when I see all that bling lit up. Your two chandeliers over the dining room table are beautiful.

  83. Love those chandeliers! Very pretty space. :)

  84. I love your sign! Can you tell me what it means and did you make it? Thanks:)

  85. Gorgeous!! I love those two chandys over the table!
    Great idea to have both.
    Im the same way now with décor...if I love it I buy it and kno Ill find a place for it that will be perfect, even if it takes time to find that perfect spot.
    Love your chalkboard...I have a large old friend that my hubby found for me and Ive been waiting for my hubby to put a board in it so I can paint it with chalkboard paint.
    Thanks for the lovely photos!

    All my heart,

  86. New to the sight. Lovely ideas. Please let me know the brand of the chandeliers. I've been on the hunt for this size for my small kitchen dining area.

    Thank you..... RS

  87. My jaw just dropped! Unbelievable transformation! New follower here from Little Brick House :)

  88. Love the Italian sign. Can you tell me where I could buy one? Thanks, Anna

  89. Can you please tell us where you got the chandeliers??

  90. Did the chandeliers come as a pair or did you wire them together? Thanks!!

  91. LOVE LOVE LOVE to bits this room. Well done ., Now Plse kindly tell us all who are lusting over your chanderliers where they came From?? )

  92. hi courtney where did you get the chandeliers? love them!!

  93. Hello,
    If you don't mind me asking, where did you get your chandeliers at? I am looking everywhere for ones that I like, and these two caught my eyes. I LOVE THEM!!! please respond