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A girl behind a curtain - My Book

'I once wrote a blog post about a girl behind the curtain.

Like the powerful wizard of oz- who was a man full of confidence and made magic happen.
But behind that curtain facade-  was merely an ordinary man afraid to share his realness with the world.

Book Release Week & $1000 Shopping Spree to Lamps Plus Giveaway

A year ago at this time, I was working on photos.
And writing. And more photos and then more writing.

And here we are with the book release in just.a.few.hours.
Can you see me falling over just a bit? I am More than a little crazy at this point.
And I will be sharing a little bit of my heart and a few reflections here tomorrow - 
and today?

Random Weekend

Happy Sunday everyone.

Can you believe it is already the 12th of August? Where has time gone this year!
And this year... do you know what the 12th of August means?