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I found this little old mirror sitting atop a high shelf
at a thrift store a couple of weeks ago...

There it sat.... all alone...
looking forlorn just waiting for someone to see it's potential,
pick it up & bring it home...

It is a modern reproduction
might possibly be vintage at the most-
with all wood construction & a beveled mirror.

I got out some of my soft gray-green paint and gave it a quick coat of paint...
and shabbied it just a bit.
I am planning on doing one more layer-
either a cream or french gray.

It reminds me of the gorgeous details that are on French Trumeau mirrors.
How I dream of a gorgeous antique trumeau in my home one day!!!
They are so incredibly beautiful! I have a few plans to make one myself-
probably after the holidays...
but would just LOVE an antique one!

Though this is a small mirror - compared to a monumental sized trumeau...
it has lots of charm and is the perfect size to place nearly anywhere.

I placed it atop the sideboard where my chalkboard usually goes for now...

Right now our power is out (arggghh!!) with the latest wintery storm that has come through...
So I came into Starbucks to enjoy the modern world,
grab a nice hot cup of Christmas blend & do some browsing.
We don't usually get a ton of snow where I live - we are in California- but we do get some.
Whenever a wet, cold storm makes it's way through, we seem to get a bunch...
This time, the leaves were not all yet off the trees,
which has caused quite a bit of tree damage and power problems for a lot of people.
We have already gotten probably 6"- 8" and more is expected tonight.

It is being photographed here to get some decent light coming in from outside so you can see it.
I do have a regular spot planned for it, though and I'll share the finished paint and where it goes -
once I can take pictures that are not in the dark!

Feathered Nest Friday Holiday starts this week
Linky up Thursday evening and all through the weekend
All holiday decorating as well as everyday decorating and inspirations are welcome
Hope to see you there!



  1. That is a great TREASURE! You found and it looks great the way you brought it back to life for your home decor. Thanks for sharing and have a great Thanksgiving.....Julian

  2. What a great thrift store find! I love mirrors and it looks totally transformed with a coat of paint. Another layer will further enhance its beauty! Hope your power is restored soon but you've left me wondering what your kind of 'wintery storm' looks like?

  3. I love your mirror! It's gorgeous. Have a wonderful thanksgiving.


  4. Wow, what a find. I wonder how long it had been sitting in that thrift store. I would have snapped it up too. I like the smaller size, it will fit anywhere. Great job Courtney!

  5. Gorgeous Courtney!!! You did a fabulous job!

  6. Beautiful. You always find fabulous treasures.

  7. Courtney that is absolutely gorgeous! How do you find such fabulous things!?? It is truly a gift my friend. :-) It looks so lovely in that spot but I'm sure it won't be there for long as you always seem to be changing things up and giving every piece it's perfect location!
    Hope you have a truly blessed Thanksgiving!

  8. You got THAT at a thrift store???? I am so gobsmacked I can hardly speak!!

    Pleeeeease, I beg you, come shopping with me!


  9. Courtney, I love it and hope you get your power back soon. It is 73 here today. Not rubbing it in or anything. Actually I would prefer cold weather for Thanksgiving.

  10. Wow that is a beauty even if it is a petite one! I think it looks beautiful in your home, good thing you spotted it! It looks great already, so I'll be curious to see how you enhance it further Courtney.

  11. really beautiful find, Courtney! I was just dreaming up a way to make one of these (yeah, right!) this past weekend! Love the paint on it. Hope you get your power back on soon. Maybe you'll get to enjoy some take out by candle light tonight! :D

  12. That is such a beautiful mirror, I just love the detail! Such a great find! I hope that your power is on now! Or not, I like Denise's idea! :) Have a wonderful night!!

  13. What a fabulous find! I love Trumeau mirrors, and I too hope to have one, one day! Fingers crossed, we keep our power on after getting a foot of snow today! I live in a place that rarely sees snow.

  14. What a great find! We're in Ok and today the high was 70! Can you believe that? Hope your power is back on soon!
    Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

  15. Gorgeous job on that mirror, Courtney! Love the color you chose. I've got a similar one sitting in the basement that I haven't done anything with. Now I'm inspired! I agree with Lisa --- you've left me wondering what a snowstorm out by you actually looks like! lol! We're expecting "accumulating lake effect" Friday and Saturday here in Michigan. I think it's your leftovers! lol! Enjoy your "indoor camping" as much as you can, girlie!

    xoxo laurie

  16. I love the color you picked for that mirror. it just looks so great. I am betting it is just gorgeous with the beveled mirror! Don't you just love that kind of an awesome find? You have given it a wonderful new life!

  17. Courtney, The mirror is gorgeous and I love the color paint you used on it. It really is a beauty! I hope you get your power back soon. Here in Virginia it was 75 degrees today but I keep reading other bloggers are getting snow already.

  18. Love the color you chose!! Looks very pretty! I am not ready for snow ~ we will enjoy weather in the 60s today...another thing to be thankful for this week!

  19. Wow, I need to go thrift shopping with you. What a beautiful mirror. Love the shade of paint you used for it. Gorgeous!

    Hope you will be up and running soon. Sure to be short lived in CA. You must post pics!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  20. What a great find! I just love finding unique things at Goodwill. I was also browsing more of your lovely blog. Love your bathroom. What an amazing transformation! I love that wallpaper. And where can I get Country French magazine. I saw it a few weeks ago in the store and have been on the hunt for it ever since. I checked on line and couldn't find it anywhere. I would like to get a subscription. Let me know if you have any info.
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    ~ Julie

  21. What a pretty mirror Courtney. It is so perfect for your house and I love what you did with it.

    Hope you have a good Thanksgiving :)

  22. Hi Courtney, Wow what a great thrift store find!! Your makeover is beautiful! You have a lot more snow than us! We are cold! Todays high of 25 today and it's only 10 now... burrr...
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  23. Hi Courtney, What a beautiful transformation you have made to that mirror!! The color and its effect is wonderful. You might just be inspiring me to do something similar to two mirrors I bought at a sale this summer. They, too, are wood construction and are super heavy. I paid $35 for the pair! My heavens, we used to sell them in our furniture store years ago and wholesale cost on them was way more than that. I did good....
    Our son is living right outside Yosemite and he said they were having some snow. Those mountains can get cold.... I've been there in early spring and my tushie was freezing overnight! LOL
    Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    ~ Sue

  24. This mirror is great. I love stuff like this and people always get on me for painting things, it looks so much better. Great find

  25. How could anyone not love this piece. I am so glad that you rescued it and shared it with us to envy. Terry

  26. Courtney, thanks for linking up this beautiful mirror this week. I just love how it turned out.

  27. I love what you have done to that special piece... just gorgeous!

  28. I just love this mirror! It inspires me to make the tall leaning mirrors out of an old door!