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The lovely and talented Judy over at DIY by DESIGN just awarded me the Stylish Blogger award.
I am so appreciative that she thought of my blog ~
Thanks Judy!
You are supposed to share 7 things about you when you receive this award...

(One of the things you already do know about me is that I love the beach!!)

Here are 7 things you may not know about me~

As a youth,
I was on a competitive swim team every summer
I hold county swim records in my best stroke
~ Butterfly~
even now in the county where I grew up.

I went to school to be an Emergency Medical Technician just after H.S.
and was offered a job before graduating the class.
But then I did the 8 hours of E.R. time...
and about passed out trying to help a doctor with stitches...
so uh, yeah- maybe not the job for me.

I don't speak French or Spanish other than a wee little bit-
but I taught myself
Sign Language while in H.S.
& worked for several years with special needs students
and then in a transitional group home for
deaf/special needs persons after graduating.

I love projects and construction!
Though I am a girly girl all the way. I do love to get dressed up & look pretty! :)
The opera is one of my favorite dates to go on!
But I do enjoy knowing how to use power tools and build with the boys too.
I bought myself a set of 'baby' power tools-
(the 'man' sized ones were too heavy and big for my hands)
so I could re-side the carriage house while my husband was at work.
I have actually thought about getting my contractors license.

Vegetarian here~
I raised my kids vegetarian & so far only my oldest has become a delinquent.
I used to tell him it was his choice to eat meat but I wasn't going to buy it for him
and contribute to the delinquency of a minor)

I started writing my first book when I was about 10 years old.
My grandmother saved it for, well, *just a few* years ;)
I finished it for her about 10 years ago and gave her the manuscript for Christmas.
I dream of writing a french cottage design book one day.

A couple people who already know this suggested I share with you all:
The pictures on my blog are taken with my well loved
Iphone 3.
One of these days, I should probably get a regular camera I suppose-
but my phone has been doing a pretty decent job.
(I actually just got a new camera! Yay!)

So there you are~
A few random things you might not have known about me.


  1. Courtney, how fabbbbbb! You're one smart lady, which we all knew, but didn't know how smart. And the Iphone surpsed me! Excellent photos! I love getting to know everyone, and that's something this award does for sure, not to mention recognizing talent. Congrats, xoxo tami

  2. You are awesome! I love knowing more about you! Love the Dr. story!

  3. Congradulations on your award. It was nice to get to know you a bit better by hearing things you might not normally tell us. I'm impressed you do your photos with your phone!

  4. Wow, Courtney! You are one interesting and smart gal! It was fun to hear more about you. LoL re: your son being a delinquent Vegetarian. Too funny! I can see you writng a book on French inspired design. Very cool! I'm most surprised that your photos are taken with your phone. I would have never guessed!
    Best wishes,
    ~Michelle :)

  5. What a fun post. I work in a hospital and you can't be and blood and puke-oh my~

    Love that you take picutres with your phone...I can barely manage my camera, let alone my phone.

    I am proud of you for your years as a is not an easy road to go down.

    Hope the rest of your day is wonderful- Hugs- Diana

  6. It was so nice learning more about you, Courtney! I can be a little squeamish, too, but only when it is my own blood! lol! I think you should write that book AND do the photos!


  7. Congrats on your award Courtney! It was fun hearing more about you. Enjoy your blog very much and will enjoy joining you each Friday!

  8. I enjoyed reading this, Courtney! Always fun to find out more about our blogging friends! I love the idea of getting a contractor's license. You should go for it!

  9. I love these Courtney, it is always fun to learn a little about someone out here:) X0

  10. You are quite the photographer if you're snapping all these lovely pics. with your phone! I think it's so very cool that you were a swimmer (I always thought I should have been borne a fish) and please do write a french design book so I could have a 'signed' copy! It's always FUN to know more!

  11. Always interesting to learn new things about each other! Thanks, and your pictures are great!

  12. It is always great to learn something new about a blogging friend. You use an Iphone3, wow I am impressed. I am still working on getting my Nikon to work :)
    Thanks for sharing

  13. This was a fun post...I was on the swim team too, but I never held a record!! Thanks for sharing~the most amazing thing I learned was that you use the iPhone for pics!!

  14. I love this post. It's lovely finding out more about you.

    I LOVE it that you finished off the manuscript for your grandmother. I bet that meant the world to her.


  15. Always great to know a little more about you! So what made your son go to the other side? lol! You do a great job with your camera taking pictures. And how wonderful that you finished the book for your grandmother!

  16. Hi Courtney,
    I loved hearing about you!!
    I am veggie too & love to play with power tools:-)) I wondered if the children of veggies would rebel, haha!!
    The biggest surprise is your camera!! Good job!! I think after you write your French Cottage Design book you should write one on taking fab photos with your phone!!

  17. Courtney, you should DEFINITELY write a book on French cottage design. I enjoyed reading all the factoids about you. You are a woman of many talents! Congrats on your award :D

    Ricki Jill

  18. You are a great photographer. I really want you to write that book. I'm pretty sure I need it. COngratulations on the award. I'm not at all surprised you won.

    Lisa x

  19. ok, that was fun! I loved learning more about you. I'm such a chicken and avoid these awards about revealing personal info. Hey, I guess I just revealed one of my fears? lol I can't believe you only use your Iphone for pics. That is amazing considering the quality of your photos.

  20. I enjoyed learning more about you. I can't believe you use a phone to take pics?!

  21. Hi Courtney what a great post! I enjoyed taking peeks at some of your other ones also your home is beautiful!!Martina

  22. OH MY GOSH, Courtney!!! I went to school to become an EMT while I was a senior in high school, too!!!! I got a PT job after I graduated at a local ambulance company for 4 years where I worked weekends.

    AND I almost passed out in ER while helping a doctor with stitches, too! That was just too weird for my mind to wrap around....

    AND....I've always wanted to learn sign language (but took 2 yrs of Spanish instead....).

    AND I love construction projects! I've always wanted to build my own home and have a huge inspiration binder to prove it.

    AND I've always always wanted to become a vegetarian but never had a friend who was who could help me get started.

    Not to mention that my heart belongs to the beach... ♥

    Small world, isn't it??? lol! Maybe we were separated at birth or something..... lolol!

    xoxo laurie

  23. Just stumbled upon your blog :) Can't wait to read more posts.

    I, too, learned sign language in high school to teach deaf children to dance. I loved it :)


  24. Sweet Courtney, Fun learning more about you. Write the book!

  25. how fun learning more about you :) i don't think i could do the emt thing either...grey's anatomy gives me a stomach ache :)

  26. HEY SWEET Girlfriend! Im SUPER squmish! Oooged out by Needles, blood...UGH! Loved learning your stories! Im SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    BEHIND....We were ALL SICK at my house last week and then I have been Painting AGAIN!!! It was good to catch up here today! See you at Feathered nest :0) xoxokara

  27. I love these! You are so beautiful inside and out. I work at a vet and I can watch surgeries and things but on humans, no way! I don't blame you! :) I love that you taught yourself sign language, I have always wanted to learn.
    Thank you for sharing these with us, it is so nice to get to know each other. :)

  28. thanks for sharing this Courtney! (and I'm glad you finally revealed the source of your fab pics!! ;) )
    I did swim team for several years and loved it too! No records though- the butterfly is so tough, that's even more impressive in that stroke! I'm a fainter too- no way I could ever work around blood! he he! Have a great weekend!