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I am in love with the soft pastel colors of Summer right now.
Sweet pinks... shabby greens...
soft whites, faded aquas and lovely lavenders...

Just laying these sweet peonies atop the ruffled cloth,
adding a pretty ribbon to tie them together
and dangling it over the edge
makes me smile.

Silver goblets, pewter chargers and
a stack of favorite seashell dishes...
just waiting for a little lunch to be served.
Loving my Kmart bistro chairs~
and for $30.oo and a little paint to transform
them into 'antiques' a bargain!

I am dreaming up pretty ideas for a birthday party for my daughter.
Yes, I am officially the mother of
not 1...
not 2...
but 3 teenagers now.

Can you feel my mid-life crisis through the computer?!
When did I become old enough to have 3 teenagers!?

For my daughters party I am thinking
a little shabby.
A little girly.
A little fun and lots of pretty pink!

This is my party inspiration table for outside
It's so much fun to decorate for a girls party!!
Though a boys party can be lots of fun too...if they would let me do one!!
Cullan just turned 16 & he didn't want a party~
we just celebrate with our family.
Both of my boys don't like to have parties with their friends anymore...
they just want lots of cake and presents
& they're good.

Maybe it's because I would decorate the house and patio
for their 'Man Party' and that wouldn't be 'Sick or Cool'
it would just be embarrassing.
Yes, I all of a sudden became embarrassing a few years ago according to the boys.
I really don't think I am that embarrassing.
Now, if you look at MY parents~ wow... THEY were embarrassing...
but me? Not so much. I don't see it.

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  1. Your table looks so beautiful. I wish I could sit there with girlfriends and have some goodies and tea~ Scratch the tea, it's too hot. Maybe iced tea =)

  2. LOL..I am also the mother of two teenagers... a 17 year old boy (YIKES) and a 13 year old girl....Your so right about the daughtere's girl friend is having a B-day party at our house on Thursday...My son...He has Air-Soft Wars here...The only thing I get to do is feed them...and can they ever eat!! :)
    Oh..Addie's party is going to be "Cake Wars" We'll team them up to decorate cakes for Addie...Should be a hoot!!

  3. No way YOU could ever be embarrassing Courtney! :-) I think your ideas for your daughter's party sound so perfect and I can't wait to see all that you will do for it. 3 teenagers...whew! LOL!

  4. ...can i feel mid-life coming for me???
    LOL!!! tell me about it Courtney!!
    I'm so right there with you.
    Nate is about to step off into the "college zone" and Jewels is about to enter "highschool"
    we should sooo start a club ~ T.M.U. teen mother's unite!!
    let's meet at your fabo garden table and drink pink fizzy lifty drinks and LAUGH about when we were there:)

    xo, Rosemary

  5. I was told I am embarrassing too ... are they crazy??? Although THEY embarrass me all the time.. LOL

  6. What a lovely inspiration table!! Those peonies are just gorgeous!! My oldest is 11 and I'm savoring every moment until I become embarrassing too!!

  7. Not that is one delicious table - lucky birthday girl! The boys just don't know what they are missing out on!


  8. Beautiful, no other words!
    I ahve one in college and her birthday is coming up as well, you have inspired a beautiful setting,


  9. lol my sons are that way too!:)
    LOVE your shabby and beautiful table vignette! Hugs, Rachel

  10. This is absolutely stunning! It looks like the movie set for a romantic feature! Your daughters are very lucky!!

    Have a wonderful day!

  11. Just lovely. My son didn't want a graduation party...we did it anyway. My daughter on the other hand is 23 and always wants a party or two when she comes home. I love those French bistro chairs.

  12. The table looks beautiful, its so much more fun decorating for a girls party (i think its all the things i would dream of having maybe that gets me so passionate). These images are so pretty such lovely inspration

  13. I'm lucky so far. My kids aren't to the age where they think I'm embarrassing. I know it's coming though :)

    Mercy me, your photos are looking quite beautiful, Courtney. Those peonies are just gorgeous!

    hugs ♥ Tricia

  14. Your blog is so fun to visit !! It is like your followers are neighbors stopping by :) PS- we all embarass our kids! LOL

  15. This makes my heart go pitter patter, I love all things pink and your girly table is stunning. I can't wait to see the birthday party in full glory.

  16. My grands are now almost 16 and just turned 14. My d-i-l says evidently she & my son are the most uninformed individuals ever. I told her that was true...until the kids reach the age of about 20 and all of a sudden, parents become intelligent again. :-)

    Your table looks gorgeous! Those peonies are divine ~ it would be lovely to have some of those inside my home. It's just so incredibly hot here, everything is dying. Very sad...

    Good luck with your party planning!


  17. This post made me laugh and smile Courtney! Your photos are just beautiful! Have fun planning your daughters birthday party! : )
    xo Cheryl

  18. I'll never get enough of your pretty table. You made all of that ~the farmhouse table, the pergola, and painted the chairs the perfect color. wow!
    Yes it is hard to admit getting older, but hey, mine are really getting old now, so you are still a baby!

  19. From the looks of things your daughter will enter her teen years in style! As for the boys, you won't seem quite so embarrassing in a few years, hang in there, my 18 year old isn't quite so embarrassed of me these days :0)

  20. Hello
    This is all just gorgeous! Love the peonies laying on the table... they are my favorite
    All I can say is don't blink because soon they will all be in there 20s and then it just goes faster after that.
    Enjoy it all

  21. Love this blog! Thank you for adding me! I will be stopping by a lot =)

  22. Well, Courtney, you don't *look like* you could possibly have three still look like Kindergarten PTA mom! Your daughter will love her party, I'm sure. Pinkilicious and girly!

  23. Isn't EVERY parent an embarrassment to their kids? lol I think it will be fabulous no matter what you do! I love visiting your blog-it is always a pretty place to land! xo Diana

  24. Wonderful pictures! Your peonies look gorgeous.
    PS. I keep watching pictures of your blog, hoping one day my house will a sweet place like yours.

  25. Wow, I love this table vignette! I think it would be great for your daughter's party. Just lovely!


  26. Lovely table! As a fellow mother of a teen, I can relate! Teens are very interesting/beautiful/exasperating!

  27. Courtney, I am loving this table. So romantic and thanks for joining my party!

  28. Oh my gosh, your table and your peonies are absolutely dreamy......the photos look like a magazine spread. Thank you for sharing the loveliness!

  29. Isn't it fun having a girl to plan parties for? I had 2 boys, then my girl... she's 21 now... and "yes" you will survive those teenage years! You may have a few more gray hairs to show for it, though. You've shared some beautiful pics with us today :)

  30. First of all, Courtney....I CAN NOT BELIEVE that you have three teens!!! No way!! You look about 24 years old, girl! lol! Second of all, I would love to spend the day sipping iced tea (or maybe a margarita or two!) on that sweet patio of yours. It's just SO beautiful!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  31. What a beautiful table! Very romantic and the peonies are amazing.

  32. Hi Courtney! Your flowers and table are gorgeous!! My sons were the same way about parties but our daughter always enjoyed having a big party. I am positive I have done things to embarrass my children...most of the time on purpose! Thanks for joining my party this week.

  33. I have all boys so I know what it's like for them not to want parties. No girls to have pretty parties for so I will enjoy seeing yours. Love the table, it always looks gorgeous!

  34. Beautiful! What a great birthday idea! I hope you have some wonderful memories from this event. Happy birthday Mini Me ;) thanks for sharing at Transformations and Treasures!

  35. So pretty! Beautiful flowers - they just scream summer. What a find those chairs were.

  36. So beautiful and romantic. I love the beautiful flowers and the soft colors. Gorgeous. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  37. Gorgeous!
    I must say...
    Tell that one to the teens..
    Cricket@ Gypsea Nurse

  38. Can i plan my birthday party on your patio! how much fun would that be for us!?! ha! thanks for sharing at Cottage Flora Thursdays! xoox, tracie

  39. Courtney,
    You have the perfect backyard for the coolest girly birthday ever. My boys don't care about parties either. Thanks for linking this up to HSH!