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Ooohh just Love a pretty bouquet of pink roses!

So dainty and delicate and perfect.
Little paper thin petals in rich gorgeous pink...
& their intoxicating scent...

Love roses.

This perfect pink mixed with the dark green leaves is divine.
I picked up a few bunches of them at the grocery store- 3 for $12
and brought them home for a tablescape I am working on
and they found their way to a little old garden chair.

I love the simple beauty of the roses by themselves
and especially love them on this old weathered folding chair I have.
I bought a pair of these little old chairs at a flea market several years ago.
I think they were $5 and they are wobbly, a bit warped and so not perfect...
but I loved them instantly.

They have initials carved in the backs
and shabby old charm.
I am in love with the mix of the rustic faded chair and
the pop of pink in the roses.
You will be seeing more of these pretties around my posts before
they are dried for sure! ;)

Oh yeah,
how about that giveaway for Patina Style?
Well... 370 entries later... we have a winner.
I used to pick a number...
Congratulations to
Tracie ~My Petite Maison

Please email me within 3 days to let me know
where to ship your book!

See you tonight for Feathered Nest Friday!

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  1. ...LOVE this Courtney!!
    it looks just like a hallmark card:)
    i have been searching for an old bistro chair and orchard ladder aalllll summer long, but no such luck, at least i can view yours and ~ sigh~ at how beautiful you make them look:)
    xo, Rosemary

  2. Such a romantic setting...where's the prince?

  3. Courtney, these little petite roses and sweet chair are wonderful!! It's always so fun (and pretty) to stop by your blog...I'm a big fan. Have a great holiday weekend :)

  4. Sigh...yes where is the prince? Beautiful colour as well!


  5. gorgeous roses! your pics are truly inspirational...


  6. Flowers can turn anything into a lovely vignette, but this old chair is just perfect for dressing up!! The roses aren't too shabby either...3 for $12.00, what a great deal, they are beautiful, Courtney!!


  7. The roses are such a beautiful color. They look so picturesque on that chair.

  8. Beautiful roses and love the chairs! Congrats to Tracie!!! xo Rachel

  9. Oh, those are so pretty! I LOVE the chair too :)

  10. Hi Courtney, I love your pink roses in your vintage wood chair. It's such a pretty combination. I look forward to seeing your dried roses and your tablescape.
    Have a great day!
    {I haven't been doing much feathering my nest so I haven't been linking up.}
    ~ Julie

  11. Hi Courtney,
    Your roses are beautiful! The chairs make a perfect backdrop for them. Congrats to Tracie! Thanks for joining me! Have a great weekend!

  12. So romantic, I just love the color on those roses! Beautiful badrop with those pretty chairs! Gorgeous Courtney and thank you for hosting this lovely party! Hugs, FABBY

  13. The roses are gorgeous! I really love that old chair. What a deal, and you got two! Congrats to Tracie on winning :)

  14. You have made my evening complete and what beautiful news to begin the long weekend. Thank you, Courtney and of course, Brooke & Steve Gianetti of Patina Style.

    I can NOT wait to rest my eyes on the beauty of the book. Many smiles from here, Courtney!

    Have a blast with Sandy, I look forward to photos of your adventures together.

  15. Those roses are gorgeous!!!

    Congratulations to Tracie!
    I hope you enjoy our book, Patina Style.

    Thank you Courtney for sharing Patina Style with all of your amazing readers.

    Happy weekend.


  16. Roses look gorgeous! Ahhh, I love Roses, the color is beautiful too.