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These little pink boots are sweet and shabby and covered in
dirt, scuffs and lots of memories.

They belong to a special little girl who worn them absolutely
what seems like it was just yesterday.

When my daughter was born
it was so different than when each of my boys were born.

I remember how much every little 'new' thing that my boys did
when they were babies was so exciting.
When they took their first steps, I marveled at how quickly they learned to walk.
When they ran, I saw little boys turning into bigger boys and loved it.
I couldn't wait for them to do the 'next' thing and
eagerly awaited those milestone achievements.
When they went to school, they ran off, made friends
and for the most part seemed to have hardly any adjustment
to that new world.

But with Ansley...
I felt different about those milestones.
She is my baby-baby.

Maybe it's because I was a little older when she was born.
Maybe it's because as I looked at Ryan and Cullan sometimes,
I could hardly believe they were so big already.
Watching them grow,
I knew how those precious moments went by so fast.

While I marveled at each new step Ansley took
and was so very proud
at the same time,
I sighed a bit inside and had to catch my breath sometimes
knowing just how quickly she was growing and how
fleeting those young child moments are.

When Ansley went to kindergarten,
I went with her and held her hand for as long as
the teacher would let me.

Well, it was the whole year.

The teacher knew that I wasn't ready for my baby-baby
to be at Kindergarten yet.
She was fine- it was me that had to adjust to the new step she was taking.

These little pink boots are Ansley's very first pair of cowgirl boots.
We bought them for her before she turned 2
and she absolutely loved them.
Rain, snow, sunshine...
she stomped around in them and wore them literally everywhere
as she tried to keep up with her big brothers.

I remember when the day came that they wouldn't fit
on her little feet anymore.
Reluctantly, I set them aside...
and left them covered with all their scuffs,
dirt and memories.

They found their way to a bookshelf in the sitting room
and sat atop a vintage book.

The other day as I walked down the hall to look for something
to inspire a vignette
I saw them sitting there and smiled.

Precious, sweet & perfect.

Just like that baby girl has grown up to be.

Even though she's a teenager now,
I see that same little sassy girl stomping around
and telling her big brothers how things are.
(Those big brothers are now 16 and 19 and Ansley says
they are 'SO irritating!' ; )

She probably thinks that her little scuffed up pink boots
inspiring a post about my babies growing so quickly
is 'ridiculous'
but that's okay with me.

I'm thinking maybe I should find some teenage girl size pink boots for
her for Christmas this year to go with her teenage sized attitude

Yes, and the boys had little black cowboy boots when they were little too...
I'm thinking I might have to put all 3 pairs of them on a little shelf
for the next vignette.


  1. this post made me smile, I have boots on my header ( mu porch) filled with flowers. But I love these pretty pink ones!! Hugs

  2. What a beautiful memory those evoke. I was the same way with my kids. And, although you are happy to see them grow and flourish, there is just a bit of sadness in the loss of innocent childhood! Lovely dedication to her! xo Diana

  3. *sniflle* *sniffle* *heavy sigh*
    That is so beautiful. I am going off somewhere to cry.


  4. those little pinks boots are so sweet with the pink roses. They do grow up fast the time just flies by.

  5. Oh my goodness, those are the sweetest pink boots! I only have one baby-baby boy with a teenage attitude, as well. :) Every milestone is truly bittersweet!

  6. Ok...wasn't planning on having to redo my makeup this afternoon Courtney! LOL! The tears just came to my eyes and overflowed reading this...probably because I have been having a lot of those "is this the last time" moments with my youngest lately. Is this the last year she says "punkin" instead of pumpkin? :-) It goes so fast! She will most certainly appreciate someday that you kept those precious pink boots. And she is blessed to have you for her mom!

  7. Love, love, love those little pink boots I wish my daughter would have had a pair. Looks like your baby-baby has grown into a beautiful young lady. Wait until she moves away you will still want to be holding her hand. Thanks for sharing, Laura Cottage and Broome

  8. So sweet! What precious memories. Your post made me smile and I wish I had a pair of pink boots!

  9. Oh how cute! i love those little boots. I painted my own pair of white cowboy boots pink over 25 years if you don't find any pink ones, you could do that!

  10. Oh my gosh! These little boots are so cute! I have a pair of my Mom's old cowboy boots that no longer fit her! I can't wait to incoorporate them into my decor!

  11. What a sweet post Courtney and her pink boots are adorable as is she both then and now. I bet you can find a big pair of pink boots too. :)

  12. Tiny boots that hold such priceless memories :)


  13. Wish I had photo's from my young boot days..they were white go-go boots! LOL! It is so wonderful that you saved them. A treasure from the past always brings out the best of us. Even a teenager..

  14. This is so sweet, Courtney! I feel the same nostalgia over my girls dresses that I saved. They loved to dress up then and do now, too! You can look back and see when it was coming!!

    The boots are just so sweet. I'm sure you will always hold them close to your heart!


  15. Oh Courtney, I don't have pink boots but I have other things displayed a little pink pageant dress, a flower girl dress & a tiny silky nightgown. My girl is 30 now much to her regret :-) thank you for bringing a tear and a smile to my day. Lovely post.

  16. You were so wise to hold on to those boots! Our "baby" had a dotted Swiss pink skirt that she wore over EVERYTHING! Now, she has a daughter, and I so wish I had saved that raggedy skirt.

  17. Love the pink boots...and the sentiments attached. I saved EVERYTHING!!! Going through some of the stuff belonging to my three babies. 21, 19 and 15. Can't bring myself to let go of some of their's a process, I know...letting go and watching them mature. Thanks for sharing. New follower from Cedar Hill Ranch. Blessings.

  18. your post was so lovely to read. sentimental and emotional- I have only one son but remember him in his little cowboy boots. He is now 25. your daughter is beautiful.
    so wonderful...


  19. So sweet. I loved every word you wrote. xo

  20. This is a precious story! I also love the pink boots now! Your daughter is lovely. Thanks for sharing such a fab story!

  21. I knew I'd love this post as soon as I saw it.

    I have black boots that were the boys.

  22. Our children do grow up too fast don't they! Such a sweet post and beautiful girl!!!

  23. Those are just so precious Courtney. They really are cute, and so nice you saved them. They would make a great centerpiece on her wedding table someday:)

  24. Such a touching and beautiful post, ahhh, the memories, I have the counterpart blue cowboy boots that evoke memories from my special little boy who loved to dress up and play cowboy. Thank you for sharing, you brought a smile to my face!

  25. My youngest is turning 6 on Sunday, so you got me right in the soul, here. They grow so fast, if you blink, you miss it. Precious little people!

  26. thank you for this great idea. I have my daughters pink boots (with every scuff and happily worn spot) that she sported with every outfit that she could get by with. How do you tell a 4 year old they can't wear their favorite shoes? She is now a teen and will probably think I am crazy but this is what I am going to do with hers. thanks again for all the great inspirations.

  27. This is so sweet. and your daughter is absolutely beautiful.

  28. Such a sweet post and what a great way to remember her as a sassy little girl. I love that you keep them out and filled them with flowers. A wonderful combination of rough and tough and girly and sweet!

  29. Courtney, you're so elegant and beautiful! This post pulls on my "mommy" heartstrings. I have a daughter who is now a teenager. Hard to believe!

  30. OM! Courtney! You have hit the nail on the head for how I have felt the whole year! My oldest 18 and my baby-baby just started 1st grade I so would love to see them all at three for a few hours again! Ohhh. What a sweet post. Yes. it is so fleeting!

  31. Aww, this post made me tear up....Nothing sweeter than a mothers love. Btw, Ansley is such an amazing name.

  32. Aww so sweet!! Makes me wish I had bought them for my girls too. What a great story and it's so nice you've held on to them. My girls are 12 and 17 so I know exactly how you feel about them growing up!

  33. This is the sweetest post. I feel that way about my granddaughter who will be 4 on Monday. I seem to have lost that baby and I wonder where she went and how it happened so fast. It's a good thing her mommy is having another baby for me to love on as I accept how grown up his big sister is. I bet your daughter secretly will love this post.

  34. What a lovely post. The photos are so beautiful and touching. My baby girl is not 16. Time does fly. Thanks for sharing and hosting.

  35. I think that's an amazing idea!
    Those boots are adorable!

  36. Saw your link at the picket fence. Your blog is precious, thanks for sharing. Your teenager will cherish those boots when she is older.

  37. That is the cutest sweetest story every... And those boots... they are the best!


  38. What a great post... It brought back sweet memories of my daughter who is 37 yrs old now. Don't worry your daughter will love those pink boots again some day and appreciate how special her Mother is too. I just bought some small white boots at an antique show last week-end that I want to put flowers in so I'm going to go get them right now. Thanks for sharing such a sweet post.

  39. So pretty in pink! I used my daughter's black boots with red roses on my father's little red windsor too make a sweet ,, nostalgic vignette. I love yours!