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What happens in Vegas...

You know the saying...
What happens in Vegas... stays in Vegas...

call me a bit of a rebel
but I'm going to share just what happened in Vegas
and it's nothing like you are thinking I'm sure ;)

(view from my (amazing) room)
(Indoor mall- wow!)

Remember the Kmart Outdoor Living Makeover I did back in the Spring?
(For those of you who are new to my blog,
I was 1 of 5 bloggers who participated in an Outdoor living makeover with Kmart-
Just click on the photos below to see the posts)

Well, it turns out that the campaign was a big success
for Kmart and the social media company I work with
and they were nominated
for an award for the best campaign of the year.
I know~

So a CMO of Kmart & Collective Bias were going to be speaking
about brand turnaround at a marketing conference
and asked if I could come and speak with them at the
WOMMA Summit in Las Vegas
about my role as a blogger in the campaign.

I type, I decorate,
paint furniture and move things around
A LOT...
but Speaking?

I have been working on pushing myself to get out of
my comfort zone and try new things recently...
Do you know 'Bob' in the movie 'What About Bob' ?
(Seriously one of my all time favorite movies!!)
I can relate to Bob.
I am a baby stepper for sure and I have been working on growing
and taking bigger steps.

I have never spoken in public-ever
- let alone at a conference ...

But after a pep talk
Promises of Dramamine
knowing that they would pick me up off the floor should I faint...
I said yes and I was SUPER EXCITED!

As part of the presentation
Brent and I were going to set up some examples of patio furniture from Kmart
We were thinking there would be a few boxes maybe..
a couple big ones-
a couple little ones...

Turns out- there were 2 pallets and some of the pieces
(a beautiful travertine table top) were enclosed in wooden crates

Oh my.
As well, the fork lift must have punctured the box and broke
the packaging with the screws in it...
they were all over.
With no power tools or tools of any kind, just 2 of us working
it was a little crazy but lots of fun

It took several hours but we conquered the furniture
and the finished pieces were beautiful.
They got lots of attention
and were being used by Summit goers' right away.

When it came time to speak... I nervously waited while the crowd
seemed to keep trickling and trickling and trickling lol in

During the Kmart Presentation- just listening to Brent and Jennifer talk about
thoughts, ideas, brainstorms of marketing campaigns and the behind the scenes of how
Kmart Outdoor Living campaign came together was amazing.
I learned so much about all the work and thought process that goes into a campaign
and how they were able to help make a difference in Kmart's revenues.
I was even more proud to be that very small blogger in a room filled
with marketing and social media professionals.

I was a small part of the presentation and
 basically talked a little bit about being a blogger who participated~
how the campaign affected my blog, what my readers thoughts were,
what my thoughts were about Kmart and the campaign in general.
It was neat to see my designs on the overhead projector...and it also made it much easier
to see some of what I could talk about if (when!) I got nervous.

A few questions from people attending and that was it.
  The presentation went great
I didn't need any dramamine
I didn't faint!
(Haha! PHEW!!)

As well, Kmart graciously donated ALL of the brand new patio furniture
to Habitat for Humanity after the conference was done.

I came home exhilarated,
and  hugely grateful for the opportunity to sail~
it was just amazing!
Thank you so much Brent & Jennifer!!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. I have had to speak in front of large groups before and I can never seem to get that quiver out of my voice. I guess it's nervous excitement or maybe adrenalin, I don't know. Glad you conquered the challenge!

  2. Oh Courtney!! I am so proud of you and to call you my friend!! That is fantastic that you got the recognition from the Kmart job and you did such a fab job with it too...and then to speak in front of a crowd~well hats off babe!

  3. Wow, how exciting! Good for you for putting one step forward and taking the leap! It was worth it, right?
    Love to hear about these experiences happening to bloggers, congratulation and certainly well-deserved.

  4. Wow Courtney that is awesome!:) I cant wait to see your Christmas decor!! xoxoxo

  5. What a great experience for you! You continually do such a lovely job in all you do, it's no wonder they wanted you to participate in their conference.

    Sounds like you had a look of fun on your shopping spree too!

  6. That's awesome Courtney...congratulations!

  7. What a wonderful opportunity! I have spoken a lot and the fear of it is always worse than the actual "it". I know you did an outstanding job because you are passionate and passion resonates with an audience no matter what. This is only the beginning I'm sure! Congratulations on a job well done!

  8. That is awesome! Way to step outside the box! I've never been to Vegas, but it looks pretty cool judging by your pictures!

  9. How exciting! So many opportunities come our way when we step out of our comfort zone. Glad you enjoyed yourself. :)

  10. This is exciting stuff! Even though I only know you thru blog land I am so happy and thrilled for you. Who knows where this may lead for you. Life is good! xo

  11. Oh how exciting, Courtney! I would've been terrified to speak in front of an audience. Yay for you :)

  12. wow Courtney, this is fabulous! Hoping this is just the start of many open doors for you! xoxo

  13. You are a fantastic speaker, Courtney. A real Renaissance woman. Like you've been on the speakers' circuit for years!!

    Great presentation, great time assemplying those chairs, even better time letting everyone know, "This is Kmart!"

    Great campaign, great stories and great conference from a great lady.
    Thank you, Courtney!


  14. Vegas? I'd agree to anything to get a trip there! Blackjack is my middle name!

    You are a rockstar and belong among all of those marketing gurus! Thanks for the insight into speaking at a conference - I'll need it! Dramamine and lots of wine (maybe not at the same time) may help!