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Before Kitchen & Inspirations

*This is a re-post to fix the blogger formatting issues I had this morning.
I removed the original post that was published earlier~ it also removed your comments.
Thank you so much to those of you who commented earlier- I did read them and appreciate them so much!
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 Many of you already know that our cottage was an old never lived in full time neglected vacation cottage
covered in dust & yuck for nearly 60 years  when we found it.

It took a lot of work to get it livable at first...
and then a lot more work to get it a little prettier.

The kitchen was not as bad as some of the rooms
but was most definitely in need of some big time love and attention.

When I first walked in the kitchen
I loved the old tall white cupboards and...
well, that was about all I loved.

Do you remember that I mentioned before I seem to have a gift and a curse
 for seeing 'potential' to a fault?
Where it should be torn down... I feel sentimental

Since I promised you a tour of the before and after of our kitchen
 here goes with how our kitchen looked  before~

 Be prepared.

The ceiling was unfinished- there was no crown moulding- 
just knotty pine boards that stopped where ever they did
the whole house was like this.
Apparently someone was in process of replacing ceilings with sheet rock
and pulled them off and left them that way.
The ceiling was unfinished sheetrock too.

There was a very nice ceiling fan with a super classy beer bottle pull for lighting.
 Nope didn't keep that for sentimental value...
thought about it (jk)... but no.
 The old original hardwood floors had a lovely mottled green and brown
linoleum laid on top of it that had a cove baseboard finish.
I have no idea.

Not to mention the really interesting appliances that came with the house...
vintage but not in a good way vintage.
There were two windows- they were small and they were not completely installed.
 You could actually push on them and they would move a half an inch out like they were going to fall.

Lets just say it was a big mess.
But in that mess...
 I saw something.

I dreamed of a light filled pretty cottage kitchen 
with a touch of French flair.
Open cupboards and pretty details.
Hardwood floors, a dreamy farmhouse island and lots of character and charm.
I love old houses and working with the original to make it work in a modern world.
so this kitchen was a perfect candidate.

Here are some of my inspirations for elements in the remodeled space:
southern living


just so you don't think that we are living with our kitchen looking like it started out...
here is a little snapshot of the kitchen as it looked several months ago...

I'll be sharing a tour of the kitchen as it looks now-
 as well as details on what we did, how we did it 
and just how we did it all on a very small budget ourselves.
Yep... it might have something to with being a little bit looney tunes..
Stay tuned!!

See you tomorrow for Feathered Nest Friday!!

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  1. Oh dear Courtney....when this kind of stuff happens it scares the knickers off me because I wouldn't have a clue how to fix anything like you did!
    I love all your inspiration pics but now YOUR kitchen is an inspiration pic! How's that for a reward!
    Can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

  2. Wow, what a difference! I can't wait to see more. From what I can see now and what I know of your taste, it's breathtaking!


  3. You certainly made some huge changes there and so pretty afterwards, surprised that you didnt have any other comments... so here I am thinking you are very clever and energetic and have super ideas, so going to follow you .. all the best, J

  4. Wow! wow wow wow! I can't wait to see the "road map" of how your kitchen got to where it was to the gorgeous-ness that it is now.

  5. it's so great that you have the before pics... can't wait to see the after photos. all that hard work paid off i'm sure of it :)

  6. Yikes! That is one SCARY kitchen! You must have real vision and guts to have gone forward with this project! Can't wait to see the after!

  7. I love a good before and after and yours looks spectacular. Can't wait to see more!~Cindy

  8. Beautiful kitchen!!...So bright and cheery...a true stunner!

  9. Your kitchen is amazing, can't wait to hear all the details and see tons of pics. Hugs, Marty

  10. Oh I can't wait for more pictures! I love before and afters:)

  11. Wow! Are you sure it's the same kitchen? Can't wait to see more!

  12. Holy moly, Courtney! Do you guys hire out..?? lol! What amazes me is how you stuck with your original vision and brought it through to fruition. I absolutely love it. You should start a career in interior design, my talented friend! :) I know who I'm coming to for design advice from now on! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  13. Such an amazing transformation from where it started. Can't wait to see the rest of it!

  14. Oh youjust have the sweetest kitchen and I cannot WAIT to see your total big reveal show!

    You have great taste and flair and just love your home.

    Ya just gotta have the dream and vision - and you sure do - and talent and patience too!

    Hey, lubs me some beer bottle pulls for a kitchen ceiling fan, yepperz.


  15. You are so amazing, Courteney! I really love everything you do and the inspiration photos are divine.


  16. I want the same kind of kitchen and we are moving to a new city house in 2 years, so I am really hopeful I will be able to get my dream kitchen then. Yours is lovely and I can't wait to see the rest.

  17. With those inspiration photos, your style and the ability we have already seen... I am prepared for a jaw dropper ;) Can't wait!!

  18. It's on its way to perfect beauty!
    I love all the inspirational photo's I so hear you!
    You have created beauty all around you in all things French.

    Love all that you inspire Courtney :)

  19. Awesome Courtney! I'm especially interested in the source of your range hood! Looking forward to more!

  20. This just takes my breath away, Courtney! I actually gasped when I saw the teaser photos of your kitchen. I am just starting a file on my own kitchen makeover and would love to see more pics. I think everything will be on hold until then...dreaming. Sigh.

    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  21. Girl, you made magic in that kitchen, in fact you made magic in the whole house. It's so cool how you saw the potential in all that and created what you did... I can not wait to hear all about it!


  22. Your kitchen is beautiful, Courtney! I've always admired it. It's amazing that you had the vision to make it what it is today from looking at those before pictures.

  23. Courtney,
    Love what you did with your kitchen.You saw a vision and went for it.Very inspirational.

  24. Oho my goodness! The wait! It's killing me! That is one major transformation and I can't wait to see it!!!!


  25. All I can say is Wow. That kitchen would have scared me away! It's so pretty now -- can't wait to see how you did it!

  26. Your kitchen is just as beautiful as your inspirations Courtney!! Youve done an amazing job!! xoxo

  27. Your kitchen is sooo beautiful, Courtney! I can hardly believe it started out so's quite the transformation :)

  28. your kitchen is truly inspiring- cannot wait to hear more details- I am having blogger format issues- my header just changed position!


  29. Once again I am absolutely blown away! Your before and after is stunning! Courtney you have outdone yourself and most anyone I know. Amazing, beautiful, gorgeous. There are not enough words to describe it. You truly took a piece of dirt and made it into a cut and polished diamond. I am speechless. Thankyou SO much for sharing this with us.


  30. The kitchen is beautiful. What a great eye and vision you have. You would never think it was the same space. WOW!

  31. Courtney you are very brave; from the looks of that amazing island though; I can see you have great vision.

    Art by Karena
    The 2012 Artist Series

  32. Wow! just from the last photo I can tell this transformation is going to be jaw dropping. Looking forward to seeing it.

  33. YAY!!! I can't WAIT to see your kitchen!! I always LOVE your rooms!! :)

  34. Your kitchen is amazing, what a transformation!

  35. What a beautiful transformation, my friend! I can't wait to see more!!!


  36. Can't wait to see the full reveal - it looks like you had your hands full!