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Spring Blooms

Yesterday morning,
 I was greeted by the sound of birds singing away
and several rays of sunshine peeking through the fog as I awoke and started the day.
So beautiful.

  On the forecast for the day was a little bit of sunshine and break in the rain
before the next round of storms moved in later in the afternoon.
It has been raining for nearly a week straight here...
Not drizzling... not misting...
but dumping
raining cats and dogs

 I enjoy a little rain ~
the beautiful green it brings and the smell of the fresh air...
 foggy misty mornings that make you want to curl up next to the fire
or stay warm and cozy in bed a bit longer...
Rain inspires me  and there is something so delightful about listening to it fall softly
while soaking in a hot bath... absolutely relaxing.

Though truth be told-
 I am definitely a warm weather sunshine girl.

So to add a bit of Summer and sunshine into wintery days 
I love to bring home a bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers.
A vase of flowers does so much to warm up a room.

These roses are so similar to those gorgeous pink and green ones I found at the grocery store 
a couple  of weeks ago  so I was so excited when I found these at Costco.

Did you know that Costco sells two dozen roses
 for just a few dollars more than the grocery store sells one dozen roses?

I have no idea what these roses are technically named...
Some suggested they were cabbage roses~ any rose growers out there have any info?
I knew that these were large roses when they were at the store- even in a tight bud they were big and beautiful
but they have opened into absolutely amazing huge full blooms.
I don't think I have ever seen roses this big!  They are similar in size to peonies in full bloom
 They are simply stunning.
Soft pink & edged in green these roses have quickly become my favorite variety.

I brought them into the kitchen to trim them and
I felt a little like I was working in a flower shop with them on the island and 
 my hydrangea soaking up a bit of water in the sink.

I think I should turn my kitchen into a bit of a greenhouse for now~ 
Fill my collection of galvanized buckets with flowers and set them in the window sills.
Imagine how gorgeous it would be to be surrounded by buckets and bins of beautiful blooms while
sipping on your coffee in the morning...
With the rain having turned to snow
 today these pretties blooming away are warming me even more.

I am sooo ready for Spring!!

 Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!
Happy Sunday!


  1. Those are the most gorgeous flowers. Connie at Hartwood Roses blog could tell you what they are. She grows roses. Love seeing your kitchen. Not sure I have seen all of it.

  2. Those roses are just gorgeous! They do look very much like Peonies, especially because of their size ~ we are having abosuletly gorgeous warm weather here in Michigan; it was almost 80 degrees here yesterday, but just a bit cooler here today ~ will be hanging some laundry outside to dry :) Enjoy your lovely flowers!!

  3. Soooo pretty! I love your kitchen, I think I have kitchen envy! Happy Sunday to you!

  4. Sounds perfectly dreamy to me! I think you should definitely do that. Then, take lots of pictures so we can pretend we are too ;) The roses are stunning, enjoy them.

  5. Oh so pretty. I love the roses and the colors are wonderful. YOur kitchen is fabulous too. Hope you have a super day and enjoy the pretty flowers. Hugs, Marty

  6. the top photo looks like dreamy heaven!thanks for mentioning my giveaway.

  7. Beautiful post Courtney! Your pictures are very inspiring...

  8. Oh I love your kitchen.
    The roses are so beautiful.
    I was just considering a outing to pick up some cute flowers.
    Roses are too beautiful.

  9. What do I love most? YOur roses or your photos or your kitchen?? ITs a toss up!! I love those big fat abundant roses with a million petals. I haven't seen them at costco, or they woulda been in my cart too.

  10. WOw...all I can do is sigh..........such beauty!

  11. The roses are gorgeous, Your kitchen looks gorgeous to can we see more. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Oh Courtney, they are beautiful blooms and thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos of them. Your kitchen is just so lovely, and the contrast of the white with the black painted island cabinet is perfect!

  13. Courtney: What beautiful roses. I will check out Costco next week. Your kitchen looks very charming. I am fairly new to blogland so maybe I missed your post of a kitchen tour? If you haven't you really should. We would all be so happy. Happy Sunday...Judy

  14. Taking a run to costco this week and will have to pick up some of those roses...they are absolutely stunning!

    Happy Sunday to you too!

  15. So very pretty. Makes me want to go to the store and bring home some bunches of flowers.


  16. Beautiful roses and a beautiful kitchen!

  17. Those are some of the prettiest roses I've seen in awhile. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Your blog began like Wizard of Oz with no color and then ended with a burst! LOVED it!!!

  19. Those roses are gorgeous! I would love to be surrounded by roses and drink coffee every morning--yes! Then in the evenings a glass of chocolate wine and roses--life is good.:)

  20. hi Courtney the roses are beautiful and I'm loving your kitchen! it's gorgeous.
    cheers Fiona

  21. You are finding the most beautiful roses at your stores.We are enjoying the most incredible weather here.Summer came before spring!

  22. They are just beautiful, Courtney, and I love that shade of pink! I did think they were peonies for a moment the flower is so large. I left behind four peony bushes in our old house's garden.

    I'm still waiting to see if there is anything interesting planted around the condo before I go out and buy a few hydrangea bushes. I also left several of those, too. It seems we are allowed to plant small perennials and annuals. I'll keep to containers mostly, but I do like to have some pretty flowers around the outside of a house.

  23. I'm pretty sure your kitchen couldn't be any prettier! Oh my gosh, i love your island, and your sink, the baskets and open cabinets and just everything about it, and the roses just make it all the better. They are gorgeous!


  24. Gorgeous roses! Too early here for them but I am looking forward to my peonies and their wonderful scent! Beautiful kitchen and it makes a wonderful flower room!

  25. That kitchen just begs for buckets of flowers! Very pretty. ~ Maureen

  26. Thank you for sharing your armload of blooms our way! Just dreamy!

  27. Well, I love your roses and I really love your kitchen island!

  28. I love those kind of roses too but could not classify them. Compliments on your beautiful kitchen!
    Sending you some warmth from my home country, Italy...I live in Ireland so I understand your impatience for spring :)

  29. Oh my goodness! When I saw those roses I was like Holey Shmoley! I thought this whole time you probably went to a florist and got these beauties, but when you mentioned Costco, I was like wha? I told my husband we have to go to Costco ASAP, haha!

  30. Ahh that is so delightful Courtney. I have switched my blog over to word press and have to ask all my friend to change the url. I appreciate you adding me back. I know it is a pain:(

  31. Beautiful kitchen, beautiful roses...they make any day better...
    Have a great rest of the weekend...

  32. I was at Costco last week I should of paid more attention to the flowers, but I don't remember seeing any as pretty as those. Maybe they just look extra nice in a clean kitchen!


  33. Completely agree, flowers are just perfect for warming a home and brightening everything on a dreary day. Those are truly beautiful roses!

  34. They are just beautiful and look so lovely on your island - I would be tempted to just keep them laying there like that, lol
    It was like summer today here in Montreal, the first year I can ever remember people going to the St Patty's day parade in shorts!!! Usually everyone is in parkas,

  35. he roses are so darling! your kitchen is so very pretty--like the rest of your home:)

  36. Flowers are BEAUTIFUL! I guess the grass is always greener. I live in Florida..where the sun has been shining and the weather is summertime warm! It's enough to drive you insane. I would love a chilly, rainy day! Silly..I know.

  37. Perhaps they are "amnesia" roses?


  38. Everything looks perfect in your kitchen:))

  39. What beautiful pictures , and the roses wow I just can't find beauties like that around here in my home town...Looking forward to your next post...Blessings Lori

  40. The roses are gorgeous as is the whole kitchen. We are so much the same, I do love the rain but I am for sure a sunshine girl. We have had lots of grey, rain and cold, I'm not used to it and can tell a change in my mood :(
    Here is hoping for spring to be just around the corner!!!

  41. Those roses are so beautiful.... love them ! :-)

  42. Beautiful roses! and great pictures

  43. Beautiful post Courtney and thank you for sharing your roses and the great price that you got on them at my party.


  44. Beautiful!
    ... lovely blog post and gorgeous roses :)

    Greetings from Australia♥

  45. Absolutely gorgeous! I would love to know where you got your lovely dish towels. They are the perfect color for my kitchen. Thanks!

  46. Beautiful!! Gorgeous kitechen, too! ♥

  47. Oh, your home AND those flowers are all just beautiful! I, too, love Costco to buy roses. If I need more than a few bunches (or certain colors) they will special order them for no extra charge...they just need two weeks' notice. I saw your post over at "Inspiration Friday" blog party.

  48. Love the roses, and the kitchen what an awesome post! Hope you stop by my place.

  49. Those flowers are gorgeous! Thank you for the beautiful pictures of you beautiful kitchen!

  50. Gorgeous roses for a gorgeous kitchen! I've never looked for flowers at Costco before, but will definitely check them out next time I'm in there. Thanks for the touch of spring.

  51. Love your roses and your kitchen too! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  52. Almost all of the cut roses that we buy in stores or get from the florist are specially grown from plants bred for the purpose. Most of these grow in greenhouses, shipped from South America. They're not the same roses that grow in our gardens ... though some florist roses DO make fine garden plants.

    Your kitchen is beautiful.