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Southern Rooms~ Book Review

It's been awhile since I shared one of my latest design book finds~
I am going to try and get back into sharing one more often. 
I have pretty big library of design books that I have collected~ like an armoire full of them. 
Usually the ones I purchase are ones I find in the store that I have a chance to thumb through
 I add them to my list of possibilities and when I find them on sale ~ I will add them to my library.

I was ordering a book for my daughter on Amazon - which was $15.00
but  in order to get free shipping the order needed to be $25.00
So, of course, instead of paying $3.99 in shipping (that would just be crazy don't you think?)
 I had to find a book to add to the order-  Yeah... that makes perfectly logical sense right?
It's just how I work I guess.

I had a couple books that had been sitting in my cart that I was thinking about
and this one in particular had been there for a bit.

 Southern Rooms II by Shannon Howard.
I hadn't seen this book in person... which always makes me hesitate to purchase
but it looked like it would be good and for the price-
 I went ahead and ordered.

I am a sucker for traditional. 
I love old stately homes built with symmetry and careful attention to details.
I love and crave formal living spaces,
big old gardens and outdoor entertaining areas.

Honestly, when I look at the homes that make my heart go pitter -patter 
they are southern style homes.
But I am a California girl for sure-  I love so many things about it here.
If I could find a big old stately southern style house on gorgeous property in California-
(at a price that was even halfway reasonable or do- able)
 That would my dream home!

So I love to delve into books that are about those lovely southern plantation style houses and formal rooms
Southern Rooms is filled with beautiful elegant rooms- 
decorated with careful attention to detail.

Gorgeous antiques, formal rooms and fantastic warm colors.
The homes shared range from traditional and elegant to beachy and comfortable
to rustic and even modern.

At the back of the book there are some good mood boards for finding your perfect combination
 for your perfect look.

I am loving these china cupboards
so charming.

Overall Southern Rooms II is a smaller paperback decorating book
that has some great inspirations and details if you love Southern decorating.

It shows Southern style decor from several different designers and how they achieved the look
in several different homes. 
The rooms I loved the best are by Suzanne Kasler. 

It is not a coffee table type decorating book 
 but it is definitely one to consider for getting ideas and inspirations for 
adding southern touches to your rooms
since it was on sale for just $9.99 at Amazon with free shipping- 
even better.


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and LOT'S of inspiration and fun!!

Find more information HERE

 I am off to get back to work on a little painting today and a little Easter tablescape!!

Happy Sunday!!


  1. What beautiful photographs. I can find something I like in every picture! My problem is... that I do like just about everything. I need 10 houses ;) With the budget to, of course. Happy Sunday!

  2. I love finding decorating books.Even if they are out of date I always find some inspiration in them.Especially when decorating with vintage or antique items.That never really goes out of style.

  3. Its all gorgeous!Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. This is a great book review...I love traditional, too, yet I don't have much of it going on. It really is the warm colors that get me.

    I do the same thing with online shopping, especially clothes. Buy two, get one free! lol! Then I have 3 tops in different colors!

    Hope you are having a great Sunday, Courtney!


  5. Courtney: I, too, love decorating books and have a library full. I look at them and wish for something different, than I look at my little Victorian cottage and I'm satisfied again. Why do we put ourselves through this?..Happy Weekend..Judy

  6. Those books look divine Courtney! Hope you are having a grand Sunday!

  7. What a great book with so much beautiful inspiration!!

  8. I love looking at pictures of homes like this, too, Courtney. A lot of it seems doable to the average person and they always feel so "come on in and sit".

  9. I love the Southern homes too, it is my style as well. I love cozy and elegant! These are great images!

  10. Courtney, that is one of my favorites. I pick it up and look at it all the time. Have had it for years.

  11. Gorgeous book. I do the same thing at I add to my shopping cart just to get the free shipping. It totally makes sense to me! I've been meaning to get here for days and say hi. I'm so excited for our Bunny Blog Hop. I'll for sure be back to see what you have up your sleeve!

  12. I love books too and I look at them over and over

  13. This book looks fabby. I hadn't seen it before. I'm a Southern girl and have always loved the "look". After meeting Suzanne Kasler a couple weeks ago, I think my favorites would be hers, too.

  14. I love the pictures the fireplaces are beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.

  15. Every photo is simply yummy! What a dream!

  16. Love, love Southern style...will have to check the book out as I have to order my book club book from Amazon

    I truly miss the magazine, Southern was my all time favorite and they stopped publishing sad!

  17. Courtney,
    Do you have Southern Rooms I. I have seen this book on Amazon and wanted to look at it.
    I'm with you...I'm a California girl (born and raised) but there is something that totally won me over years ago about Southern Style decor. I miss Southern Accents magazine so much.
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. I do agree that this post shared a wonderful photographs. This is simply wonderful. A lot of thanks for sharing this with us.