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White Dishes ~ Inspirations

I have been scouring flea markets and thrift stores,
keeping an eye out at Ross, Target and Home Goods
all in search of something 
so plain and simple but so beautiful.

Darling, dainty, charming
white dishes.

 I have had white dinner dishes for years that we use everyday. 
When a few pieces break, I just go pick up another inexpensive box of them~
 so easy to mix and match.
I love collections of white ware with various sized pitchers, bowls, plates and platters 
grouped together on a shelf or displayed in a hutch~so a few of those have been in my collection
as well.

I do have a white cake pedestal... a couple of serving bowls and platters...
but I think a couple more would be fantastic.
The obsession continues.

I am not alone in obsession and love of white ware...
I love these inspiration photos~ most 
of which I found on Pinterest.

 With the green pears... delicious!

 Really loving the yellow cupboards with the white here~ so charming.
 Of course, white with dark stained wood

or with antique painted furniture

or in a glossy black cupboard... 


Absolutely love pitchers and tureens.

 Probably a favorite look is white dishes against a white or light background.
I just adore the simplicity of the combination.

Though Red Transferware is one of my favorite patterns to decorate with, 
I have switched the red transfer ware plates and platters for whites for the Summer
in the breakfast nook.

As well, the open shelves have gotten a more serene look for Summer recently
with stacks of white plates, dainty white coffee cups and serving bowls.

Atop that chippy cupboard are several white pitchers as well.

So many of you have emailed asking about the sheep print in the picture above
 and I wanted to share a special private sale code with you if any of you are interested
 in ordering it
( you can find it HERE )
you can order ANY artwork you would like at Gallery Direct
Use the code ART50 to order and take  50% off 
Sale runs through Thursday at midnight.

I mentioned yesterday that we have been working on a project out in the
little cottage~ not ready to share too much yet but it's coming along.
Yes, I am collecting lots of thrifty white treasures to use out there too! 
Stay tuned!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Of course I love all these, too and am always looking for more pieces.

  2. Beautiful as the white. Lovely pictures...yours stand out from the rest though.

  3. Oooh. Nice pictures. I also love white dishes, and red transferware as well. We've used our white ones since we got married (21 years ago) and I've never gotten tired of them. They mix so nicely with every color. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I'm crazy about white, too. Don't know what I would do without my collection of white milkglass compotes that I use for everything...serving side dishes, flowers, fruit, pretty hand soaps, christmas ornaments...the list goes on!
    --Lee Ann

  5. I love all the inspiration too~can never have enough ironstone and white dishes~thanks for sharing...xok

  6. Beautiful pictures! your kitchen and collection are really beautiful...i adore that plate rack full of large platters and am intrigued with your latest hush hush project ;)

  7. Happy Tuesday to you too! I only have white dishes too. I don't like the table to be does look delicious on white plates.
    I purchase mine at Big Lots. Ciao for now Rita

  8. Great inspiration pictures, Courtney! I'm a sucker for a white tureen ~ detailed or plain. I just wish I had more room for white pieces. I've decided, though, that if I did find tureens, I will make a display of them above my kitchen cabinets.

  9. Yup, I have been doing that too!
    White ware goes with anything and is so much fun to mix and match...of course in my house I have run out of space....
    We used mix and match white ware for two large parties this summer along with mismatched community plate....absolutely divine....

  10. Homegoods can be a great source. I cant recall a time where I went there and didnt want to take some white serving piece home with me. The best thing with that store is you never know what youre going to find! Happy hunting.

  11. I'm always trying to add to my collection too..I'm now at the wonderful picky point!

  12. As soon as I walk in the door, I head for the dishes at Home Goods, TJMax, or Pier One. Same thing at the thrift shops, and antique shops. I'm assured of finding at least one white piece to bring home with me.
    Your photos are wonderful! and full of inspiration!

  13. I, too, adore white dishes! Yours are especially charming! Thanks for the inspiration and the Art source discount!

  14. White is so peaceful. I loved scrolling through your pictures. Thanks for sharing.
    Miss Ellie

  15. I absolutely love the look of all white dishes. So classic and always beautiful. You photos are so awesome and inspiring.

  16. Me tooooo!

    The more white dishes I come across the more I want!

    Beautiful kitchen you have, and beautiful inspiration photos that inspire.

    have an inspiring week.

  17. Beautiful post, Courtney. I pinned almost every picture from this post! laurie

  18. Also love white wares as well as ironstone.

  19. Hello Courtney, Again a beautiful post!
    Wish you could post twice a day! I always look so forward to what you have done!
    Can't wait to see your tiny cottage!
    I had a tiny cottage once - all for myself!
    And then we sold the place... sigh!

    Oh well, so where did you get those pretty white dishes from that look so dainty?
    Will you share the secret?

    Have a lovely Tuesday!


  20. Ok, I'm going right home and taking every single thing out of my hutch and filling it with white dishes. I love them too, and i'm always watching the thrift shop and Marshalls and TJ Maxx for more. I love the old Homer Laughlin platters... and i found the cutest little fat oval butter dishes a while back... Beautiful examples of white ware... You are always such a complete inspiration!


  21. I recently started using white dishes (after a neighbor put almost an entire set out in the trash!) and am working on a collection of black adn white ones. I had found a beautiful pattern at Home Goods a few years ago, but they only had 2 large soup bowls and 2 cup and saucer sets. Still, I bought them, figuring they would mix and match with others. So, some are white and some are black and white, but haven't found any all black that I like yet, but the fun is in the looking, isn't it? Then the REAL fun comes in the taking home and using! LOL! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics and Pinterest finds! Hugs, Leena

  22. Girl, you are SO not alone! I share your obsession, too!


  23. I got the white Privet House dishes at Target and I LOVE them! Such a unique edge to them!

  24. I can't get enough white dishes either. I love all of this. And I love you cabinets in the first pic.

  25. Dear Courtney,

    I also share your obsession for white dishes. I collected several sets when I lived in Germany. They are so versatile and create a calming and elegant setting. Your photos are so inspiring. Thanks!

  26. The white dishes are very nice... I must say that the Green painted furniture is so pretty. I love green.
    But that YELLOW Kitchen... charming for sure! I have yellow in my kitchen...but that is beautiful!


  27. Une très jolie publication... beaucoup de choses ont attiré mon attention ...

    De gros bisous et si je ne trouve pas un petit moment avant mon départ pour vous faire un coucou, sachez que je serai de retour à la mi-septembre.

  28. Hi Courtney, beautiful post as always. I fall in love all over again every time you show that chippy white cupboard! I would love for you to share something at my new party Totally Transformed Tuesday. Hope to see you there. Have a great week. Peggy

  29. It does not matter how you display them as long as you display them because ... they are simply lovely! *sighs* So very elegant, thanks for the inspiration

    Dee at the Carlton

  30. love your photos, Courtney. Am new to loving white dishes, now am crazy for them. Fab examples! adore your sheep print!

  31. Loving all your white china Courtney. It always looks so clean and simple :)

  32. Hello Courtney,
    I am completely with you! My eyes look for certain things when shopping and white dishes, pitchers etc... are high among my Delights. Love you dishes and your inspirations. I hope you have a blessed day,

  33. I love white dishes as well and have used some everyday for years. I got mine at a restaurant supply company and they are very strong dishes and have a nice scalloped edge. I would love to collect some of the white confit pots as well as some white ironstone pitchers for display. Love all the photos you posted.

  34. Bonjour Courtney ~

    Such lovely china and pottery. Yes, we have been living with white since we were married and it never goes out of style and so easy to replace. I have lots and lots just waiting to be listed in the shop. I would love to send you some little tokens of appreciation to add to your collections ~ I owe you bigtime:)

    Adrian Xo

  35. I love the line Target came out with! Mine are an off white from Pottery Barn - love them but love the stark white ones also! Oh so many collections.


  36. Hi Courtney, I love your white dish collection. I have a small collection but would love more. One problem, I am running out of cupboard space. I have them filled to the brim. I love seasonal dishes. The thing with white is that it is so versatile and I love mixing the patterns. Thanks for sharing all of these fun photos.

  37. White dishes are so timeless, Your kitchen looks great.

  38. I just bought a white pitcher in London that I had to hand carry on the plane. Love ALL your photos. Doesn't food look pretty on a white dish?

  39. I saw your home in my favourite italian magazine, Casa Chic.
    Very compliments! It's beautiful, very beautiful!

  40. Trying to take it all in. SO gorgeous. Just when I think I have too much, I realize I have nothing and want to start all over! Ha! Pinning away from you blog!

  41. Que bonito post, me he paseado por tu bloc y me ha encantado, te invito a ver el mío, esta semana las mascotas son las protagonistas, nos hacen compañía y sacan lo mejor de nosotros mismos. Si eres un amantr de los anima les no te puedes perder este. Deseo que te guste y si es así y no eres seguidora espero que te hagas, gracias por visitarme.