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Burlap Table Runner

I think I have been having a wee bit of a love affair
 with jute webbing and burlap.

 Burlap & webbing just draw me in.
Their natural color. Their texture and charm.

I love the simple stripes on the webbing too.

Those Union Jack pillows I made the other day are new favorites
and while I was working on those, I thought about a simple table runner made from the same
material and started sewing.

 This runner could not be more simple to make.
I started with burlap and jute webbing that I found at Burlap Fabric
I cut a wide strip of burlap and hemmed it along each edge
and then sewed a strip of jute webbing down the center.

So simple.

I decided to use this as a runner in a different direction for this table~
 Instead of the usual placement of the length of the table~ this goes across the width.
I think 6  or 8 chairs with the  runners across as place mats for them would be so charming.

I found these darling boxwoods on sale at Lowes and brought a couple home
to place in galvanized pots and also picked a few more up for the yard.
I absolutely love boxwood and lavender in the garden. 

Can you believe that school starts here on Wednesday? 
WAY too early this year. My oldest son graduated high school a couple years ago but this year
I have a Senior and a Freshman at HS. Unbelievable.
Yes, that's my baby-baby who is a freshman. *sigh*
Cullan (Senior this year) has been fantastic at helping my daughter & her friend Leila  find their
classes ahead of time and learn the school layout a bit
The girls are going from a very close knit small school that had just
 1 class of 30 kids per grade all the way from K-8th to a high school that has over 3000 students.
That's a big change- but my boys enjoyed the larger environment
 and I'm hoping that my daughter does too.

I stared at that project we have been working on last night 
and got so excited about how it is coming together.
It's nearly wrapped up but the 100 degree weather doesn't help much ~
it really zaps the energy right out of you and makes you want to do nothing at all.
nonetheless it is almost ready to share.
Whoo Whoo!

 I think I am going to the beach!

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Happy Sunday Everyone!!


  1. Courtney,
    As always your roses are beautiful as is your table setting.LOVE your table runner too!
    My daughter heads back on Thursday :-( .I am going to miss my junking buddy LOL. We have had a fun summer.This year she is a 7th grader too! Enjoy your day at the beach!

  2. Okay, another "must make" added to my list. The runner. Swoon. Already have a "need to copy cat that" note on that pillow in my head ;)


  3. My son leaves to go back to college but my daughter is moving back to the west darling that your boy is helping your daughter. I love that.

  4. Courtney,

    Your runner and your UJ pillow are awesome. Your pretty outdoor setting with boxwood and those roses (wow) look so amazing.

    We FINALLY got some cooler weather here in Ohio and I swear I have a new lease on life now - I couldn't honestly take another day of 100+ degree weather.

    I hope this does last a bit and not turn into fall TOO quickly, though!

    And I wish your children a wonderful school year - and I am sure your sweet daughter will love all that a big school has to offer of luck to all.

  5. my kids went back last week ( 1st grader and pre-k's) I love the simplistic beauty of your runner with the jute webbing. Your photos are always so amazing. have a great week!

  6. Very pretty. I just love all your projects. Waiting for the big reveal...

  7. Courtney,
    Cute idea...I love these two together...what a great look. Have a wonderful time at the beach. I wanted to go today, but I better get back to painting and waxing.


  8. Enjoy your day at the beach! Darling Union Jack pillow. :D My youngest will be a freshman in HS, but she does not start back until the twentieth, Oldest daughter is in the middle of Rush @ college.

    Ricki Jill

  9. Your table runner is Lovely! The roses are beautiful and the bread looks delicious :)
    We have been up to 108 degrees here, YIKES! Have a wonderful time at the beach.

  10. Such pretty ideas! I think it's the texture that draws you in. And I have burlap and jute webbing - I better get sewing!

  11. The rustic and refined pairing just calls out to the spirit to relax and savor life. Love it Courtney!
    <3 Christina

  12. You use these elements so well, Courtney. The runner is beautiful. I love jute webbing. I have tons. Love the organic feel of it.

  13. It's gorgeous Courtney. I love that webbing, and keep meaning to buy some so I'll have it on hand, when the mood strikes to sew.

  14. I adore this, Courtney!
    And that pillow is to die for. You are SO talented!!!

  15. I love the runner, Courtney...the webbing really makes it! The pillows are fabulous, too!

    Hang in there with your baby starting at a larger school. She's moving on but so are you! I really enjoyed those years with my daughter.


  16. I love your beautiful vignettes, Courtney. You make me want to go and make one of those runners, I even have that same material on hand. Beautiful photos.


  17. God your photos make me drool, seriously -
    and your projects are pretty awesome too lol - gorgeous
    simple but chic runner!

  18. I absolutely love it! I need to find me some jute webbing!

  19. I love it too, the rustic unrefined raw look of burlap is so pretty paired with your fancy french dishes and the delicate roses.


  20. Wonderful idea, Courtney! I love how you just haul out your sewing machine and create something right on the spot. That project would'ave taken me all day to do! lol! You truly know how to create the most beautiful vignettes..... ♥


  21. How did you edge your burlap?? Did you fold and stitch or zigzag?? And yes, I am liking the other direction for runners too....I like the jute webbing....great idea....

    1. Hi Nancy! I just folded each edge over and did a simple straight stitch. :)

  22. Not only do you have the most gorgeous projects, but your photos are always amazing.....I love the ever so creative idea of the jute webbing....your table is so beautiful with the backdrop of the fireplace and outdoors....Have a wonderful week!

  23. Hi Courtney it was a beautiful surprise to see you visit, more beautiful is making a return visit to you.

    I too am falling in love with the union Jack design on everything we come up with :)
    Gettin a late start with creating some union of my own the many creative idea's keep me in want and need of dreaming up what I want to do with its euro-chicness :)

    Thank you for your take on it and inspiring me to pit down the paint brushes and get back to the sewing machine.

    See you soon and all the soulful French over here.
    Have an inspiring week to come.

  24. I just love your pictures!! They are allways full of inspiration.

    xoxo Rozmeen

  25. I like this Courtney! My Boston store will be rustic french so something like this would look great there~always finding inspiration on your pages!

  26. I LOVE this simple runner. You've inspired me to make one of my own. I recently found a piece of grey jute webbing at the flea and was wondering what to do with it, now I know! Thanks!

  27. When our daughter went to middle school it was a big change -- 5 elementary schools all combined into one huge MS. By the end of the first week, they were all new BFFs! I bet your daughter will love it :) Next week we're taking Abby to UT, with 45,000 students. She can't wait, and I feel that having a large MS and HS will really help her adjust. Good luck this week!

  28. Love the UnionJack Pillow but really crave the table runners/place mats. Where in the heck do you find that striped stuff? Nobody knows what I'm even talking about when I ask for chair webbing. That's what it used to be. Might have to look on internet on

  29. Lovely blog - glad I stumbled upon you and pop in again. Greetings from South Africa. :)