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Antique Kitchen Cupboard

I have had so many questions about that vintage cupboard in the little cottage kitchen
refresh challenge with Lowes
so thought I would share more about it.

When we first looked at the run down vintage cottage that would become our home
we had to look past a lot of yuck.
 A lot of dust. 
A lot of disrepair and vandalism.
Then there was all the junk and old furniture that the previous owners left too
We sorted through a lot of the stuff before having it hauled off and we actually kept a couple pieces-
a 1940's cottage bedroom set,  a couple old antique chairs
 and then there was this one other special piece down in the basement.

Tucked away in the very back in a creepy dark corner~  we found a hidden treasure.
An old antique cupboard.

 There it sat covered in cobwebs
 and probably literally 60 years of dust and dirt.

I loved it instantly of course
Insanity, I know
but I knew that we could wipe away that grunge, 
all those layers of dust and the creepy huge cobwebs 
and it would be something special.

Finished in a soft pale taupey yellow color- it's paint was old and original.
Showing spidered lines and chipping where a delightful dreamy turquoise color peeked through. 
Oh how I wished they hadn't painted over that color! 

It had old beaded board, dainty butterfly hinges
wavy glass door fronts and chunky old wood knobs
 Yep, it was a keeper.

It sat for several years... perched on that concrete 'shelf' in the basement 
while we worked on other projects and renovations in the house
 but I kept thinking about it and dreaming about just where to put it.
Every wall I thought about putting it on -
the cupboard was too long, it just didn't fit
or it didn't make sense for the space
It almost ended up in my office space recently...but...
when we knew we would be overhauling and putting in a kitchen in the guest cottage- 
I scratched that idea because I knew instantly that this old cupboard
was just the piece it needed.

We dragged it out of the basement, hosed it off (yep, a lot) and wiped down the grunge.
It took 3 of us holding it up to get it on the wall- and 1 of us securing it - it is surprisingly heavy!
Without the lighting hooked up in the guess cottage~it looked quite dark -as you can see in the photo
I considered sanding it down to show more of that dreamy turquoise
  (my family was telling me to just paint it)

But I resisted.
 I cleaned it up
I scrubbed the years of dirt away
 and continued on with putting in the rest of the kitchen 
while leaving the color as it was.

I only grabbed my paintbrush to paint the inside a creamy white
and then I started filling it with lots of white dishes and tureens 
that I have been gathering from the thrift stores.

It's not perfect- but it's perfectly charming.

I love that we were able to take that crusty, dusty, yucky forgotten cupboard
 and put it back up somewhere to show it's charm and character
 I like to think that maybe this cupboard was once  on the walls in the little guest cottage or
even in our house  though I don't know the history 
so it's just a romantic thought.

No matter where this cupboard once was~ I love it
and am glad that the perfect vintage piece to finish this little kitchen was 
here the whole time.

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  1. I love it....would have done exactly the same thing Courtney.

  2. So awesome - the entire post.

    It looks GREAT and I am so happy it is seeing the light of day again - what a charming kitchen!

  3. What a wonderful story of the little cabinet that could! LOL! I thought it was gorgeous from your original post - now it's even more special! I can't believe you found it in the basement! Insanity? Oh no, genius! Pure creative, salvage genius! Notice how perfectlhy it fits in that space? Like it was meant to be there! The whole kitchen is gorgeous and that cabinet adds the finishing touch! The only thing I've ever found when buying a home is other folks' garbage. Well, I did find a brick in this house - whoopie! LOL Thank you so much for sharing! xoxo, Leena

  4. Courtney,
    Thank you for sharing a bit of back story behind that beautiful cabinet.What a beautiful surprise for you! Love that you kept it as is.

  5. Beautiful post! This looks like it just ame out of a magazine. Can't believe how the cabinets came to life with all the cleaning and looking great in your lovely kitchen.

  6. you have made that neglected cupboard so very happy in that charming space! bravo, courtney.



  7. That cabinet is fabulous. It was as if it was made for that room.

  8. Its great Courtney!! I love that you saved it and reused it...very very cool!

  9. It is definitely charming Courtney and it adds so much warmth and character to the kitchen. The fact that it has history is just such a delightful bonus! :-)

  10. I thought this cabinet was wonderful when I first saw it and the back story makes it even more special1 ~ Maureen

  11. It fits so perfectly in your little cottage kitchen! I guess it was waiting for you to give it a second chance!

  12. Charming indeed Courtney! What a beautiful cottage kitchen!

  13. Now I love it even more!!
    Lovely post Courtney. Your little guest cottage looks so inviting :)

  14. It's truly wonderful! Everything on your blog looks so amazing- seems like you've been very busy. I'm so excited to catch up on all the projects I missed.


  15. What a lovely story,and beautiful kitchen. It would be so much fun to have a separate little cottage to play with. x

  16. Assolutamente fantastico!!!!!!!
    Quanto mi piace tutto quello che fai!!!!Ti seguo da un bel po'
    (Spero tu riesca a capire quello che scrivo)

  17. Beautiful! Slávka

  18. It`s gorgeous! Looks like it was custom built for that space. Good job.

  19. I love that you cleaned it up to the point of leaving the old paint as it was! It looks so amazingly beautiful there. I could move in your guest cottage and be perfectly content! So glad you shared more about this cupboard!

  20. It is a wonderful piece and it adds so much character to your beautiful guest kitchen!

  21. Wow, Courtney ... what a great story! I love that you breathed new life into it ... it was truly meant to be a part of your fabulous renovation! The entire space is spectactular!

  22. Luckily you saw what this cupboard could be, Courtney! I think it looks great in your kitchen. I love the glass doors.

  23. Courtney,
    What a charming piece, and it looks wonderful in your cottage kitchen. That piece would have a big price tag on it in an antique shop.


  24. Oh, that a darling cabinet and I just love seeing your sweet kitchen. Here's wising you the most wonderful day!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  25. Great start to my day reading this. I love that cabinet and it shows that you live and cherish it.

  26. What a gorgeous piece! It looks right at home in your beautiful cottage kitchen. Which I also am in love with! I would dearly love a kitchen just like yours:)!

  27. I wonder what the eyes that belonged to the hands that have touched those cupboards would do if they could see what you have accomplished?

  28. Courtney, what a beautiful story! The cabinet was meant to be! It looks perfect in the guest cottage!

  29. What a beautiful addition to your cottage! I would take an old piece with a story behind it any day over something shiny and new. I wouldn't change a thing...good job!

  30. Fabulous is all I can say , all that is needed said

  31. agreed, leaving it the "taupey yellow" was a great move. i love how it brings a little contrast to the cottage white. just beautiful!

  32. It's perfect in it's imperfections! Love it!

  33. Charming is the imperfections!!....and yours is so ever charming in the guest definitely gave it new life!!

  34. It looks perfect where you hung it! Like it was made for the space. Beautiful idea.

  35. It is really lovely. I like it a lot. I have a "vintage" kitchen (after a redo) with only old furniture, and we leave the pieces with its old and chippy paint.
    And that chandelier....!
    Besos from Argentina, Silvina

  36. Love this very special! <3

  37. Beeeeautiful, Courtney! I'm so glad that you held on to your vision and saw it through to fruition! It looks just perfect there in all it's original glory. :) What a special little cottage that is. I'm headed over to check out more photos of it that I must'ave missed somehow. lol!

    xoxo laurie

  38. I love it, and I totally understand how you saw something when others saw nothing. I am the proud possessor of the only family "heirloom" from my dad's mom- a verrrrry rustic homemade cupboard that was built in 1904. My mom rescued it from a burn pile when my great-aunt decided it was trash way back in the 60's. Then it sat for another 40 or so years in my mom's shed where it filled up with dirt-daubers' nests and junk. Now it sits in my dining room and it is my prize possession- no matter how "homely" it appears to others. I love it.

  39. Oh my, what a treasure to unearth! Love that you left it the original colour... I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that it looks so perfect back in it's original home. Lovely.

  40. The cupboard looks great , that's great you are able to use it in the kitchen. I love the doors on it. The flowers look great also.
    Be blessed