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Passionate for Purple

My daughter is like me in so many ways.
She has naturally curly hair
she is a bit sassy :)
 she knows what she likes and what she doesn't
and she loves to decorate her room...
but that is where we go in different directions.

You know my style.
I'm all about creamy pale colors & whites  (and a little red!)
 gilding, french details and lots of chippy goodness and antiques.

Ansley is more of a dark colors girl.  
Rich jewel tones and black.
 Her idea of beautiful artwork is posters and magazine clippings of guys she might have a crush on.
 (okay~ I guess we all can relate to that look... I remember a certain poster of Rob Lowe that graced my walls ;) )

 When we were talking about paint color ideas~ she said she wanted something dark.
Chocolate brown maybe... I suggested. 
Dark purple.

"A sense of mystic and royal qualities..."
Color expert Kate  on the color purple

Hmm... dark purple.
It would be a challenge for me for sure.
But as someone who loves to help others find their bliss in their rooms
I needed to step outside of my comfort zone and help her find the perfect mix for her personality.

Off I went to Lowes to find the perfect dark purple. 
I ruled out the ones with too much pink. 
the ones that were neon.
 the ones that were too grape purple and the ones that were more of a dark wine.

When I handed THE perfect purple paint chip to my paint guy at Lowes...
 he almost had to pry it from my hands. 
Yes. I want this color paint... I said.  Valspar paint + primer? Yes, I nodded.
 I proceeded to tell him about how every room in my house was a pale color or shade of white. 
Crisp, bright and airy. That I love soft romantic rooms
and that my daughter loves dark and dramatic.

We kind of had a quick 5 minute therapy session where I did all the talking.
he just nodded, smiled 
 asked if I wanted satin or eggshell.

So while the paint mixed~ 
off I went to to get the white accent paint for the trim and ceiling (right off the shelf white )
 and then onto the rest of the details I was looking for
Ansley's room needed drapes and in her words-
drapes that darken her room
 without a pattern 
and no breezy white either.

She really might be one of my most difficult clients.
I wrapped up my shopping and headed home to start painting.
Though I would not be inclined to put a dark color like this one in my room~
I must admit,  it looks gorgeous in person and this totally suits my daughters style.

It was hard to capture the true color with my camera.
It is quite dark like an eggplant color almost and with the soft pearl colored drapes it really sets it off. 

We chose these pearl (not white) ;) drape panels from Allen & Roth. 
 They have a subtle sheen somewhat like a taffeta and the are thickly lined so they darken
her room when closed.  

She has an old shabby antique bed frame that I bought years ago for her
I used a flokati rug that I turned into a pillow & paired it with a leopard
accent pillow cover. I love that Lowes is selling pillow covers now
and that this one was under $8.00

We aren't 100% finished- we have a bit of touch up painting to do yet 
and we have some changes planned for the fireplace.
I didn't share the other side of the room yet either which is where all of her posters, pictures
and etc, are right now-(also the reason why the mirror is blurred out ;) )
 So sharing just a couple quick photos for now and will  share more when it's wrapped up.

Sooo... do you have a makeover of your own that you want to do?
Well, come back this evening for a little 'treat' with no tricks!

Happy Halloween!

I was compensated for this post as a member of the
 Lowes Creative Ideas Network of Creators and Influencers  but the designs and opinions are my own.

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  1. Simply beautiful! The white keeps it from looking too dark and heavy.

  2. Courtney, I enjoyed reading this post. I loved all the pictures of the flowers and the hint of purple before the big reveal! Her room is to die for. I myself love whites and creams but I would not mind this as my room!!!!!! I hope she likes it as well.


  3. That is a beautiful room Courtney, love the dark walls.

  4. So beautiful!! Dark walls are great! I especially like the ceiling. How did you achieve that look? Is that wallpaper? Perfect as always! Well done Courtney! Wish you girls a lovely day!

  5. Wow! I don't usually like the dark colors but that room still manages to be bright and airy! Love how it turned out!!

  6. wow its gorgeous! I wish that was my room when I was growing up!!
    <3 Dana @ This Silly Girl's Life

  7. Wow, what a lucky young lady. Her room is dark and dramatic and yet airy at the same time with the ivory and white.

  8. Courtney, that color is gorgeous. I love her bed. So romantic and it still goes well with the rest of your house. I bet that color really looks good in person.

  9. With such a talented mother I'm not surprised the final result came out beautiful!

  10. When I first started reading your post, Courtney, I thought, "Uh-oh....this is going to be interesting...!" But no surprise that you chose THE perfect eggplant color that is so cohesive with the romance of the rest of your beautiful home. ♥ I love it! Ainsley is one blessed little girl. Her room is just breathtaking!! Great job, Courtney! You hit it out of the ballpark once again, girl! :)

    xoxo laurie

  11. It looks spectacular! I too love the dramatic look of a beautiful purple like this with the gorgeous white furniture and trim. Patty/BC

  12. Hi Courtney!!

    WOW!!!! I would have loved a room like this. My goodness girl, you are just full of talent!! And sassy ;) too!! I love it!! Your color combos are the greatest!! I love all that you do Courtney. I can tell your a great person and mom!!


  13. I think it's gorgeous. What a lucky girl. I do the pale walls thing myself but my furnishings have lots of color, I would love that room though.. It's stunning. Great color to pick out. xo marlis

  14. I love this room. Your daughter is very fortunate to have you to make it so perfect.x

  15. I adore the dark and dramatic with the white. Your daughter has great taste!

  16. i'm not a "dark" color type of girl either but this is really stunning! loved looking at these photos. what did you do on the ceiling?

  17. The East bedroom in my house used to be little girl's room, so it's very pink and full of fairies... And I need it to be "gender-neuutral" asap... So, I'm thinking white... Won't you agree?

  18. I love this room it is soft and dramatic. I am so happy I found your blog, I love your style.Thank you......

  19. Gorgeous!!! Oh how I live this room, and the cheetah accent keeps it young. Can't wait to see more compromises;)

  20. Wow Courtney, that is just beyond fabulous!! What a gorgeous room. I love nothing more than a dark wall color with white linens. Beautiful!

  21. Our daughter's are the same. Mine has chosen a purple and gray combination for her room. We haven't attempted to paint yet - busy, busy schedules. She just adores purple - it is now going to be a more grown-up girl color. I can't wait to show her your daughter's room to see her impression. It is quite lovely. I hope you have a blessed day,

  22. I Love PURPLE!!! ever since I was a child... that is my color! I even have purple carpet in one area of my house! This is perfect and so well balanced with the white! ROYALTY!!! that's who purple is for!!! ; )
    I look forward to seeing the color truer, but what color did you use of the Valspar paint?
    Certainly hope she feels better soon! (or do you think she might have a 'bug' so she can lay and look at her room???)

  23. You're a good mom :) During middle school Abby's room had four different wall colors - lime green, orange, turquoise, and hot pink. With Hawaiian bedding. And vampire posters. Believe me, that one hurt. But now she's 18, works at Pier 1, and has more design sense than anyone else in her dorm. You will be so glad that you let her develop her own style! The room is beautiful!
    xo, Andrea

  24. This is just beautiful, Courtney! I like that it doesn't look overly dark what with the white in the room in furniture, the fireplace mantel and the drapes. I know it can be hard sometimes but I'm a firm believer in letting kids decorate their rooms to their tastes. I think it allows them to express themselves and their personality. Nicely done!

  25. That's so funny that you were explaining to the Lowes guy how this color wasn't for you and that you use neutrals with only a touch of red. And, can we just say it, Lowes is awesome! You did good mom, my daughter loves everything i hate... and when she was younger i had to help decorate her room before, in ways i will not even speak of. Hideous bright colors, posters of rappers on the ceiling... well, i won't go on, but you can imagine. This is just beautiful, really! I would never have thought of this color, but with the white and pearl it is gorgeous!, and you screened it just right, not too much red, not too grape color, not neon... that's one fine eye for color you have...


  26. Your daughter's room looks awesome!

  27. Hi sweetie~ ~
    This is stunning! My kind of shabby chic look and exactly what I will be going for in my next house. This one is a dramatic (which I love) and cozy Victorian. Sometimes it's just time for a change. I love what you have done.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  28. GORGEOUS!! Everything is so beautiful in your daughter's room!! I'm impressed!! Glad to be following your blog!! Hugs

  29. The room is STUNNING!! Absolutely stunning!! I just love it!!

  30. Lovely, and though it is a very dark color, it still looks airy. Nice job, Courtney!

  31. Love your blog... I just started blogging too.. check out my page...loved yours ...
    Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl is loving your page !!! SO you will have to pardon me while i stay here awhile and lIKE everything... We too have a face book page..check it out and please follow me on my blog @

  32. Is the bedding white or the same color as the drapes? Also, what color is the dust ruffle? I want to do this in my guest room. Thanks!

  33. WOW! Just Wow! I am absolutely in LOVE with this room!!!! Now if I can just convince my huni to let me paint our room this dark. Maybe when he's off in Israel for 10 days I can overhaul the house! Beautifully done as always! Thanks for allowing us into your world!!!