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A Casual Table

A mix of cottage flowers
simple white dishes
 elegant silver

Good food. Good wine. Good friends.
A perfect recipe for a fun filled evening.

I enjoy setting a pretty table any day of the week
but even more so when planning an evening get together with friends.
 It's always fun to visit over dinner with a couple girlfriends 
 catching up and laughing
though, it doesn't happen nearly as often as I would like it to.

A couple of us are getting together for some much needed girl time soon
and I have started planning the table setting, menu and evening already.

One of my favorite table settings involves simple whites & vintage
with a mix flowers from the store and greenery from our yard.
This has just a touch of Christmas as well since it will be a Christmas get together.

Vintage linen napkins with sprigs of cedar greenery
tiny purple flowers & dried roses

Tied together with bakers twine 
and topped with a vintage ornament for a festive touch.


I love mercury glass candlesticks  
they add just the right amount of shimmer.

On the menu~
Crusty bread
whole wheat pasta 
topped with sauteed garlic, onion and mushrooms
and tossed with fresh parmesan & italian parsley
It's delicious and a go to dish to serve guests
it's always a hit.

I always love pale pink spray roses
and this bouquet has a $3.00 bunch of tulips mixed in

So pretty with the dried purples and fresh green as well.

I am finally feeling a bit more like myself after that crazy bug 
that kept me fairly quiet all week
I am excited to get working on a couple projects tomorrow~
 one of which involves a drop cloth
 The other involves some changes in the guest cottage
and yes, it just might include some Christmas decorating.

Apologies on the funky coloring in these pictures.  I am learning more about how to shoot in the evenings
with lights on (yes, I know that sounds crazy!) but that yellow cast just keeps on coming through

Hope your weekend was great!


  1. This is a get together that I would have loved to be part of. Good food good friends good conversation and a beautiful home. Sounds like it all came together almost effortlessly and it look pretty enough for a queen.

  2. I go for special table settings for casual occasions! So pretty you just don't want to leave the table...

  3. Beautiful photographs Courtney! Those white flowers with the black centers are so pretty combined with your roses and tulips! I agree, times with our girlfriends just doesn't happen often enough. Sounds like you have a wonderful evening planned and the menu sounds yummy! Looking forward to seeing what your projects will entail...will stay tuned to see!
    Hope your weekend was wonderful as well...

  4. Simply beautiful and perfectly elegant!


  5. Beautiful! As always! I just love what you do with flowers!

  6. Very pretty table, Courtney! Perfect for a girlfriend dinner. Your menu sounds wonderful, too.

  7. So pretty. That menu is mouth watering. Pretty and Yummy. Great combo!!!!

  8. I love your photos-all!!!!This is beautiful,beautiful blog ♥ Vicky

  9. Love the tulips mixed in with the delicate and lovely. Just an elegant and pretty table.

  10. Hei,so was schönes habe ich lange nicht gesehen.Wundervolle Deko.
    Schöne Woche wünsche ich dir.Bussi.Luciene.

  11. What a beautiful and simple table. Simple Elegance, your photos are gorgeous.


  12. You set such a pretty inviting table. I love the idea of the dried roses, and the little sprigs of green. So simple and perfect. You're right too, those little pink spray roses don't cost much, and they're precious. And... ummmmm... the menu sounds so yummy, i want the pasta dish right now!


  13. Love your table....I'm convinced after reading your blog for some time now, that simple white china is absolutely the way to go! Everything you put with it looks fantastic! Love the touch of the dried flowers at each place setting. Thanks for being so inspiring!


  14. Your table looks sooo pretty, Courtney! I love the flowers mixed with the cedar greenery. I can just imagine myself sitting there with you enjoying it all. Your dinner sounds so delicious kind of meal :)

  15. Oh Courtney....your friends are so blessed to be treated to an evening at French Country Cottage. :) The menu, the tablescape, the decor....all so perfect. So beautiful! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  16. Hi Courtney!!

    Your table is pretty and elegant. The colors of the flowers against the white is a great effect alongside the mercury glass candlesticks. It's going to be a great evening with the girls!!


    ps. Glad to hear you're feeling much better!!

  17. OMG! Such a beautiful post! Love the tablescape and the menu. How do I apply to be one of your friends? Have a great day!


  18. It's a very "romantic" table. Your guest must have been impressed!

  19. Hello!!! You have a very nice blog!!! I invite you that you visit my and / or you it follow

    Regards and ... congratulation!!!

  20. Your photos are always beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  21. Courtney ...
    What a beautiful pictures......
    Thanks a lot for sharing with us.
    Love from Italy


  22. It couldn't be more satisfying!

  23. What a pretty tablescape, Courtney--I love that red and white baker's twine! Roses look gorgeous at any time of the year, and I like how you've combined them with what looks like cedar fronds and the vintage ornament--all gorgeous together.

  24. Your table looks so gorgeous Courtney. But I wish I could have seen the whole table. Your vignettes are all stnning but I feel I'm missing the completed concept. Would it be possible for you to post a whole over all picture of it? If you could it would be wonderful. As you know I love everything you do and I'd sure like to be a guest at this fabulous dinner.


  25. Courtney - your photos are amazing! You have style and skills galore!

  26. Courtney, I love your romantic ideas! Your table is beautiful!