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Christmas Orchard Ladder Love

 I have been having some fun out in the
 little cottage the past couple of days.

Playing with pinecones, fresh wreaths, beautiful reds, greens and natural touches.
 I am loving the old fashioned Christmas feeling that is starting to appear.

One of my favorite features of the living area of the cottage are the 
tall, tall, tall wood planked and beamed ceilings. 
Love them.
The first time I saw that antique orchard ladder that  I shared recently is perfect 
for really making the most of the height they have.

Of course that ladder had to have a few touches of Christmas for the season.
Away went the bunches of dried roses
and a fresh wreath and drop cloth stockings appeared in their place.

Red is my favorite transferware color and I have quite a few pieces in my kitchen 
but I put a couple pieces out in the little cottage too
(though they just might have since moved again)
I know...I know... always changing things around here 
so don't yell at me when this vignette changes again ;)

I had to sneak this ladder home while the man was out of town
because my husband thought this ladder was junk and said
'Who would put a crusty old ladder inside a house and think it was a good thing?'

C'est Moi.
I knew it would be amazing and that it would be love
A crusty old orchard ladder with touches of Christmas?
Even better.

Happy Tuesday!!

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  1. Courtney, I love this! Your ladder looks amazing and the Christmas touches look great! :)

  2. When I saw "ladder" and French Country Cottage" in my reading list, I had to look. Love that ladder. Even better with a little Christmas decor.

  3. I'm lovin' it too! That little cottage is like your big girl playhouse. Everything looks beautiful :)

  4. How fun is that?! Useful too! Santa can use it if he gets stuck on the roof!



  5. I love what you have done to this space for Christmas! Those plates flanking the ladder are perfection! Love coming here for inspiration!



  6. I love how this ladder gives you so much area for decorating and takes up so little horizotal space! The Christmas items look so cute on it! Great use of a very special and unique piece! Hugs, Leena

  7. Cute Christmas stockings Courtney.

  8. Courtney, what fun to decorate that wonderful ladder. This looks straight out of the Country Living pages.

  9. Beautiful Courtney! Your red transferware is perfect there too!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! That last shot should be in a magazine!

  11. The second photo is pure perfection, Courtney! Love the stockings!

  12. I LOVE your ladder and I love that your wreath is so simple...perfect little holiday spot!

  13. The ladder rocks! I love how you incorporate the red dishes too. I finally got my Frech Sugar Plum Fairy tutorial up if you want to pop over to The Lemonista and take a peek ;-)

  14. AMAZING!!! That ladder is incredible! Perfect for Christmas, happy Thanksgiving.

  15. “ Happy Thanksgiving “ My dear friend to you and your family..Many Blessings..Hugs and love Gloria

  16. I'm loving it as well, Courtney! It looks beautiful dressed for the holidays, too ... was truly meant to be in your cottage! Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. That ladder really does look amazing. You were so right to pick it up.

  18. I LUV that ladder, Courtney. The shape reminds me of a Christmas tree. Perfect.

  19. Love the ladder...but am loving the tree in the large basket too! Gorgeous as always!

  20. The ladder is a great great idea. I have six kids and 12 grandkids this is perfect for ALL OF MY KIDS STOCKING THANK YOU

  21. The ladder is wonderful I have 6 kids and 12grandkids and no place to put their stockings until now THANK YOU

  22. Of couse only a man would think that was a crusty old ladder... any woman, but especially a French loving woman, would know that is was the perfect home decor.
    I loved if before with the roses, but love it even more now with its fresh green wreath.

  23. I think the ladder looks so beautiful and unexpected. I bet you will come up with a plethora of wonderful ideas for it!

  24. Love, love this!!! Perfection. Happy Thanksgiving.


  25. Beautiful!! I just had this vision of hanging mini votive lanterns from the ladder. Since there's greenery and stockings, you could use LED ones. Happy Holidays, Courtney.

  26. Gorgeous! Crustiness and all hehe. Your photos are lovely.

  27. Love the ladder, simple wreath with just a touch of burlap ribbon, greenery on the stockings, red transfer plates on the other words...LOVE IT ALL!

  28. LOVE it!!! I "covet" your orchard ladder...but then I have a "crusty old ladder" hanging over our bed...hahaha, my poor husband ;)

  29. For many years I have seen some wonderful orchard ladders,but none as beautiful as yours...c'est manifique!

  30. Beautiful!!

    I am ABSOLUTELY going to hang a wreath on my ladder ... thank you SO much for the inspiration.

  31. Very pretty and unique... thank you for sharing your ideas with us in blog land!!!


  32. Absolutely, positively, incredibly and utterly gorgeous, Courtney! :)

    xoxo laurie

  33. very pretty. now where to fit mine in my house?

  34. I love, love, love how this looks, well done! Found you from Coastal Charm :)


  35. Hi Courtney,
    I have an old apple ladder like this. It even has remnants of red paint. I had it in my living room of my previous home with quilts on it. When we moved here I thought it would look fab in our family room with 20 ft. ceilings. For some reason I just couldn't make it work. I moved it to the garden. Now I'm having second thoughts. You have made it look darling! Love it with your touch of Christmas. I hear ya about sneaking it in. I had to have hubby go with me to pick mine up. He just shook his head and thought it was junk. Thanks goodness they vowed to love us good or bad. lol!