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Silver & Gold Tree

I just adore silver and gold and a bit of elegant bling 
for Christmas decorating.

Love the softer shades with more natural decoration
pale creamy colors  and metallics

Inside our house,
 Christmas looks a little different than the more traditional red and green
 look I have been sharing  in the guest cottage.

This is our living room tree 
and it is one of my favorite trees to decorate

It is flocked with big chunky bits of 'glittered snow' and frosty branches
and dotted with pinecones, pine needles and twigs.
It's delightful even before draping it with lights and ornaments.

With silver beaded garland strung along it's branches here and there
it reminds me of New Orleans Square at Disneyland- 
which I pretty much could happily sit in all day long with a cup of coffee 
just taking in all the gorgeous Christmas inspiration.
If you have never been to Disneyland at Christmas time- I highly recommend it.

 I placed the tree inside a cast iron urn instead of a tree stand.
I love the way the branches seem to float a bit  instead of sitting low to the ground. 
and since it is only a 7' tall tree - it gets a boost in height as well.
I love it's spindly little top too. 

Covered simply in silver and gold and pretty whites- I love it.

 I am so saddened by what happened in Connecticut on Friday. There are no words.
Please keep the victims and their families in thoughts and prayers

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  1. So beautiful Courtney :-)My Family room tree is my favourite to decorate as well. This year I did it in silver, white , glass and crystal. I am enjoying the simplicity of it.
    Cheers, Gee

  2. Sooo pretty! Love the tree in the URN! Have a great wekend.

  3. Tu sei una vera artista.....tutto ciò che fai è bellissimo!!!!!!

  4. So very pretty! I love the fullness and soft colours.

  5. Beautiful tree Courtney.

  6. Hi Sweetie, Lovely tree. Just my style. I did all silver on a New flocked tree this year and I am over the moon about the way it turned out. Got to get pics up today.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  7. totally feelin the mixed metallics, courtney, and i don't think i'll tire of it very soon! gorgeous images and inspiration on this dreary morning.

    stop by soon, lovely blogger.


  8. just beautiful, Courtney, love the wonderful silvers and golds!

  9. The tree is fabulous but I must say the green cushioned chair is wonderful. How did you flock that tree?

    1. It's a faux tree that was already flocked when we bought it. :)

  10. Oh, it's just glorious. I love a tree that sparkles with silver and gold and white too... they are my very favorites!


  11. So pretty, I just love the muted tones. Love the urn for a base, too.


  12. Such a stunning tree Courtney. It just sparkles!

  13. Beautiful...loving the softer colors this year. I have always had softer colors, like pink and sage green with the white, but I am just loving the silver and golds and crystals as well. Your home looks just lovely, being new to your site, I have to check it out a lot more!
    Holiday Hugs,

  14. Courtney, Your tree is beautiful! Love the urn too.

  15. Everything you touch turns to gold.. and silver ;)
    Gorgeous as always Courtney. You never disappoint!


  16. This is magazine worthy.. If I was editor I would call YOU up !!! Just beautiful ........ LOVE LOVE LOVED it all..and your blog. I love to blog and I am always so inspired by awesomeness like yours !!!!!!!!! God Bless and I will be praying for the families who lost so much during that horrible TRAGEDY

  17. Hey there! I had absolutely no doubt that what you would do with your Christmas tree would be noteworthy! Oh my! Love it! Everything you do is so wonderfully creative and you're so talented! Thanks for sharing over on the blog for our Home for the Holidays party!

  18. Stunning. I love the mix of gold and silver. That chair is to die for.

  19. Your pictures have been amazing!!! Such a gorgeous tree.

  20. Hi Courtney!!


    Thank you for being who you are!!!

    We will always remember Conn. in our prayers...


  21. Oh's absolutely beautiful perfection! You are truly an amazing stylist, my friend. :)

    xoxo laurie

  22. Your tree is gorgeous. I'm wanting to place my new tree in an urn too, but not sure how to go about this. What is your secret? I am so afraid of a top over. It is 7-8 ft tall. I have heard of quik-set and other methods. Please share

    1. Hi there!!
      Actually for some reason the trees are fitting just perfectly into these urns. But- they are cast iron urns and they have a little hole at the bottom for drainage- and the tree stand fits perfectly- also since this tree has large over hanging branches- I think it helps balance it a bit better. I have heard of people using sand bags or rocks around the stand inside the urn as well. Hope that helps!!

  23. I usually need a bit of red for Christmas, but your tree is breath-taking! If I ever get a chance to do more than one tree, I want one to look just like this. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing at Wow Us Wednesday!
    ~April @DimplesandDelights

  24. Wow. Very Beautiful. And I love the curtains! Can you tell me anything about them? If I could every find something similar, I have just the spot for it :)

  25. Wow. Very beautiful. And I love the curtains in the background! Can you tell me anything about them? If I can ever manage to find some similar fabric, I have just the spot for it :)