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Cottage, Vintage, Shabby

Do you have a cottage style,
shabby style
or vintage style home?

(Southern Living)

Maybe you have white slipcovers or rooms filled with antique finds mixed with new. 
Romantic decorations, old planked walls or chandeliers.
Or original architecture and detailing.

 I am currently scouting for locations for upcoming
 photo shoots for possible publication in magazines here in the US and in Europe.
I am mostly searching within California/West Coast area right now but also looking  
in other states for future projects as well. I know so many of you have beautiful
charming homes that would be perfect. They are looking mainly for cottage, vintage and shabby style at this time so please only send those that fit right now.
They don't have to be perfect~ they just need an idea of the overall space. 
(Country Living)

Photo ideas for submitting~  one or two overall room photos of each:
 Kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom and bathroom.
Please include your location as well and if you have a fantastic garden or outdoor space.
I can't promise anything~ but I can forward them for consideration


You can email me here

Meanwhile- no photo-taking fun going on here today.
 I am working on taking apart the dishwasher as it is not working.
SO ready to re-do the kitchen


  1. That would be a dream come true for me!!...Please visit my blog and see if is even what you are looking for...I'll get some pics to you too. We are in NY...xo, Mariaelena

  2. Beautiful inspiration photos!I would love to be featured! I will be sending some photos along!Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. What inspiration you have here... as usual. Good luck on your search of beauty!

  4. Beautiful photos.. AND on submitting photos .. MMMMM NOT SURE what I could send LOL > GIRL I blong on life and furniture LOL .. I get so inspired from all of you guys . I LOVE your blog and feel like were friends now TOOOOOOOODLES

  5. Beautiful always. I wish I had a home close by.

  6. Let me know when you want to come to New York because I would love to have my home featured, I will send you some pictures for consideration. What a fun job to be able to find beautiful homes for a magazine. I would nominate your home too. Each time I come to visit I am inspired. I bought myself two dozen roses this week, I always see beautiful flowers in your pictures, I'm glad I did, they make me smile. Alaina


  7. Oh how fun, to be a scout for beautiful homes.

    Also oh to have a beautiful home like pictured

    enjoyed seeing the pictures so far

  8. When do you need the pictures by? My house is a mess (prepping for a birthday party this wkend) but I live in a 1910 pink and blue home, with a colorful interior and would Love to submit it! I'm here in California too =)
    Nora N

  9. Hi Courtney!!

    When you ask the question which one we have, it began to make me think about how
    I would describe my decor. Mixed would be the best word.

    Sounds like an exciting project. I Look forward to seeing (If you post them)
    some of the ideas/pictures sent to you.


  10. Oh how I wish our little Northern Ca. cottage was ready for such a thing.... we have only been here a little less than two months and projects are going slowly.... but look forward to seeing who "wins".

  11. Hope all your dishes are cleaner now, you are one awesome girl!
    Hugs, Courtney!

  12. Your home is charming and inviting. I am out tomorrow to find fresh flowers and send you some photos of my home. I look forward to each of your blogs.