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Whites & Gray

I grew up in a house where things were always changing. 
I would come home from school and the living room would be totally different. 
The sofa would be on a different wall. 
The tables would be gone completely, the lamps would be changed
and it would look like it was a new house.

We had a zebra striped sofa for awhile - I will have to dig out a photo to share.
I guess my mother was a trendsetter in animal print design and she definitely had a love
 of rooms that are always evolving.
Even now when we go to visit I am amazed at how much changes in
such a short time.

Though I guess I could look around my house and say the same thing.
Do you know how many times things have changed just in the past year here?
I look at some older photos (and some not super old photos)
of my rooms and am surprised at how different they are.

So I guess I got the always changing things around gene from my mother 
or maybe it's just one of those things that most of us do.
Though I know there are some who have the exact same things in the exact same
spots they had them 5 years or even longer ago- and they are happiest that way.

 Either way, things are a changing over here.

Remember that china cabinet that was my grandmothers that I made into a bookcase?
I filled it with vintage books and her collection of gold edged books that she had in her home
 Well, a lot of those books moved out to the little cottage to fill up the built in shelves 
and so that bookcase has been looking a little plain in the house.

Instead of it being only half filled up with old books I decided to put something
 different in it for awhile.

I happen to have an obsession with dishes~ especially whites
 and I am always keeping an eye out for a few to add to the collection
So I decided to move some of the ones I use often into the cupboard.

White dishes in a gray chalk painted cupboard? 
Yeah, that definitely inspires me.
 I just love seeing them grouped together.

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  1. I am forever moving things about and it was definitely not a gene I got from my mom. Here sofa's never moved and the carpet was worn it the spots where the legs stood.

    My sister and I are both tweekers and movers. I just love keeping things fresh in my little house.

    Love all your white pitchers and dishes.

  2. Seems like a pretty fun home to grow up in. I love the white dishes I need to start my collection.

  3. Love all your whites, Courtney, and they look great against the grey of the cabinet. I especially love your lace look cups and saucers.

  4. looks good! I too am a re-arranger! lol

  5. You know I am always moving things here. Loving all those white dishes.

  6. Re-arranging makes things feel so fresh and clean for some reason. Nearly every time I walk past the bookshelves on our stairway landing I eye them to see how the arrangements on the shelves are working. I probably move an item from here to there at least every third pass by to tweek it just a bit! Looking for some kind of perfection I guess. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Patti@OldThingsNew

  7. It would seem that moving things about is a never ending thing in this house. The boys never know what they will meet...I luv the fresh feel.
    Luv your 'few' white dishes.
    Hugs, Gee

  8. We had lots of changes when I was young too...only it was just because we moved so much! It did give me a new chance to re-arrange my room though...which I did almost every weekend! I spent my allowance on decor items even when I was only 11 !! Some things never change! Love the white dishes in the gray cabinet...soothing and classic!

  9. The dishes look beautiful grouped together! It's nice to look back at pictures to see the way you've had things arranged in the past. It's like your own little deign book!


  10. It must have been rather strange but quite exciting to never know how the rooms in yout house would look! That is lovely china! Joan

    1. J'ai beaucoup aimé votre publication et les belles révélations de votre enfance...
      Il est bon de changer les choses parfois...
      Une nouvelle peau... mais en fait la vie est un éternel recommencement.
      Gros bisous

  11. My mom was a mover too and so am I!!! Spring and Fall cleaning always brought new furniture arrangements and a change of rugs and curtains. We rarely got new furniture, they were very frugal but re-arranged the things they had. I do the same, however in my tiny house there is only one way the furniture can be, so I move the accessories around and change curtains too!!!

  12. gorgeous styling, courtney. i come from a line of furniture changers too. my husband thinks it's an illness and never dares tries to walk around in the dark coming home late for fear of ending up in traction. it is truly the mark of a creative spirit!

    happy monday, sunshine.


  13. Love the white dishes in that cupboard-very homey serene looking.
    Have a good week.

  14. Looks wonderful - I love to change things too but not as often as I should like.

    The grey and white together is an amazing statement.

    I love you are like your Momma.


  15. Sounds like the house I grew up in. My mom was obsessed with decorating and collecting antiques. I think that's where Ilearned to do the same <3 Your hutch looks so pretty Courtney.

  16. So pretty! I would love to do that one day when I can finally build in a corner cabinet in our DR. Like you and many of the readers obviously, I grew up in a home that was always changing, go to sit on a couch and it might not be there! I in turn became the same way, even from the time of being a teen I was doing my room over and over. It got worse as an adult LOL , my kids could tell you such stories... I even went so far as to sell everything at big yard sales to fund the do-overs... my neighbors loved them. Oddly my Mom now rarely changes much past a toss pillow,and I still am always changing my environment.. perhaps cause of health issues keeping me in the four walls a lot. We just bought a 1940's cottage and slowly am trying to take all that I have learned, and done with all the re-dos and combine it to hopefully make a home where I will be happy with small changes like this.... thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Oh yes, chairs moving is another story... especially if you aren't paying attention! Might have to share that story sometime too! :)

  17. I'm laughing out loud! My Mom loved to decorate. She had eight kids and it was a creative outlet for her. But did you ever come home from school and find a whole wall knocked down? She had pestered my Dad for ages to open the wall from the kitchen into the dining room (this before the term "open concept" was coined or even in vogue). He never started a project unless he had time to do it right and could finish it. It was a Cape Cod house with a swinging door going into the kitchen. How she hated that door. Anyway, she took a sledgehammer one day and started swinging, lol. Thank goodness it wasn't a load-bearing wall! Enjoyed your post. Changing things around breathes new life into a space.

    1. I never came home to a moved or missing wall when I was little... but have actually done that to my own kids! ;) We changed the flow of the house by closing off the original hallway and putting a new one in - right through two walls. The kids were surprised to say the least when they got home that day.

  18. Yes, you are being a tease, Miss Courtney!

  19. oh yeah.....just ask my Bobby G. about moving stuff around. He was always amazed at how I managed to move big armoires, etc. without his help and that was before those cool coasters they sell now. One day he came home and our entire bedroom suite was gone. I sold it because I wanted antiques. His dresser was huge and he loved it and I ended up buying a tiny antique one which he could barely get his socks in. LOL....He never really complained though. I don't move stuff as much any more mostly because the house is full and there's no where to move stuff. Need to sell and buy more. I love the gray and white Courtney! We finally just got our home painted gray and white last year and I just love it. So clean and fresh. xo

  20. I'm forever moving furniture around. The children are quite used to it by now. The only problem is my daughter is now doing the same with her bedroom. And is always replacing furniture like me. Ha! Ha! I think you have a lovely collection of white china, it look really pretty in your cabinet.

  21. I love the look of white and grey. Your dishes are lovely in that cabinet. Around here stuff moves around all the time. Keeps things fresh!

  22. Lovin' all your beautiful whites! We just moved into our home last summer and nothing has stayed put for more than a couple of weeks. I feel like I haven't fully moved in yet... and don't think I'll ever fully be in if this keeps up. Too many choices, too much stuff...and I LOVE it!

  23. I was doing that myself as a child.I was always changing my room round.My Mom is not like that at all I really don't know where I got that from LOL!What a beautiful collection of whites.Yes perfect with the gray background too.

  24. I'd much rather look at a collection of beautiful white dishes and other pieces than books, any day! Your collection is perfection against the grey background! The roses are stunning too!

  25. Love it. Those are my favorite colors. I never tire of them.

  26. What a beautiful, serene, peaceful combination, Courtney. I've always loved the way you use your rose sprays in your vignettes. I bought some last week Thursday, and they're already looking pretty lifeless. Is there anything you do to make yours last longer?

    xoxo laurie

  27. Its so fun to change things around. Your dishes look beautiful where you have put them. Its funny how many people are dish addicts.. there should be a club for people like us..

  28. I love the white and gray Courtney, my mom was a DIY back in the 50's, one day I came home from school and she had built a half wall between the livingroom and I'll never forget that memory!

  29. I grew up in a house where nothing ever changed! So I have no idea how I became a "mover"... But somehow I can see my mom begins to get like that... It's weird to influence your mother, rather than the opposite!

  30. This looks so pretty! Ilove white dishes too and they go beautifully with the grey of the bookshelf! My mom was always changing things around too and making new decorative items for therooms in our home. I was constantly sketching designs to move the furniture in my room. I don't move things around as much now as I used to but I do so at least once a year after Christmas when I put the decorations away and take back out my usual items. I always come up with a new arrangement and take away, add things. No matter how often, it's always fun! Looking forward to seeing what else you're up to! Hugs, Leena

  31. Hi Courtney!!

    I love the dishes!! I don't know what white dishes has, but, there is a beauty
    in them that when you put different shapes and sizes together, they looks elegant.

    Have a great week!!!


  32. Oh my goodness, that is soooooooo pretty! Absolutely love the look. The white and gray with the pink roses is luscious!


  33. I loved changing things up as a child and was always rearranging my room. There were times I'd swap rooms with my would come home to find that I had moved all of his furniture into my room and moved all my furniture in his!

    Love all of your beautiful white pretty!


  34. Beautiful with the grey backdrop! So easy to get addicted to white dishes!

  35. Love your collection. There's something marvelous about white dishes. I too can't get enough of them, and I too change things quite often. It is like playing doll-house, but in life size! A girly thing I suppose!

  36. Hello Courtney, Your posts this week are quite romantic - just love the white dishes and flowers. I do appreciate you hosting and hope you have a marvelous Valentines

  37. I love your collection!!! They are very beautiful and I love the way you are displaying them. Everyday your posts and pictures lift my spirits and make me smile! Thank you!!

  38. I am in love with 'white and grey' and your
    collection is just fabulous! I too lived in
    a home with mom changing things.. she had some
    good stuff too, duncan phyfe and the like but
    she kept moving it all so now I'm white in
    every room and the main furniture has it's
    place but the accessories do change.
    Lovely photos

  39. Like usual this is gorgeous! You really have amazing taste!
    I would love if you link this to my link party Monday morning!