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Spring Greenery Indoors

Although it's March and it's warming up nicely outside over here
 we have the heaters on and the fireplace burning at night to take the chill out of the air.
Spring can be a bit fickle... warm one day and cold the next
so it's a perfect time to bring it indoors and add a little bit of Spring cheer.

When I think of Spring~ I think of blooming plants,
and flowering trees with pretty blossoms filling the air with scents.
This months Lowe's challenge was to bring a little bit of spring to your home. 

I have been so drawn to adding some green foliage lately
 and as I walked into Lowes, I found the dwarf & fruit tree section waiting for me.
How could I resist all those little trees that look like topiaries?
I Love them.

The first one I chose ~

A delightful little dainty and tall Olive tree. 

I fell in love with it's silvery leaves and leggy look.
There is just something about Olive trees really
They are so charming for so many spots indoors.
 It's darling in the kitchen on the table in a galvanized bucket

but wonderful in the living room in a simple basket too.

I just love it.

My next pick?

The cutest little chubby dwarf California orange tree. 
We have tons of citrus trees in California and if you have ever driven past a grove of them-
you know how incredible they smell.
We live in an area where it gets too cold for them but when I saw the small versions- 
I had to bring a couple cuties home to over winter indoors
I picked up a large Tuscan clay pot while at Lowes and potted it 
It can easily be taken outside onto the patio for Summer and brought back in for cooler temperatures.

The galvanized watering can was in the indoor gardening section
I love it filled with branches or clippings from the yard and used as a Spring centerpiece
on the table or sideboard.

I love the little touches of Spring indoors and I am so ready to get outside 
and get some gardening and outdoor projects going! 
We have a big project planned for next months Lowes challenge~  so stay tuned.

You can find more Spring inspiration over at the Lowes Creative Ideas blog
and by signing up for the Lowes Creative Ideas Magazine~ it's FREE and filled with 
tons of great ideas.

For more ways to connect~ find Lowes here 

Happy Easter Weekend everyone!!

I am thrilled to be a member of the Lowes Creative Ideas Creators and Influencers Network
and am provided with gift cards for my projects & for my work.
All ideas, opinions and designs are my own of course!
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  1. Love them but just can't grow them, they are pretty Courtney.

  2. Just gorgeous! I love the citrus tree display!

  3. I love those cute dwarf trees-too bad I have a black thumb-I'll just have to admire yours.
    Have a wonderful Easter.

  4. You had me at olive tree. Love these ideas, simple and gorgeous.

  5. Courtney your home is like a breath of fresh air, simply beautiful ;)


  6. Beautiful. I love Olive trees too, but the citrus is attractive also. Great photo styling, as usual!

  7. Ohhhh I have a lemon tree in my house as well as a kumkwat tree. I would love to add an olive tree as well!! You know while I'm at it I should also do a coffee bean tree!! Thank you for the inspiration.

  8. Your trees are such a fresh touch to your beautiful I wish we had your climate! Gorgeous!


  9. Courtney,
    I love seeimng what you are up to. This was wonderful and a perfect way to add spring greenery to a neutral palette. Have a wonderful Easter with your family!


  10. Your home is gorgeous, I love the lemons.

  11. I like your little olive tree, delicate. This is the time of the year that I too look for plants for the house because I am so waiting to get into the gardens. I went with simple ivy for now, I may have to go back an look for that simple tree.

  12. Oh how lovely!!
    I wonder if a Olive tree would survive the Canadian climetes??
    Happy Easter!

  13. Love it all, it's sunny here in our part of Pa.! Have a Happy Easter!

  14. Your little trees are wonderful. It will be an added bonus when they start producing fruits.

  15. So lovely! I never thought of bringing dwarf trees indoors! Genius! I am going to try this.
    Happy Easter!
    Laura from

  16. I picked up two olive trees at my local Lowe's a few years ago and they are surviving in my yard here in Western North Carolina. They had not been pruned so they are more like shrubs. I'm dealing with whether or not I want them to continue that way or become more tree shaped but, so far, I've just allowed them to grow which they do slowly.

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos and ideas.


  17. I love all trees. Those little ones of yours are adorable. Love that watering can, too.

  18. Your home is simply beautiful and inspiring. I love coming back to see how you change things up. Love it all!Love those lemons in the white bowl:)

  19. Pretty olive place Courtney! I love bringing the outdoors in! Looks great against your black chalk board too!
    Happy Easter!

  20. They are both adorable and look beautiful! You've inspired me to take a trip to Lowes...and bring spring indoors (I'm in Canada...and we are a while yet away from Spring!). I still have snow in my back yard!

    Looks great!

  21. I love trees. I have about 15 of them in the yard. I have been dying to get an olive tree but Im not sure where to put it. I absolutely love olive trees.

  22. Courtney that is so pretty. It looks like something used to style a magazine. Pretty, pretty!

  23. I've been wanting to try trees like this. You've given me the inspiration. I was always worried about how they would do inside or how big they will get. Yours look lovely.

  24. All wonderful pieces Courtney! I was just at Lowes and now am going to have to head back there!;)