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A little French Country

It's true... I am a bit of a mix and a match.


I love a little shabby, a little cottage, a little French country
and a mix of those styles in my rooms. 

My first love was French Country and you always have a soft spot for that first love
don't you think?

So I always keep an eye out for those fantastic French Country pieces to bring home with me.
Furniture, something with that gorgeous patina,
 warm colors and patterns, something a little rustic and beautiful transferware ~
one of my favorite things to collect and display.
I am usually drawn to red first and then green or brown.
Not usually blue...
But this beautiful blue set...
well, it was love.

I loved the more bold color of the blue and the Blue Willow pattern
 I loved that there were a lot of pieces
and I loved that it was only $10 for everything. 
It is vintage - marked simply Japan on the back

The set had just 1 large plate, a lot of small plates
and 6 sets of teacups and saucers

I knew right where they would go when I got home 

Since the set had a lot of small saucers (they aren't all even on display here)
 I used mostly small plates and a few vintage romantic floral dishes mixed in.
I will change some of them as I find larger pieces to mix in but for now- it works.

I absolutely love the mix of the creamy blue edged floral with the blue transferware.
Mixing the two might not be following the rules according to some 
but I and pretty much just  go with what I like and call it good.

This room is an interior room with no windows and so usually feels dark and cool
but with the old mirror and dishes- it is much warmer.
I adore it each time I walk by.

It's a little shabby, French country and a little cottage
which pretty much makes it perfect for me
:) you recognize that little chest? It used to be in the bathroom
so something else might have moved in and taken it's spot. More soon.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. It looks gorgeous Courtney - that pop of blue on the wall - with the furniture is just perfection!
    And that mirror? Sigh...............

  2. Love how you decorated that wall and what a bargain.

  3. I love how you arranged them. Very eye catching and everything works just right.

  4. Courtney, you have found the same, exact dishes that my mom picked up many years ago at various junk shops and sales. Blue Willow marked simply Japan. She found enough to make a generous collection with many different serving pieces. I have them all now in the hutch and they bring back wonderful memories. I have some in the picture of my header now. I love how you have place them on your white walls. Sigh, they really show off well there..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  5. Perfect. I love everything about the last picture.

  6. Wow Courtney, that's really beautiful! Not sure what is better, your amazing photography or your great sense of style!

  7. That vignette you created with the dresser, mirror, chairs, and dishes is just gorgeous, Courtney! Looking into the mirror and seeing the peonies reflected with the armoire across the room is just stunning! :)

    xoxo laurie

  8. I love the collection of plates. They look so good around your mirror. I also love Country French but my colors are more toward red toile and yellows. But your blue is beautiful.
    Happy weekend.....

  9. Pure perfection Courtney <3

  10. I to love the mix. I throw anything and everything I like together. Works for me! Have a great night.

  11. SO tres French! Oui, Oui! My husband and I were so LUCKY to have traveled to France last year...and your pictures send me right back! Absolutely beautiful!

    Vintage love,

  12. Blue Willow , always a soft spot for me. Was my Grandmother's everyday dishes and I spend quite a lot of time with her as a child.
    Luv the way you arranged them. Rules , well who follows them anyway?? :-)
    Hugs, Gee

  13. The Blue Willow is pretty, but the creamy blue edged floral plates are calling my name! Have you shown the armoire that is reflected in the mirror? That piece looks beautiful.

    It is no wonder you adore this room every time you walk by....just beautiful.


    1. I have shown it before- but I will share it again sometime soon :)

  14. This is such a beautiful arrangement! Hurray for you finding something so pretty to mix and match in this gorgeous room. Just wondering...your pictures looks so bright yet you said it a quite dark room. What settings do you use on your camera?


  15. It definitely is darker compared to other rooms- even in these photos. The camera was in manual mode with a long exposure to capture the light. I did a little dance while each picture was taken ;)

  16. Those are the same Blue willow dishes that my Grandmere had. She was born in St Emilion, France and fell in love with a US soldier during WWI. They married and he brought her to the USA. She was my caretaker when my mother went to work, so I have fond memories of those dishes. It might have been what made me fall in love with blue, it's the color I decorate with. I'm very pleased to have a few of her Blue Willow dishes and tea cups, the ones she used to serve us on. They look beautiful on your wall, I might have to hang some now. Thanks Courtney!

  17. Gorgeous, Courtney! I love the new dishes (and have been on the hunt for a few pieces myself) ... what a steal of a deal and they pop beautifully against your wall and paired with your other lovely plates! The chest looks perfect in its new spot ... look forward to seeing what else you've been up to!

  18. really nice mix Court! It always is beautiful over here, you do a tremendous job!

  19. M'y first love and roots French!
    You do it so perfectly here with a breath taking blend, I could so move in Courtney but, I am sure you are tired of hearing this from everyone.
    It's always inspiring to visit you and the beauty you create.

    A perfect French country weekend to you.



  20. I think the plates look fabulous! I love the way you mixed them, i think the white in the center of the less ornate plates really does something "just right" with it all visually.


  21. Hi Courtney!!!

    I love using beautiful plates as a wall decoration. Your wall is elegant and beautiful!!!

    What a great price for such beauty!!! I always call thrift shopping a treasure hunt. What fun!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!


  22. Just lovely.....I would feel cozy every time I passed by and saw this beautiful display!

  23. I am overwhelmed! All that plus more for $10! Love it! You've displayed the dishes beautifully - I hope you have a blessed weekend,

  24. Pretty! Not only how those plates were placed but the color also beautiful....!!
    Thanks for sharing.



  25. I love blue and white china and it works particularly well with pale pink roses. Beautiful.

  26. Just beautiful and what a great deal!

  27. Love this...exactly what I've been looking for.

  28. Love this...exactly what I've been looking for.

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  30. I love the room! What is the name of those gorgeous English Roses? Do you grow them?

  31. There is such movement in your design and very much like the creamy plates mixed it...lovely. Would love to do something similar, but my house is more geared to outdoorsy stuff. Thanks for all the inspiration and beauty!!!!!

  32. Love it! I love blue and white plates too and put them up on my walls. Thanks for showing us how it is done right! Di@Cottage-Wishes