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Sweet little kittens

I interrupt the regularly scheduled decorating, design and diy posts to share
a couple little sweeties that were adopted last week.


Have you ever tried to photograph
 two little rambunctious kittens?

I have been trying to photograph those little grand kittens I promised to show you
and it has left me wondering - 
is there a specific setting on the camera made just for 
 'kittens that jump and roll and move all around all the time'?

I never realized how much they moved around
jumped on each other
attacked unknown (and unseen) things
I tried the Sports setting for fast moving objects
then I ramped up the settings to be able to capture quickly
and then finally
I just sat there.

Staring through my camera the whole time just waiting
for the perfect
second and a half that they would

Of course, they teased me too.
They would stop and stare at me
 but only long enough for my camera to focus
then when I clicked the shutter
they would move
so I ended up with a lot of 'in the moment moving' photos.

I love this profile photo- this is the smaller kitten.

They rolled around on the sofa
trying to fit in between the cushions to get whatever
surely must be hiding in there
and they loved laying in  little crevices...
for a few seconds

These are my little grand kittens who I have been babysitting all last week 
and again this week and they are the reason my projects have been a bit on hold over here
They were mistakenly taken from a ferrel cat mom way too early 
and were adopted out before the person who found them 
realized just how young they were.
Sadly, they were only about 3 weeks old- too little to leave the mom kitty and so tiny- 
the littlest one fit in just the palm of your hand.
My oldest and his GF thought that they were going to be bringing home a kitten that was older
 but when they saw them- they adopted both of the two that were left

They went to the pet store and bought kitten formula, kitten bottles
and a heating pad to keep them warm and have been feeding them every 2-3 hours round the clock.
While they work- they come over to our house and I feed them and cuddle them
and already, these little guys have grown so much and are running around
 and quite playful now.

I tried out several settings on my camera
but for someone who is used to photographing a room
which doesn't have anything moving around in it 
I have no idea the right setting for 
quickly moving, tumbling and jumping little subjects

I am off to pick them up in a little bit here today
so if any one knows which setting is the 'kitten' setting on a Canon
please share what it is.

Inspiration post coming your way soon.

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  1. We did the same thing--my daughter hand-raised two kittens she found...even giving the tiniest shots of Amoxycillin just like a mom. When she moved to NYC, she couldn't keep them, so her loving parents adopted them and they have been a blast. They are a wonderful addition to our empty nest!

  2. Two white kittens...nothing could be sweeter. I used to sit on the floor and just wait for the right moment, just like you are, when I fostered three kittens for our local shelter. Nothing else worked. I was left with some beautiful, natural kitten photos. They are darling and good for your son and gf for working so hard to make them healthy and strong. You, too. Hugs,Deb

  3. Too funny. You mean you don't have a kitten setting on yours?? Why not? I am so glad that they made it since usually they don't when removed from mother that early.

  4. They are so darn adorable - would love to snuggle them. What fun you must be having. They are so much fun when they are kittens, running. jumping and rolling.
    Enjoy your beautiful grand kittens. What are there names?

    1. They don't have names just yet... waiting to see if they are boys or girls or one of each! They are too young to tell for sure just yet.

  5. Aren't they just the cutest things? You did get some wonderful photos of them, despite their lack of cooperation! LOL What a couple of sweethearts and kudos to all of you for taking such good care of them! I would really question the shelter's knowledge of animals after adopting out 3 week old kittens! Sheesh! I'm glad that these two are in such loving hands! Hugs, Leena

  6. Wow, these guys are precious, no wonder you are so busy these little ones will keep you on your toes, but I bet it's worth it to spend your time with such amazing little miracles. As for the kitty setting I think it may come down to dumb luck..., lol. The shots you have taken so far are gorgeous, so keep clicking ........ Elle

  7. They are adorable. Sorry. Canon has no kitten setting. our Regan was a feral kitty that has been in our home since week 2. It's wonderful that they are getting such great care. Xo Marlis

  8. Oh my, those kittens are just the cutest thing!! The kitten setting is I'm guessing a shutter speed of 1/125!! That would be my best guess, so hope you have either lots of lighting or a large aperture like 2.0. :)

    1. Yes been blaring all the lights- and adjusting all the settings. Going to have to get some 'sleeping' photos sometime too - those should be easier! ;)

  9. Precious! Thank you for giving me smiles.

  10. What ever the camera kitten setting is, you seem to have found it These are just too adorable for words ♥

  11. What ever the camera kitten setting is, you seem to have found it! These are too adorable for words ♥

  12. Own...They are so lovely and adorable.

  13. Awwwwwwwwwwwww!
    I don't know if I could bother with the camera with such heart-breakers at hand! And btw--I would've tried the sport setting too. I agree with Elle, I think it all comes down to dumb luck!
    ~These little sweeties make me miss my babies :' ( Phoebe was our oldest, she died a few weeks after her 22 b-day.

  14. Courtney...your pictures look perfect. I love your adorable grand kittens...
    The setting on your camera however is the one made for sports & action. It looks like a man running...good luck!!!

    1. Thank you Amber! Yep, that's the one I thought it might be and did use it. My only complaint is the photos don't seem to be as crisp with it~ but it did allow me to capture some of their moves! :)

  15. Oh my goodness they are so sweet <3 . I wish I could help you on the setting we have a sony.Your pictures always look amazing to me Courtney.But you are probably picky as I am.Some days I hate all the photos I take.If feel like they are not crisp and clear.

  16. I agree that it's luck not the camera setting. I share your pain except with my 3 year old constantly in motion son. I have thousands -literally thousands of pictures of him before he mastered walking. Now I have a lot of blurred images. Do what I do....get them while they sleep. I joke that my son will look at his pictures and hunk he must have slept a lot!

  17. Oh jesh... I'm in love! They are the cutest things, I think you took great pictures considering they amount of movement involved. You are a great mom to babysit these cuties :)

  18. You did a wonderful job of photographing these adorable kitties!

  19. Oh be still my ever kitten-lovin' heart. These two are just so stinking adorable, Courtney!!! I know how it is to try to capture any cat in a photo. Even my 18 yr old calico, Sophie, tends to always walk toward my camera when I'm trying to capture a picture of her. So I get alot of nose photos. lol! ♥ I adoooorrre the one of the little blue eyes looking over your grain sack pillow!!!!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  20. A-DOR-A-BLE!! I think you did just fine with pictures. I had a hard time with our adult cats trying to get them to be still sometimes!

  21. If I lived near you, I'd take a shift!

  22. Courtney you could take pictures of them all week and share and I wouldn't mind at all! Love.... can't wait to hear there names.

  23. They're adorable, such beautiful sweet little faces. Just absolutely darling.

  24. They are so cute
    Marita i Heestrand

  25. Right off the bat I have to say how impressed I am with your son and GF for adopting those babies and working so hard to help them survive. Grandma (who certainly doesn't look like a grandma) is wonderful for looking after them during the day. If you want to find out the sex, just put a little pressure on their nether regions and something will or won't pop out. I've cared for about 50 feral kittens and kept several over the years for myself. One was the sweetest and most loving cats I've ever had and was my best friend for 13 yrs. One I have now is the craziest and smartest cat I have ever known. Ferals have their quirks but they do make life interesting! We want to hear more!

  26. I love that they are white and totally coordinate with your decor. :)
    So adorable and you did get some sweet photos of them.

  27. Your baby grand kittens are adorable! Thank you for sharing!

  28. What a doll and a half! Saw on Instagram earlier. Too cute!

  29. OH MY GOSH! They are adorable, precious! There is hardly anything better or funnier than a kitten. I just want to kiss them all over their faces... You can tell boys from girls by looking at their little fuzzy bottoms. The boys will have 2 dots : and the girl will have a dash and a dot...! kinda like an exclamation but the other way...


  30. Awww-beautiful cats-LOVE!!!!!

  31. Twice in our kitty having lives, we got siblings. They are so fun to raise together up from little babies. I've never had a white kitty. These two are just sweetness wrapped up in fur!!! Have fun :)

  32. Love, love, love kittens!
    The pictures are gorgeous :)

  33. Hi Courtney,
    Oh they are darling, those blue eyes!!! Poor little guys, I'm glad they took them home together, sooo little. Your pics are gorgeous, if you find the kitten button on your Canon, I'd love to know what it is, cause I never did get the hang of photographing my pups and they are two now, haha!!

  34. They are so precious! Your photos look great to me - thanks for sharing!

  35. Cuties, is all I can say. And what good photos you take.

  36. Soooo cute! My cats are so lazy I can barely get them to move for a photo shoot ;)

  37. Awww cute cute!!! and also it makes feel better because I thought I was the only one taking pictures of my cat :o.... I thought I was going bananas !!!