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6 bloggers, GMC & a road trip with a purpose

Well, I suppose all road trips have a purpose.
It's to get from point a to point b, right?

Well, this road trip has a little bit of a different purpose.

This California girl is sitting in Detroit Michigan getting ready
 to go on an adventure 
with  5 other bloggers
 in beautiful new suv's
on a route that takes us through 6  states in days
all while shopping a big old yard sale
to look for the best pieces we can find for 
a very special project.

Weird random fact: 
Did you know that you can drive from up North in California to San Diego is almost the same amount of distance it takes to get from Michigan to Alabama? 


Yep, it's going to be a little crazy
 (but in a good way)
A super amazing adventure

 in the midwest and the south
in a beautiful shiny new GMC Acadia Denali 

We are caravanning in a couple of these beauties and
shopping the Worlds Longest Yard Sale 
in search of THE best junk around
for a very special purpose.

Decorating a Habitat for Humanity
home as a surprise for the homeowners

The family has no idea what we are up to.
I LOVE it.

Here are my fantastic partners in crime

Liz Marie Blog

DIY Dreamer

One Project Closer

Simply Grove

Good N Crazy

Here's our route:

That's a lot of territory & junking!
My palms are getting a little sweaty just thinking about the treasures to be found

 I have heard stories about the humidity in the South
(I should probably leave my straightener at home and go with the curly look)
and have heard stories about the bugs that are the size of birds 

 I have also heard so many incredible, wonderful things about the
 midwest and the south 
and the amazing people who call this part of the country home

I am excited to get started and to have the opportunity to be a small part
of this fantastic project to give back with GMC. 

I will be instagraming and sharing on FB and Twitter along the way
 hope you will follow along! 

Find me here


  1. Whoa! That's a lofty, lofty goal! My sisters & I have done the Longest Yard Sale, and got about 3 blocks in one day, lol! My husband & I realized your random fact on CA when we mapped out a trip there a few years ago. Your entire state covers about 6 along the east coast! Needless to say, we only traveled from LA to San Francisco in one week. ;)Good luck, have fun, go curly!
    Best, Rita

  2. Oh what fun! I just finished working on my 9th Habitat house (building, not the interior). What a terrific thing to do and what a fun way to do it! Don't be afraid of the south's bugs, heat and humidity - the hospitality makes up for all of the shortcomings! Happy trails to you!

  3. Wow sounds like the perfect way to combine taveling, junking, and helping others. What a great opportunity and experience you will have!

    -Brittany Ruth

  4. Sounds like an adventure of a lifetime...I'm along for the ride! Have fun!

  5. What a great project! Can't wait to hear more about your trip and the experience!

  6. What a fantastic adventure! We are getting ready to move from VA to KY... I'm so going to check out this yard sale too! Do bring bug spray and a hat and have fun!

  7. Do you have room for one more? I promise not to eat much, but I can't promise not to fill your SUV with all my finds. Sounds like my kind of road trip....good friends and lots of treasures.

  8. Enjoy Courtney! I've been to those states and there it's a beautiful drive. PS. That's my car!!! I love it, it rides smoothly, and is super safe and comfortable.




  9. So cool Courtney...except so hot in the South in the summer! My biz partner when we did retail shopped that sale several times and I always wanted to go. Have fun!

  10. I have always wanted to do that but know I wouldn't be able to shop fast enough. Good luck and I hope you find all the great things you are looking for to decorate the home. I love Habitat for Humanity. Have a wonderful time.

  11. Wow! Have fun and I cant wait to see what u find!

  12. Y'all have a great time and hope you find a lot of bargains!

  13. I will make you girls lunch if you come by for a visit and tour of my home while in Georgia. I live in a northern suburb of Atlanta and am only 15-20 minutes away from the Ballards Outlet. Lunch and that enough? Enjoy working for a good cause! But seriously consider my offer.

  14. Come by my house for lunch and a tour while in Georgia! I live in a northern suburb of Atlanta and am only 20 minutes away from the Ballards Outlet. lunch and that enough? Enjoy your trip for a great cause!

  15. WOW!!! I can only imagine how much fun this is going to be. Plus, I think it wilk be doubly fun considering the cause. Enjoy every minute...and I promise you'll fall in love with the south and you'll forget about the bugs.

  16. Courtney, this is so exciting! What a creative idea for Habitat, and a wonderful experience for each of you girls. This has got to be fun! Can't wait to see what you all find and how you furnish this new home.

  17. Sounds like a wonderful adventure for a great cause! Have FUN! :)

  18. How fun! Can't wait to see what you guys find and create with them!

  19. Sounds like a ton of fun and all for a great cause. Enjoy!

  20. How fun! and what better reason to shop? Hope you share some of your finds :)

  21. I've made many trips down 127 from northern to southern KY to visit family. It's a beautiful drive. If you're in need of some really good coffee and/or cookies when you get to Somerset, KY, check out Baxter's (I have no personal affiliation with them - just a fan).

  22. What a great project. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  23. Whoa sounds like an amazing and fun trip! Cannot wait to see what you all find along the way!A friend of mine did that similar trip and had a blast!Would love to do that someday!

  24. OMG, what fun! I want to go too! I will be sure to follow along on Instagram and Twitter. This California girl has never been to the midwest so I'll be anxious to follow! Good luck and have a ball! ~Delores

  25. Courtney, You are wonderful to do this project for Habitat! It's such a wonderful organization. I think you will have a ball and I wish I was in one of those cars too!! Can't wait to se what you find! Linda

  26. Oh, that sounds like so much fun. As a Californian, I am well aware of the length of our state. You can drive all the New England states in a day, but you can't drive the length of California in a day.

    Can't wait to read about the trip.

  27. Keep going to South Alabama and come visit me!

    What a fun trip you will have. Don't you just love adventure?

  28. Oh, Courtney, this sounds like amazing fun and for a very good cause. You'll see wonderful parts of our country, with great company and be blessed - Can't wait to hear more~

  29. Oh, yeah, forgot - the humidity is pretty high in the south - you should probably consider hair clips or something to get it up :)
    Have fun,

  30. How exciting and what a great purpose! I can't wait to follow along and hopefully see the final decorated home! One family is about to be very surprised and very blessed!

    Safe and Happy travels!

  31. Super exciting Courtney!! Can't wait to see the treasures and photos! I'm sure that there will be stories too! Don't forget to sleep ;)

  32. What a fabulous adventure...I am feeling a little green with envy cause I Love Garage Sales!! What a fabulous cause for an adventure...looking forward to following along!

  33. What a great girl trip you will see so much fun stuff