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A fresh look on the patio

You know how sometimes you get an idea
that you wonder why didn't occur to you before?

Something so simple and easy
 that took just a few minutes to do but made a big difference in how a space looks?
This time the inspired idea was about a new look for the outdoor sitting area
and it involves a re-purpose of sorts

This outdoor area is a favorite spot for our family to sit and relax.
It feels so much like another room in our home that is right outside the french doors.
It's a place that I love to sit early in the morning while waking up and enjoying my coffee
 and a place where our family gathers in the evenings 

Right now it has a seating group that is made of all weather wicker.
You might remember a few of these pieces-
they were originally around the fire pit and wearing pretty red toile cushions.
 They were fun and colorful especially for that part of the yard
but  since they moved to this patio which is right off the dining room
I decided I wanted a more neutral look

I perused catalogs and different stores to find the perfect cushions or slipcovers 
and even thought about covering the originals by sewing simple dropcloth slipcovers.
I didn't want to spend a ton on them- especially with Summer clearance prices coming

One morning 
while having another cup of coffee
while I was sitting inside the house in the living room
and staring at the sofa across from me that was wearing it's
 pretty white cotton slipcover 

I had one of those
 hmm... I wonder

 I have 2 sets of pretty white slipcovers for these sofa's
 I have 2 sets because
I have one that we use most of the time
 and I like to have a brand new back up set for special occasions

Well, I recently changed the everyday slips to the new set of slipcovers for a party
and I left them on the sofa's and washed and folded up the older ones that weren't too bad yet
but were going to become the
 back up -back up  in the closet until a fresh set was purchased.

The more I looked at the living sofa across from me
and sipped my coffee
and saw the similar lines to the patio set
 the end cushions... the seat cushions
and sipped my coffee
and similar sizes for those cushions in the patio set
the more my pulse started to race a bit

 it might have been the extra caffeine in that extra cup of Peets

 I got those back-up slipcovers out and did a happy dance.
I could hardly believe that they actually fit
They are a little on the loose side- which I love and think slipcovers should be like
and the white is clean, crisp, fresh and exactly what I was looking for
They also go perfectly with the new outdoor drapes and the worn coffee table

I know that the slips will get dirty pretty easily outdoors-they are plain cotton not outdoor fabric
but these are under a covered roof on a patio so they have stayed pretty decent so far
and they have been out here for the past month or so
(yes, I know...late sharing Summer projects over here)

Instead of $50-70 for each set of top and bottom replacement cushions 
(for 6 pairs- yikes!)
or sewing each top and bottom slipcover out of drop cloth

I admit-
I chose the easier, quicker and less expensive way 
and used those $49 Ikea sofa slipcovers

 for $100 total

and got the new refreshed look for the patio that I was looking for.
Even better- I am putting the chunk I saved towards a little something else
 I am thinking about


I might have to have an extra cup of Peets more often

Happy Monday

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  1. Looks great Courtney. Funny how inspiration comes to us when we are waking up. I guess we are fresh and open.
    I was having breakfast this morning when the next thing i knew.... I was painting. Hunger alerted me to the fact that my breakfast was ignored. :-)
    Beautiful patio.

  2. Great idea, Courtney! Sometimes it pays to sit and look around at your surroundings. I think you can get some great ideas that way. They look like they fit really well and its so nice that you already had the slipcovers to do this.

  3. Looks wonderful! I had one of those aha moments a couple days ago. I was thinking of sewing curtains for my kitchen - at first wanting to keep the windows free of covering - Dearest was not on board with that idea. Then I remembered I found a battenburg curtain that I'd been using as a tablecloth. More searching found its twin - they both fit perfectly over the windows - and create a beautiful light feel that I love and the privacy Dearest loves - don't you love those aha - wait a minute moments! Have a wonderful week!

  4. They look great Courtney!
    What a gorgeous space to hangout and relax!

  5. Always good when a little extra caffeine makes us wake up and notice things differently. Glad the slips worked and I so love your outdoor room.

  6. Your setting area is beautiful. I love that you could use those slip covers for anew purpose. xoxo,Susie

  7. Wow everything is beautiful !!!

  8. Brilliant! I am totally envious of that outdoor seating area.....looks so charming and inviting!

  9. Courtney, are you sure this is your home and patio? lol! It is so gorgeous, it takes my breath away. Just like a fairy tale. You are so blessed to have such a decorating talent. How do you do it? Hugs. CJ

  10. 49.00 slip covers????? where?? please tell!!

  11. I see your slip covers allows for individual cushions on the sofa. Where did you buy them from?

  12. The slips are from Ikea girls!! The white slipcovers are just $49 :)

  13. I don't know HOW that space could become even more beautiful...but it did, Courtney! I'm all about white slips, that's for sure - and your's look fabulous against the rusticness of the wicker, wood, and stone! It's just all so beautiful!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  14. Don't you just love a great "epiphany".....the cushions look great in your beautiful patio!...So glad you had that epiphany and saved money for something on your wish list!!!...Coffee, a good thing!!

  15. Oh My! This is so lovely!


    big hug

  16. Hi Courtney!!!

    From the moment I've been following your Blog, I've loved your "Extra Room".
    I love seeing your transformations, using different colors and using items
    from the great outdoors. I couldn't agree more with Carol Jane, you are blessed
    with a great decorating talent.

    Thank you for being so open as to where you shop for these great buys!!!

    Have a great week Courtney!!!


  17. This looks great! Funny how something hits you alongside the head. I agree have another shot of coffee.
    Love the fireplace and chandy!

  18. Oh...that looks so great. Love that outdoor room at your house. I'd love to have a space like outdoor space is kind of whatever I can find and it has a more eclectic bohemian vibe but I love the white slips. Don't you love it when things go that way. Can't wait to see what you are going to spend the extra cash on.

  19. this is such a beautiful spot, I know you're family must love this! and lucky you that those extras actually fit!

  20. Fantastic! I think great inspiration and ideas come when we're "happy" - well, that's when I get my bestest ideas anyway! When I'm just "in the moment" and relaxed!

  21. Great idea, Courtney! The covers look great and your patio is beautiful.

  22. your patio is just lovely! Looks like the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book :)

  23. I thought your great idea was going to be as simple as putting the mirror above the fireplace. It looks so stunning there, it is cool the idea to have a mirror outside. It makes me think it would be fun to do a mirror garden, hmmm flowered vines growing all over.
    Good Morning from Umbria.

  24. Elégance et douceur
    On aimerait s'y poser
    pour profiter de la sérénité de
    ce magnifique patio
    Bonne journée

  25. I see you fell in love with the basket stack, tower, whatever its called, like I did!

  26. Your patio looks amazing Courtney with the new (old) slipcovers. Great idea! I could sit out there all day sipping Peets!

  27. You're amazing. It all looks spectacularly stupendous (how's that? :-) with the hot pink bougainvillea. Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration and are greatly appreciated.

  28. So pretty, Courtney. It looks like such a calming space to use or to see from your living room..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  29. I fêel like I am Having a personal tour when I visit, as for the slip idea don't you just love it when something pops in your head that works out so perfectly.
    Love the tip on the ikea slips, I too have a back up but would hate to have to use it again, I also am tired of Mattelasse slips and want a simple linen one, no welting just plain Jane :)

    Your patio is truly a place to love.

  30. I picked up a magazine today and was flipping through it at Hobby Lobby and saw this beautiful fireplace and patio. Who knew it could look even more inviting!? It's fabulous.

    1. Thank you!! Do you remember what magazine it was? I didn't know the patio was in any magazines right now- how exciting!!

  31. Don't you love when that happens? It's such a rush to come up with an idea that is right under your nose, and can be implemented immediately! It looks great, by the way.