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 I am slowly getting into the swing of school starting up over here
 and not getting too much done on some of those projects on my
seeming to

Bella snoozing away on a Summer evening

Feeling a bit random this morning too...
so I thought about sharing a few random thoughts

It's something that one of the blog groups I am in does and I always enjoy it
It also reminds me of when my little sister used to write down random observations
about things. She has always been a people watcher and note taker.
When she came to visit after my daughter was born
she would sit and watch her and take notes about what newborn babies do.

The funniest one that we all laugh about even now is when she wrote down
that my daughter was pulling her own hair and crying

So... just a bit of this and that today

Humidity is not my friend

One of the things I love about California is the weather.
In the Summer~ we have a hot dry heat. 

When we get a 'humid' day out here - it's like maybe 60% humidity.

The humidity in Atlanta felt like it was like 387 %. 
With 97 degree temperatures and blaring hot sun. 

I am not a huge AC girl- we don't even have AC in our 1940's cottage
the house stays cool enough on it's own and frankly,  I am usually cold & 
 even use my seat warmers in my car in Summer sometimes 
I have to tell you...
I have never loved AC at full blast more. 
In the car.
In the hotel.
Everywhere and anywhere I could get that air conditioning in Atlanta
it was on--just bring it.
Feel like a humidity wimp over here.

 Cicadas completely creep me out.

It's like they are sitting there chomping away at all the trees and leaves like they are starving
 and once those trees and leaves are gone
 you are next on the list. 
You can't see them... but that noise...
Like the sound in the background in a horror movie.
If the sound wasn't creepy enough- this picture... oy
 credit- National Geographic

 The Midwest and South 

Even with those cicadas chomping away in the background ;)
 the rolling green hills, the trees, the beautiful barns and homes
 and sleepy little towns with American flags on every pole- so charming. 
 I loved driving through all of the countryside and meeting the kind and generous people who lived there.
 I was touched by their thoughtfulness and how willing so many people were to help the family we were buying for over and over - even though they didn't know them and they lived in another state
they wanted to help. 

 Yes, I sometimes do DIY projects while wearing wedge sandals.

C'est moi. 
I also wore flip flops and tennies while on the trip
 but my sandals were my preferred gear.

 I am addicted to junking... again... 

 I have been pretty good about only bringing home treasures that I have a place for lately
But last week, I stopped at several thrift stores and picked out probably 5 things that were perfect for the Habitat house.
I didn't bring much home with me- but I did buy this chalkboard
It folds. It's vintage. It's green is perfectly covered in years worth of chalk.
But, I don't know where it's going yet...
 so I think I might have fallen off the junking wagon.

 The Griswold family station wagon rides again

We were challenged by Connie to find the Holiday Road mobile while on the trip- 
that famous station wagon with the faux woodgrain sides. 
So we kept an eye out- and found one like it on day 2 of the sale. 
Then Carissa saw one again in SC the other day. 
So apparently the Griswolds are traveling in the midwest and south.
I can hardly wait for the next movie. :)

photo courtesy of MSN

Speaking of Clark Griswold- we call the LED pergola lights that we put up for a party last month
'The Griswolds' in honor of Clark and his extraordinary Christmas decor ;)
You can see them behind Bells in this photo

Maybe the most random of all...
I am thinking of starting up a new blog that is all about 
featuring YOUR projects.  

Yep- kind of like Feathered Nest Friday 
I'm working on it so more details coming soon.

How's that for randomness?

What are a few random things with you this week?

Happy Saturday


  1. It's a good kind of "catch-up" random! Always nice. How exciting about the new blog!! Look forward to seeing it :) Happy Saturday.

  2. great post, Courtney! we'll all be looking forward to your new blog!

  3. Bella's too cute sure my little French poodle would like her ! so nice for the new blog parties !
    xoxo from PARIS


  4. Hahahahahaha!!! Sorry, but I am cracking up at your descriptions here. I agree.. the humidity here in the South is at times scoopable! Thus I am totally a summer A/C girl! Today is one of those days. I am about to go wash two pups and I am NOT relishing the idea. The Cicadas.. :-) I luv the sound of their chirping.. hahahhaaa says Summer to me. But I can see where you are coming from..
    Luv your random post!! Like it enough I might have to drop one every once in awhile.
    Happy today!!

  5. Ok, Courtney, that picture of the cicadas creeps me out! So glad you enjoyed you visit to the Midwest and South - newcomers are always welcome!
    Looking forward to your idea of the new blog unfold.

  6. Your pup is so cute! She has some really long nails, time for a pupicure and some nail polish...LOL! you have such a nice blog, I enjoy visiting. Have a nice weekend!

  7. Courtney, there are some days (I'm in N. Carolina)you can see the steam coming up off the road. Although the last 2 days it has been 68 degrees Love IT. Can't wait for fall. Love Bella!

  8. Courtney, Loved your random post. I live in Texas and the heat, humidity and cicadas are always here-you just get used to them. We seem to use our a/c starting in May (sometimes in April) all the way to December. Your trip sounded like so much fun-what a great way to see some of the country and help others too. I really enjoy your blog although I don't often comment. Diana

  9. Can't wait for the new blog
    and I love your new chalkboard too

  10. I love humidity! Living here in Oklahoma we usually don't have it in the summer...lots of dry heat and blaring sun. But this summer has been more like an Atlanta summer and I've loved it. I lived in Atlanta 10 years and the first year I hated the humidity and then I got used to it and loved it. We've had a rainy summer this year in Oklahoma with temps staying under 100....and mostly in the 90's and even 80's very very unusual for us. Last year we had two and a half months of temps over 100 and no rain. So give me humidity!

    Can't wait to see the new blog!

  11. Great randomness.

    I envy your weather, because hot hot hot and complete wet humidity is our life all summer - though lately it is heavenly perfect weather. Kinda like YOUR weather all the time.

    Having the windows open and the fresh air let in is AWESOME and RARE - how's that for mutual randomness?

  12. Hi Courtney, I go to Atlanta to get away from the humidity of Savannah. I would love it in your neck of the woods. Truly, we have had 100% humidity and it WASN'T raining. I am also creeped out by cicadas. That is one thing we don't have in Savh. but my daughter has them in Tennessee.
    Looking forward to your new blog. I know it will be great.

  13. I think that is why they call it "Hotlanta"...When I travel back Florida, where I lived most of my life, I think of how I endured the humidity back then..but you get used to it...I love the drier climate even though we can get get some humid days here in NC....the new blog sounds wonderful Courtney!!..

  14. I lived in So Cal for 30 years and we moved to Florida last year. The humidity can literally bowl you over at times but the weird thing is, you do acclimate to it eventually. Plus, I love love love the huge thunderstorms that roll in every afternoon:)

  15. Random thoughts... What a delightful blogging idea... :-)


  16. I always love some randomness. Oh my goodness, the cicadas are grotesque. Luckily, I've never experienced them in person. I know what you mean about gets quite humid here in Minnesota, but in a way, I don't really mind since it feels like summer and that season is so short here. Hoe you're having a good weekend :)

  17. Here in Pennsylvania we routinely have high humidity and I hate it. I abhor it, I despise it, and I can barely endure it. So for some weird reason after two months of normal miserable heat and humidity our August is cool, humidity free, and almost ( by now ) feeling like fall. SO I AM ON THE SAME PAGE about humidity, lol! :)

    Pup pic is so cute and you cracked me about the cicadas...

  18. I grew up in San Diego and my memories are rosy - loved the mild temperate weather there. Dad retired to South Carolina which introduced me to the southern humidity. Summers are known for the three H's - Hazy, Heat, Humidity. Since Dearest is a native of Georgia and we live in his hometown, I know I'm here to stay - I prefer milder temps, but...wherever he is is home to me. Loved reading your posts on this trip - America is a beautiful country and it was a delight you were able to see so much and do something so wonderful. Your new blog idea sounds intriguing - hope it works out! Have a wonderful week,

  19. That was a fun post, and funny! I live in North Carolina, and with the heat AND humidity it can get crazy hot here. That sweet photo of Bella just melts my heart... and cicadas are insanely weird. I'd heard cicadas here and there before, but once was out in the country where there were thousands, and the sound was shockingly loud! My ears rang for hours after i left!