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Natural Fall Mantels

I usually don't think about Fall decorating until mid- September at the earliest.
I love Summer and am one of those people who don't like to rush Summer 
to get to Fall
 I like to let it linger a bit and ease my way into Fall decorating.

But... since I do have a couple fun Fall things planned with my blog in the coming weeks
decorating for Fall has been on my mind
So I have started just a little bit of dreaming up some ideas and thought
I would share some of the looks I did last year for Autumn.
Mostly... it's all natural over here.
I love natural touches for seasonal decorating~ and that's what I tend to stay with

All three of the mantels from last year incorporated dried flowers
which are a favorite element of mine to use

Here are three from last year--click on the blue link to go to the posts and see more
 This romantic Autumn mantel with dried roses & vintage brown transferware 
was in my bedroom.  I adore the pairing of pinks and browns
and with the added gold of the fireplace screen- I absolutely loved this one.

A simple and sweet natural mantel with dried hydrangeas, roses and pumpkins
and a big concrete statue out in the guest cottage

and the mantel in our living room decked in shades of fall
and natural elements picked while on a walk

So when do you start decorating for Fall?
I am getting ready.
Not quite there yet but I am thinking about it
which is more than I am usually doing on the 1st of September.

Hope your weekend is going great!


  1. It usually take me well into September, maybe early october before I decorate...I usually wait until a few pumpkins and squash are coming in from the garden, as they are usually my best decorations! Love what you have done!

  2. That fireplace screen is just gorgeous!!!
    I start decorating for Fall a week before Christmas LMHO - I know it
    seems to be everyone's favorite season - but Summer's mine and I hang on to it for way too long..........

  3. j'aime l'automne et son opulence
    en fruits , en fleurs et la possibilité
    de multiples décorations
    vos photos sont superbes ♥♥♥♥
    edith (iris) France

  4. I had to see a full sized skeleton yesterday and, did I need one before I saw it? NO. But, now.... I so see my fall plans with it in it! I have a secret Pinterest board for my 1 big fall room makeover this year. It is themed and I am having a lot of fun planning it. But, this year I am not in a hurry for it. I am slowly getting it together in my mind. I love your fabulous neutral fall florals. The crown on the statue is really a great touch!
    Happy planning!
    I love fall!

  5. I usually start in September... Have been thinking what I am want to do. I think I want to stick to a more natural look this year instead of the bright orange and russets I generally do. Still in the planning stages...
    Luv the 3 mantels you shared.
    Hugs, Gee

  6. I love the dried roses, how did you dry them? I usually start the end of September, but I may begin next week, I'm ready for a change.

  7. It is so pretty. I won't start decorating till the end of Sept. I have to drive a couple hours to get the really pretty unique pumpkins. I am already looking forward to them though.

  8. Oh Courtney, I am loving the mantle. The dried flowers look so very pretty and that cherub is pretty too. Thanks for sharing this. I am one that loves the fall season so I am ready. Quite honestly, I am not a summer person at all.


  9. Love your natural elements. We don't really have a change of seasons here, what we have is very subtle. The marsh grass will turn brown in late autumn. The few hardwoods don't have dramatic color so the mood doesn't hit here until Halloween and Thanksgiving.
    Your mantels are so pretty. I absolutely love the fire screen and your concrete statute in the guest cottage. I could do that kind of fall.
    Enjoy the holiday, Ginger

  10. Courtney, I just adore the soft and airy colors you've chosen for your fall decorating - it's a gentle way to ease into the season!


  11. Such beautiful images, Courtney. Can't see them enough..Happy Labor Day..Judy

  12. Love Fall! Sad about Summer going though. I will start decorating now slowly adding a few things everyday. By October it will be full blown decorated. This year I am doing a Couples Baby Shower in October and it will be decorated a lot. It is for drinks and sit down table for 30. This party I will have catered so I can enjoy myself.

  13. Know one! Romances Fall Better Then You Courtney!

    So inspiring to look forward to what the cooler days will bring.

    Happy September to you.



  14. Love all the sweet mantels - but my favorite is the one with the sweet cherub.

    Me? I just hung a fall wreath on the front door today!

  15. I just Love Fall! There are so many different ways you can go. Depending where you live you may see seasons change in different ways. I am ready to de-clutter summer and Fall in Love with Fall!!

  16. End of September to the beginning of October for me. I love summer and always drag my feet removing my seashells, etc.


  17. It does seem a bit soon - time is flying by fast enough - but, I have been inspired by all of the posts I have seen so far...starting ideas stirring. LOVE your romantic pink and brown mantel. Beautiful.

  18. I am starting to decorate for fall also!! I love your colors. Di@Cottage-wishes